Why are black cars usually more expensive?

Why are black cars usually more expensive?

I grew up in extreme poverty. The kind of poverty that had me and my siblings going without food countless times. This did not stop me from dreaming about the day I would be so rich, I could eat five times a day and change my clothes at least four times a day. I dreamed of the big black car I would own. I knew it would most likely be a BMW or a Range Rover. Clean, sleek, shiny, and with black tinted windows. My big brother, just like myself grew up a car enthusiast. We’d spend hours talking about the cars we were going to buy when we grew up and got rich. He’d tell me all the time how he would never buy a black car because they are the most expensive color of cars.

I have no idea how he knew that since all we did is sit on the porch of our rundown house and admire the cars. Well, needless to say, we are now two very wealthy gentlemen who have no problem getting ourselves a few luxury cars now and then. Guess what color car is his favorite? Yes, you guessed right, black it is. His parking lot has got three black cars at any given time. I am the modest one, I only have two big black cars, not telling what models but I got to drive my dream cars over and over.

Recently, I remembered my brother’s insistence on the fact that black cars are more expensive to purchase. When I reminded him, he got hit by a wave of amnesia and doesn’t remember saying any such thing. So I got curious and went on a little fact-finding mission to see how true it is. Just to satisfy my curiosity from childhood fears that I would never own a black car

Are black cars more expensive in the market?

For this, I put on a new pair of walking shoes and filled up my water bottle. I went into all five car yards in my neighborhood. In all of them, car colors did not feature in the pricing. One of the attendants told me he thinks the only expensive car based on color would be the batmobile. Funny fellow but I tend to agree with him. Unless the black car has some extra modifications than other colors in the same model, there is no way the pricing will differ. The first thing I did was call my big head brother to inform him of this discovery, despite his amnesia on the subject. Because I also tend to be slightly more curious than your average wealthy guy (sic), I wanted to find out if there were any costs attached to black cars (not the batmobile though), that was higher than the other color cars.

Is Insurance for black cars more expensive?

Insurance costs depend on several factors but in my window shopping, color did not feature anywhere. Your driving history, to begin with. If you have lived a life of constant DUI’s, speeding tickets as many as the grains of sand in Miami Beach, more crashed cars than your thirty-two teeth, then you are a definite candidate for higher insurance costs. The insurance company will not take their chances with you and your risky driving behavior. Age, insurance history, coverage levels, the value of your car and annual mileage are among the factors your insurance companies will take into consideration. On the other hand, some insurance companies are also expensive. Their charges will have you wondering exactly how many cars you are insuring.

Are maintenance and running costs more expensive for black cars?

First of all, cars are damned expensive to own, let alone buy. You have to have gas money, insurance money, service money, cleaning, waxing, and polish money. What I am saying is, if you have a car, you must have money to keep it running. Black cars need slightly more attention when it comes to keeping them looking impeccably neat.

You cannot get away with having a dirty black car. Quite a turn-off. You will get excommunicated from the Black Car Owners Association. I made that up, but still, you must keep your car clean. Black absorbs too much heat so you will need to wax it often enough to keep the exterior looking sleek and well ‘moisturized’. That is what waxing does to your car. Be more careful when you drive a black car. Minor scratches and grazes scream loud from a black car’s body. They cannot be hidden and this means more trips to the garage for you, which simply means more money to pay.

The cost of buying parts and servicing your car is not and can never be determined by the color. If you buy yourself a flashy sports car or a luxury European car, you will reach much deeper into your pockets. You may be compelled to import car parts taking the costs even higher. The color will not feature anywhere.

World’s most expensive cars.

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire that was sold at a crazy nineteen million dollars was the most expensive car made by Bugatti. The price was tagged at 16.7 million dollars but look at the price it sold at! Know what the most exhilarating part is, it was a black masterpiece. La Voiture Noire means @The Black Car’.

Why do I say was, Bugatti only produced one of these and it was sold to a mystery buyer. The mystery buyer was not so much mystery as it is rumored to be the renowned footballer Christiano Ronaldo. I envy Christiano or whoever this lucky buyer was. Luxury cars, tend to come in black colors. They do not sell at nineteen million dollars because they are black, but because they are luxury cars with superior technology, speed, and aesthetics. Not forgetting, they are Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Mclaren, and other luxury car designers. Only Christiano and that cadre of extremely wealthy folk can afford them.

Fun fact, the Rolls Royce Sweptails, sold at thirteen million dollars was a bespoke car designed to meet specifications of another anonymous and mysterious buyer. Wow. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be wealthy enough to order yourself a Rolls Royce made to suit your preference? Sort of like ordering pizza without pineapples, with more ham, extra cheese, and a really thick crust. I don’t know what color this one came in, but I sincerely hope and pray it was black.

My brother and I, as adults, have spent approximately 1000 man-hours looking through luxury cars, because we both know that someday we will own one of these badass babies (Maybe the Batmobile). What stands out is that black wins as the color of luxury cars.

Do black cars consume more fuel?

There are factors that will cause an increase in fuel consumption for your car. Although it is said that black cars consume fuel at 2% higher than other color cars, it is not proven. Even if it is, I would say 2% is a negligible percentage to work with. It will probably only save you what, 2 dollars a year?

What are the factors causing excessively high fuel consumption? Poor quality engine oils and fuel are up there on that list. Fuel your car at reputable gas stations and check for reviews on oils before allowing your mechanic to use them. When I bought my first car, my brother and I went on a road trip across four counties. That car was everything, bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining room. We were really strapped for cash and couldn’t afford even the cheapest of motels. We had to make do with just the car if we were to last as long as we wanted to on the road. We stopped to fuel at what looked like an abandoned gas station and that was the end of that car. The engine wouldn’t start after that, knocked and went completely dead the fuel was corrupted, is what we later came to learn and ours was not the first to get a knocked engine from this gas station.

Poor maintenance habits follow suit closely. If you do not take proper care of your car, then you will pay for it, literally. With the money that you could otherwise be saving up to buy a black luxury car with. Service your car religiously and treat service days like the Sabbath.

So, are you going to buy yourself a black car?

My big head brother’s amnesia finally left and he admitted to having lied to me that black cars are more expensive than other cars. If you want to get a black car but are afraid of the costs, go ahead and shop around thoroughly before you make a choice. Remember, black cars are not any more different from other color cars.

If you can afford a car, then you definitely can afford to keep it happy. The day I finally change course and get filthy rich, you are all going to read about me as I buy myself a bespoke Ferrari and I can assure you, that I will not be an anonymous and mysterious buyer. My name will be on every newspaper’s front page, website, tabloid, and newsfeed possible. Until then, I and my big, black babies will be out here running the streets.


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