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Foxwell NT301 vs ANCEL AD410 – Which is the best scanner for advanced system diagnostics?

Foxwell NT301 vs ANCEL AD410

Are you looking for a scanner that offers comprehensive OBD2 services as well as additional diagnostic support? This Foxwell NT301 vs ANCEL AD410 comparison could help you choose between two great OBD scanners.

I was shopping online for a gift for my father’s birthday and I just couldn’t figure out what to give him. Even though there were many items available, I didn’t feel any of them offered any value beyond the date. As I was exploring my options, I bumped into a petrol head forum that detailed out the joys of owning an OBD2 scanner. I was desperate enough to consider it, but did not know what that was. My gift hunt led me to this Foxwell NT301 vs ANCEL AD410 comparison which offered me a quick and viable solution.

What are the differences between Foxwell NT301 and ANCEL AD410?

Foxwell NT301
Large display screen
Languages supported
OBD2 service modes
Freeze frame data

Foxwell NT301 vs ANCEL AD410 – how do they differ?

Multilingual support

Both the Foxwell NT301 and ANCEL AD410 will support a number of languages. However, the NT301 offers support for a larger scope of languages than the AD410. While the NT301 supports up to 11 languages, the AD410 will only support 4 languages. However, both scanners will only support one language after configuration.

Advanced diagnostic features

The Foxwell NT301 scanner offers more advanced diagnostic features than the ANCEL AD410. It features ABS, SRS, TPMS and transmission diagnostics, all of which are not compatible with the latter. However, they both offer comprehensive OBD2 diagnostics, which makes either ideal for use to address engine faults. For a professional setting, the NT301 would be better suited due to the increased range of features on offer.

Ease of use

Both models are designed for increased ease of use. The ANCEL AD410 scanner is well designed, with ideal hotkey placement for increased access. It is a plug-and-play scanner, which means that you can start using it immediately after plugging it into your vehicle’s OBD2 port. The NT301 is designed for increased ease of use, with similarly well positioned I/M readiness test keys and other hotkeys. It has a simple interface, allowing for seamless diagnosis.

Foxwell NT301 vs ANCEL AD410 comparison review

Foxwell NT301 features and specs

The Foxwell NT301 diagnostics scanning tool is a convenient and easy to use device that is a must have for DIY enthusiasts and technicians alike. This scanner is ideal for retrieving, translating and deleting error codes. It features a large look up library that provides a generic definition of the engine faults, helping you address the problem quickly. It is compatible with a number of vehicles, and will offer OBD2 services for most models manufactured after 1996 that also feature a diagnostics port. This scanner is very well designed for increased ease of use. Aside from the LCD display and well positioned hotkeys, it is lightweight and specially shaped to fit in your glove box compartment. It will work just as well for international users, the NT301 supports multiple languages.


  • Compatible with many vehicle models
  • Large look up database for generic error code definition
  • Lightweight and compact for easier storage
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comprehensive range of OBD2 functions


  • Not compatible with iOS devices


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ANCEL AD410 features and specs

For basic error code reading and clearing, few OBD scanners can top the ANCEL AD410. It offers comprehensive OBD2 scanning, as well as error code definitions thanks to a large built in look up library. The model is compatible with most gas and diesel models manufactured after 1996, provided they feature a diagnostics port. Even though it does not offer advanced diagnostics, it is a precision scanner that will guarantee accurate presentation of your diagnostic data. The model features a selection of languages for use internationally, as well as great customer support to address any faults you may experience. The UI interface and design are modeled for increased ease of use. It is very compact and easy to store, allowing for prolonged use. It also features a clear LCD display to enable you view your results in high definition.


  • Offers a range of diagnostics
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Compact and ergonomically designed
  • Great customer support
  • Compatible with a range of vehicles
  • LCD display for better assessment


  • Not compatible with advanced diagnostics such as ABS and Airbag systems


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Which should your car diagnostic scanner offer?

A comprehensive OBD2 scanner offers at least 10 basic service modes for reading and clearing engine faults, as well as advanced diagnostics for systems such as the ABS and airbags.

How can I update my Ancel AD410?

You can update your scanner by visiting the website on your Windows PC and following the instructions listed.

Will OBD2 scanners work universally?

OBD2 scanners will work on most vehicle models built after 1996. You need to check your car’s compatibility, as well as whether it features an OBD2 port.

Are code readers and scan tools similar devices?

While both code readers and diagnostic scanners offer similar functionality in terms of reading and clearing errors, diagnostic scanners offer a more advanced range of features. Scanners will offer code reading ability, as well as graph data and offer troubleshooting, as well as additional diagnostic services such as ABS.

What does I/M readiness test do?

It will be useful in determining whether your scanner’s emission control system test results are satisfactory.

My verdict

After trying both out, I opted for the Foxwell NT301 automotive scanner because it offers a variety of features. I like that it is compatible with all the family cars, which makes it easier to manage our repairs. Instead of visiting my mechanic, I always have to pop up at my dad’s place to use the scanner on my vehicle. The old man is having such a great time that he is spending more time at home, albeit in the garage. I am delighted I found this Foxwell NT301 vs ANCEL AD410 comparison.




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