Foxwell NT301 vs NEXPEAK NX501
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The right OBD2 scanner will be easy to use, cover a variety of features and last for a very long time. If you are looking to find an OBD scanner with these properties, the Foxwell NT301 vs NEXPEAK NX501 comparison is just what you need.

I am a rally driver at a local derby which takes place once every month. Due to the heated nature of the action and competition, there are many collisions involved. I often have to deploy my airbags at least once when I race. When I started out, I had trouble resetting the function. In order to avoid serious injury and meet the minimum qualifications for racing, I often had to incur large expenses to manage this through professionals. A fellow rally driver showed me the workings of an OBD2 scanner and I realized I had been missing out. While I was looking through the internet, I discovered this Foxwell NT301 vs NEXPEAK NX501 comparison.

What are the differences between Foxwell NT301 and NEXPEAK NX501?

Foxwell NT301 NEXPEAK NX501
Multilingual menu Yes Yes
Comprehensive OBD2 services Yes Yes
Look up menu Yes Yes
Battery registration No Yes
Check price Check price

Foxwell NT301 vs NEXPEAK NX501 – how do they differ?

Vehicle support

The NEXPEAK NX501 diagnostics scanner is compatible with a variety of SUVs, light duty trucks and other vehicles built after 1992. However, it is only compatible with 12V diesel and gas models, with no compatibility with hybrid vehicles. The NT301 is compatible with more OBD2-friendly models than the NEXPEAK NX501.

Range of diagnostics

The NX501 is only designed to address engine faults. It offers comprehensive OBD2 service modes, similarly to the NT301. However, the NT301 also offers ABS, airbag and other system diagnostics beyond engine faults. It could be better suited for the higher demands if a professional setting.

Data display and storage

The storage capacity of the NX501 puts it a cut above other diagnostic scanners, including the NT301 which has limited storage space in comparison. The in-built storage space allows you to capture and save diagnostic information for later review. You can even print on PC, although this is limited to the Windows XP/7/8/9/10 versions only. The clear display screens offer an enhanced user experience for both scanners.

Design and packaging

Both models are very well designed. They are compact and sturdy for increased durability, and feature an ergonomic arrangement of hotkeys. You will be able to access menu items such as the I/M readiness tests quickly on either scanner. These models also feature a carrying case, which facilitates easier storage.

Foxwell NT301 vs NEXPEAK NX501 comparison review

Foxwell NT301 features and specs

For more than just standard OBD2 service modes, the Foxwell NT301 could be an ideal diagnostics tool. This on board diagnostic model features a comprehensive selection of OBD2 services and includes additional diagnostic modes with supporting error codes. Due to its efficient operation, you can run diagnostics and clear error codes within minutes and from anywhere you wish. It includes a connection cable that makes this process even easier, without requiring the need for additional batteries. The model is very well designed, allowing comfortable and seamless diagnostics for your vehicle. It features a rubberized coat that offers impact protection in the event of potentially damage causing situations. The standard LCD display offers clear presentation of diagnostic data, both in graphical and textual form.


  • Additional red-yellow-green LED lighting
  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicles
  • Offers advanced diagnostic features
  • Comprehensive OBD2 services
  • Scanner supports multiple languages


  • Requires regular updates
  • Not compatible with iOS devices


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NEXPEAK NX501 features and specs

The NX501 offers convenient on board emissions monitoring, allowing you to check your car status at any time and place. It features a USB cable connection which facilitates easier diagnostics, without the need for additional batteries. This scanner offers precision in its presentation of data, thanks to its four-graphics data analysis. It is a very easy tool to understand and use, making it suitable even for people with minimal experience. You can accurately diagnose your vehicle’s fuel emission and efficiency related errors through a streamlined and hassle free process. The model is deal for comprehensive OBd2 services for a variety of vehicles, including both gas and diesel models built after 1996. It is very lightweight and can be stored in your glove box for even more convenient use.


  • Precise four-graphics data presentation
  • Great interface for easier use
  • No additional batteries required
  • Can be updated
  • Offers battery registration


  • Data printing requires specialized printing devices
  • Does not support iOS devices


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Can my NEXPEAK NX501 be updated through my Windows PC?

Yes, this scanner is compatible with update through Windows PC. However, that is limited to all Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 versions only.

Why am I unable to update my OBD2 scanner even though I followed the guidelines?

You may need to turn off your antivirus program on your computer to run the update on your diagnostic scanner successfully.

Why does my check engine light keep blinking even after I run diagnostics?

You need to clear the trouble codes and address your engine faults to get rid of the check engine light.

Why does my vehicle keep failing the OBD2 test?

The range of common problems that cause your vehicle to fail an OBD2 test include a faulty PCV, delayed ignition timing, malfunctions in the fuel systems, misplaced vacuum lines, faulty gas caps and a problem with the catalytic converter.

Can an OBD2 test be used to determine whether my check engine light is faulty?

The comprehensive OBD2 test can help you find faults in your vehicle, which are generally highlighted by your check engine light. In the event that the light is malfunctioning, the test can help identify this inconsistency.

My verdict

Picking one of Foxwell NT301 vs NEXPEAK NX501 proved to be tougher than I anticipated. Both models offer great value in terms of the range of services and the number of compatible vehicles. I had to go with the NEXPEAK NX501 because it offers a solution to my problems and offers a superior presentation. Since I took up this scanner, I have been able to reset my airbags for increased safety when I use my rally car.


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