Foxwell NT301 vs NT201 – Which on board diagnostic scanner is easy to read and comprehend?

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This Foxwell NT301 vs NT201 comparison offers insight on two proprietary scanners to help you determine an ideal model that is both easy to use and understand.

A professional all-girl professional service and repair shop? You wouldn’t believe it until you tried it! I own my own chop shop where we offer a range of vehicle service and maintenance shop. The amount of stigma I faced when I started out with my all-girl crew was astounding. People just didn’t believe we had the skills to do the job. We were still a small entity looking to expand in a competitive field. As I was looking at ways to grow our profile and increase the range of services offered, I found out about OBD2 scanners. I looked into this Foxwell NT301 vs NT201 comparison to find a scanner that was easy to use and understand while still offering a sufficient range of services.

What are the differences between Foxwell NT301 and NT201?

Foxwell NT301 Foxwell NT201
Advanced diagnostic support Yes No
Reads freeze frame data Yes Yes
Comprehensive OBD2 services Yes Yes
Lifetime free updates online Yes Yes
Check price Check price

Foxwell NT301 vs NT201 – how do they differ?

PC Printing

The potential of the NT301 to connect with your PC allows for printing, which will facilitate off car review. If you are unable to determine the cause of the problem, you can enlist professional help quickly by sharing the data through the internet. On the contrary, the NT201 does not support PC printing.

Advanced diagnostic features

The Foxwell NT301 scanner offers more advanced diagnostic features than the NT201. It can be used to reset ABS and Airbag, address SRS and gear learning, as well as odometer calibration and TPMS. Unlike the versatile NT301, the NT201 features are limited to OBD2 and CAN diagnostics. This makes the NT301 better suited for a professional environment than the NT201.

Error code definition

The large look up library of the NT301 makes it more superior to the NT201, which only offers a basic definition of error codes. You will not be able to view all codes with your Nt201 diagnostic scanner, which may be challenging for relatively new users. However, you can mitigate this by visiting the Foxwell website and a number of online resource platforms that will provide a breakdown of these codes.

Design and interface

While the Nt301 supports more languages than the NT201, they both have a user friendly interface that is easy to navigate. These models feature a strong rubberized coat for increased protection against impact related damage.

Foxwell NT301 vs NT201 comparison review

Foxwell NT301 features and specs

The Foxwell EDDD and OBD2 code reader will offer more than just OBD2 services. It will facilitate comprehensive management and maintenance of your vehicle thanks to the full range of OBD2 services on offer, as well as a number of advanced diagnostic checks. This model supports a large number of vehicles, specifically those manufactured after 1996. It can display, decipher and erase error codes in an efficient way. Alongside the high quality LCD screen, the NT301 offers a look up library that features thousands of generic definitions for seamless diagnostics.


  • Menu supports multiple languages
  • Can be updated through Wi-Fi
  • Additional LED lighting for better display options
  • Compatible with multiple vehicles


  • Updates not compatible with iOS devices


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Foxwell NT201 features and specs

The cost effective Foxwell NT201 scanner is suitable for use in a variety of vehicle models manufactured after 1996. It is designed to address the need for professional help by providing comprehensive OBD2 services as well as a few other additional features to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your diagnostics. The scanner is very easy to use thanks to its ergonomic design and hotkey placement. It will read any error codes upon connection because it offers plug-and-play support, enabling for increased ease of diagnostics. Foxwell NT201 features LCD lighting that works to facilitate efficient emission monitoring. Aside from being able to read live sensor data, this model can also display your results in a different convenient ways to help you address any faults in your engine.


  • Multilingual menu support with constant new releases
  • Offers comprehensive OBD2 service modes
  • Can address your check engine light in minutes
  • Does not require additional batteries
  • Offers great display of live data and supports printing


  • Manual can be confusing for inexperienced users.
  • Not compatible with iOS devices


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Does your check engine light need to be on to use the OBD2 scanner?

Your check engine light is designed to point out the presence of faults in your engine. Sometimes, your check engine light itself could be faulty, which may be identified through the use of a diagnostics scanner.

Can I get my NT201 scanner in Portuguese language?

The scanner supports Portuguese and a number of languages beyond English, but you need to contact your seller before making a purchase to have it configured.

How will I know if the NT301 scanner is compatible with my vehicle?

You can visit the official website for a comprehensive list of vehicles that are compatible with the scanner. It will work on most models built after 1996, provided they feature an OBD2 port.

Will the Foxwell NT201 work on my light duty truck?

Provided it is compatible with OBD2 services, the model will work on 12V light duty trucks. Only 2008 and newer Asia-based light duty trucks will be compatible with the scanner.

How do I know where to plug in my scanner?

Most vehicles feature an OBD port beneath the dashboard on the driver’s side.

My verdict

I enjoyed both options in Foxwell NT301 vs NT201. They are well designed and offer comprehensive OBD2 service modes, as well as other features. These models are designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of diagnostics. I prefer the NT201 because it offers clear data presentation, as well as an easy to use interface. It is also very easy to understand, as well as being lightweight for convenient storage and movement. With this tool, my outfit has been able to improve its output significantly.


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