Advantages and Disadvantages of Black Cars

Advantages and Disadvantages of Black Car

At some point in my life, when I was young and clueless about the good, saucy life, I didn’t think it mattered what color of a car you had. It’s been a long time coming to see how shallow that kind of thinking is. As long as it moves from one point to another, then okay? No, not Okay? The day I bought a car, I realized I should have engaged my brain in gear and given it just a little more thought.

The color of your car must bring out your personality, rather, how you want society to perceive you. It will be a measure of how much respect you want to command every time you drive into a specific pace. Let it radiate your power vibes and have everyone wondering who exactly you are. Is it a wonder that some celebrities have as many as ten cars in different colors?

Black cars are super sleek, classy, elegant, oozing of power and ambition and hell of sexy. Well, there is also a dark side to buying yourself a black car, all pun intended.

Have a look at both before writing out that cheque to your dealer. Have a look at the whys and why not then pick a side, wisely.

Advantages of a black car.

Makes a fashion statement.

If you own a black car, you have already made your first significant fashion statement. You give off an air of being sophisticated and polished. It makes you look clean and refined. That mysterious aura surrounding black and anything black will be all around you once you step out of that black ride.

See how women can never go wrong with “the little black dress”? Same thing with the cars, but you will want to make the car bigger than the proverbial LBD. Black is the color of design, across so many industries so black with your car, your ultimate fashion statement.

Have a higher resale value.

Black is among the most popular choice of colors for cars, ranking high up there with silver and white. It is easy to see why as they are very visually appealing. Most luxury car companies choose black as their signature color. This makes it much easier when selling well maintained, used black cars. Black cars are seductive, they seduce the buyer senseless with their well-contoured, shiny and sexy exteriors, closing your sale should not be hard then.

They lie for you.

Yes, you heard that right! They tell a whole bunch of lies for you. At my last high school reunion, this guy who was always such a mousy character turned up in a sleek, black SUV. Dripping in mystery and class, and he dressed in a black suit.

He had us all wondering if he turned business mogul, superstar or just a high-end drug dealer (if there is anything like that. Drug dealers are drug dealers to me). Anyway, turns out he is a kids chauffeur for some big shot, drops them off at soccer games and playdates, what a laugh. So go ahead and let that black baby lie to everyone about who you are.

Disadvantages of Black Cars.

Exterior keeps no secrets.

First of all, if the annual birds’ poop festival happens under your car, everybody will know. You cannot hide white poop on a black cars’ body. The only time I ever packed my black car under a tree had all my neighbors’ cheeky rascals laughing for days.

A black exterior does not keep any secrets. Scratches will show. The smallest of scratches will show. If another car brushes a little against a black car, it will show. It is socially unacceptable to leave a black car with scratches and grazes, hoping they are not visible, so yes, more garage visits for you, more buffing weekend for you.

If you drive through dusty and muddy roads on a daily, a black car might not be suitable for you. It is not easy to conceal dirt and dust on it. Meaning you need to clean your vehicle much more regularly than with other color cars.

An oven in hot weather.

It may sound like a figure of speech, but I kid you not. If you have a black car and live in a hot climate area, you might spend a lot of time baking inside your vehicle. They get ridiculously hot because black absorbs and ridiculously retains heat.

All cars get extremely hot inside, especially if parked in the open. We’ve heard horror stories of babies roasting to death in the backseat, thanks to insane parents leaving them in for “quick” runs into the store or something. Black cars take it a notch higher and retain way too much heat.

If you went a step ahead and got a black interior, well then good luck frying yourself in your very own car. If it is summer, then go a step further and carry your breakfast eggs in there and let them fry too. However, this is nothing a good AC system will not counter. Try as much as possible to park your car under a shade or in indoor parking.

High maintenance.

Black cars require constant and thorough cleaning and waxing. You better have the energy and patience for this. Another thing, every foreign body that comes into contact with your car leaves a mark. You do know that there lies a white base under the black, shiny beautiful body, ready to show up on even the slightest touch. They also tend to lose their shine way faster, hence why the constant waxing to keep the gleam alive.

It is going to cost you, a little more to maintain a black car. If you have the money, then definitely not a problem for you. It’s a little like maintaining a natural afro, you have to put in a lot of products, time and effort to keep it looking sleek, shiny and well-kempt, not forgetting you have to constantly keep looking in the mirror to see that nothing goes out of place. Wash your car exterior by hand and with soft cloth fabric that will not leave harsh markings and swirls. Remember, this premium baby must be handled with care, always.

More trips to the garage are guaranteed. I am a clumsy driver. I am constantly grating my car against gates, other cars, and even the garage door. That is how I found out that I do not need to own a black car, and even more important, I am not responsible enough to own one.

Unsafe in the dark.

Various researches have shown that black cars are involved in more accidents. The visibility of black cars in the dark and on dark roads goes significantly lower. In cases of failed lights or major storms, risks of other cars crashing into black cars are higher. Pedestrians too may not easily spot black cars in these situations and end up as victims.

We are not going to base the high number of accidents on car colors. Drink and drive in white and silver cars? No! But, invest in a safe color when getting yourself a car, especially if you drive in the night a lot more often.

Color of crime.

This takes on two angles, research has shown that black cars are highly likely to get stolen more than other color cars. They rank third in highest stolen, right after silver and white. Criminals too, have a bit more love for black cars than is necessary. Not just in the movies, in real life too. It could be because of the power moves they want to execute.

Still on crime though, have you seen black car crime busters? Amazing huh? I mean, have you seen the Batmobile?? If nothing else, Batman makes black cars cool! All superheroes should go the Bat way with black cars if you ask me. You don’t need a lot of convincing to buy yourself a black car when you think along these lines.

Should black cars reign supreme above other car colors then?

That is not in my place to decide because if it is, I say they definitely should! In making your decision on whether to buy a black car or not, you will put into place a lot of considerations. Or, you could just not look into all these considerations because, you like a black car, you have the money to buy it and so you are going to get it anyway. You can deal with everything else later. Live your best life unapologetically.

Buying and owning a black car will make you stand out in more ways than one. It will amplify your presence. It will give you free passes in lots of neighborhoods, (including dangerous ones). Look deep within yourself and see if you are willing to indulge in the black car movement. Are you?


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