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Foxwell NT301 vs KONNWEI KW850 – Which is the best OBD2 scanner with error code definitions?

Foxwell NT301 vs Konnwei KW850

If you are looking for an all system diagnostics scanner that will also feature a comprehensive in-built library for error code definition, this Foxwell NT301 vs Konnwei KW850 could be the guide for you.

As a DIY enthusiast, I like to get my hands dirty. I like to carry out my repairs whenever I can. Whether it is a chipped piece of furniture or a broken down mower, I can always go to the internet for some help. I started repairing vehicles at a very young age. Since I did not have the right tools for the job, I often had to consider the professionals. I was watching my local auto repair serviceman working on my vehicle when I noticed him use a handheld tool before determining the problem, which only took a matter of minutes. I was impressed. I looked online to find out more about this scanner and bumped into this Foxwell NT301 vs Konnwei KW850 OBD2 comparison.

What are the differences between Foxwell NT301 and KONNWEI KW850?

Foxwell NT301
Comprehensive OBD service modes
Multilingual support
Red-yellow-green LED support
Large LCD display

Foxwell NT301 vs KONNWEI KW850 – how do they differ?

Let us look at some of the key bits of difference between these two scanners

Ease of use

The best OBD2 scanners are developed for enhanced ease of use. They feature ideally placed hotkeys for easier diagnostics. While the Foxwell NT301 offers plug-and-play support, the KONNWEI KW850 features a one-click readiness module that may take up one more click to start. Nonetheless, both models are very easy to use.

Display and diagnostics presentation

The larger display screen of the KW850 makes it better than the NT301 in terms of data presentation. While it is still sufficiently clear, the NT301 falls short of the wide KW805 display screen. Both models feature LED lighting which can help increase the ease of diagnostics.


Like other Foxwell products, the NT301 is compact and sturdy. It features a great design as well as the use of high quality materials to ensure longevity. The brand offers a 12 month warranty on this scanner. The Konnwei KW860 is also similarly well designed. It is lightweight but compact, and includes a storing case. However, it offers a longer 36 month warranty.

Vehicle compatibility

Locally, these scanners offer compatibility with a large range of vehicles. However, the KONNWEI KW850 is somewhat limited in its coverage of vehicles manufactured outside the US. Unlike the NT301’s blanket coverage for international models built beyond 2004, the KW850 offers coverage for models built after 2007.

Foxwell NT301 vs KONNWEI KW850 comparison review

Foxwell NT301 features and specs

For a full range of OBD2 scanning services, this model could be ideal for you. It offers vehicle diagnostics for vehicles produced beyond 1996, provided they are compatible with OBD2 systems. The scanner can also carry out bi-directional tests such as monitor resets and clearing of error codes. It is designed for and improved ability to read diagnostics, thanks to LED lighting support and an ergonomic design that improves its handling. However, it has a slightly smaller screen than other options available.


  • Plug-and-play for increased ease of use
  • Fast and reliable scanning tool
  • Compatible with a wide variety of vehicles
  • Offers multiple service modes
  • Ergonomic design for easier use
  • Lightweight and compact for ideal storage


  • Not compatible with MAC PC updates
  • Smaller display screen


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KONNWEI KW850 features and specs

The KONNWEI KW850 is a high performance OBD scanner that works on a range of gas and diesel vehicles. It features a one-click readiness button for increased ease of use, as well as special hotkeys for quick function. It is designed for convenient diagnostics, thanks to Led lighting and in-built speakers. The KW850 also features padding for increased durability, as well as an ergonomic and lightweight design for easier storage.


  • Relatively wide vehicle coverage
  • Longer warranty than most OBD2 scanners
  • Includes a lock-up library that contains generic definitions of error codes for maneuverability
  • Live data display
  • Ergonomic design with a simple interface
  • Includes memory back up for off car review and diagnostics
  • Efficient and reliable scanner


  • Limited compatibility with earlier EU-based and Asia-based models


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Can I update my scanner on my MAC PC?

You cannot update your scanner through iOS devices. However, all Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP versions will do.

Will I be able to decipher the error codes?

Thanks to a large look-up library, these scanners offer a generic definition of the problem that allows you to pinpoint and address it.

Do I need to dismantle my car to access the OBD2 port?

There is no need for any special tools. Your car’s OBD2 connector is located in a visible area beneath your dashboard.

Will these scanners test my battery?

Your OBD2 scanner is limited in its ability to offer battery registration, unless specified. The KONNWEI KW850 can enable you to monitor battery health.

Will the KW850 work on my imported diesel vehicle?

All post-2004 models will be compatible with the scanner, provided they feature an OBD2 port.

My verdict

Having limited experience will undermine your ability to carry out DIY repairs on your car. Even the most detailed YouTube tutorials just won’t help if you do not know what you are doing. Even though I enjoy working on repairs, I could not risk damaging my vehicle even further. The Foxwell NT301 vs Konnwei KW860 comparison helped me solve my problem. After trying out both scanners, I found Konnwei KW860 to be more convenient for use thanks to its extensive lock-up library. Despite my initial inability to understand the diagnostic presentation, I was able to follow the codes to understand what my vehicle needed. I can now carry out DIY repairs from the comfort of my garage.




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