How often should you wax your black car to maintain the paint?

How often should you wax your black car to maintain the paint?

My name is Kelly. I am a work at home mum, and I have four kids aged between 7 and 2. I know you are probably wondering how I am sane enough to be writing this by now. As you have probably figured out by now, my life is one big mass of chaos. I own a black SUV that I love with all my heart. But even with all this love, making time to clean and wax it myself is a major problem. I do not do it as often as I would like. I can’t wait for my kids to grow up so they can wax my car every Saturday morning, without fail! I have tried really hard to establish a car waxing routine, which has not been a problem. The problem comes in with actually sticking to the schedule. I am slowly working on that though.

Waxing your black car is essential. Like wearing your sunscreen to the beach, adding setting spray to your make-up or just having a protective cover on your cell phone. Waxing your car is an integral part of the car-care regime. The same skin care you accord yourself must be extended to your black car.

Some people treat waxing as a cosmetic function to their car it is not and it must form an integral part of a car’s service and care schedule. True, it is an expense but a really necessary expense that should not be treated as an option. Different groups will recommend different options as to how many times one should wax their cars. Some say once in three months, some once a month, even once a year from some manufacturers. Learn to observe and obey your car as far as waxing goes. Understand when a waxing is needed just by looking at the body.

Before you decide on how often you should wax your black and beautiful car. You must know the benefits of wax to your car. Besides the beautiful and sleek shine a wax job accords your black car, it gives it a protective layer avoiding scratches and heat damage to the paint work of the car. Dust and dirt gets easier to clean off a waxed car.

Is there any way to tell if your car is due for waxing?

As I mentioned earlier, it is best to establish a regime where you wax regularly and stick to the timelines. However, there is the old conventional water bead method to help you out, if you are forgetful or just unwilling to wax often. As you do your wash, check if the water forms perfect beads on the car surface or large sheets. The little beads show the last wax job is still at work, the larger sheets show it is time to get to work. The other test is the squeak test, bundle up a cotton cloth press and twist hard on the car surface. If it makes a squeaky sound, then wax it is wax o’clock. Get to work.

How often you wax your car, will also depend on several factors;

  • How often you use your Car.

My husband has a beautiful black car that makes me really excited every time he comes home, I love seeing it almost more than I love seeing him. I hope he never finds out though. However, it really gets to me that he is out in that car every single day and for long periods of time but will never willingly bring out the wax and wax his car. I have to either force him to do it or do it myself.

Naturally, if you are out in your car every day like I am, you need more wax jobs done. I do so many schools and shopping runs I feel like my car is quietly crying at times. This means more frequent washes, hence the need for frequent waxing. Waxing once a month for regular users is good. It protects your black car from dust, debris and dirt swirls forming on the body. If your car is a luxury car that you use to step out and look good only, once in a while, then waxing once in three months will do.

  • Climate

I try very hard not to wax my car under extreme weather conditions because it is always too much of a hustle, both for the car and me. If it’s too cold the wax freezes over and difficult to apply, when it’s too hot, it melts over too fast and is hard to apply evenly

The climatic conditions or the season of the year dictates how often you wax your black vehicle. During winter, wax your car more often to protect the paint from the frost. Choose periods when it is not too cold as the wax itself will freeze over, making it more difficult to spread over. Waxing your car under extreme heat maybe equally frustrating as the wax will keep melting over. In summer, find a time when temperatures are lower, probably evenings, to do your waxing. To be on the safe side, wax your car well before the adverse weather seasons checks in.

  • Type of wax used.

The one time I ever took my car for waxing at a service station, left me with a really bad taste in my mouth. They did a terrible wax job using terrible quality wax that would rub off on everything. Get quality wax for your car and ensure that the job is done properly and up to proper standards.

Good quality wax, naturally, will give you longer lasting service than poor quality one. For black cars, if you can access it, use a wax that is specially designed for them. Carnouba is the name given to wax meant for black cars. Using this kind of quality wax allows you less frequent wax jobs. If your vehicle is more exposed to adverse outdoor conditions, then it means it is more susceptible to swirls and scratches. Carnauba gives it extended lasting protection from these, although you will need to wax more often in this case. Once every two months will suffice.

In the market, there is a choice between liquid, paste and spray wax. Spray wax is relatively the easiest wax to use but consumer reviews also show it is the least durable. Liquid wax is durable and easy to apply but does not even out well on the surface. Paste wax is easiest apply but does not last as long as the spray and liquid.

Is there an easy way around waxing your car?

Nothing good comes easy. You want the good life for your car, right? Then you will have to stop looking at waxing as a tiresome and bothersome affair. Black cars need just a little bit more tender, loving care than other color cars, which is a fact. Their beauty care regime is slightly classier, do not forget that.

For an effective wax job, start off by washing the car. Once it is completely dried off, then you are ready to begin the waxing. Ensure you use a microfiber cloth. If you are just beginning the waxing regime or trying out a new wax type, you may start off with a patch and see how well it is working out, before beginning on the bigger body. Polish it off until there are no swirl marks showing on the body.

Is there a limit in the number of times you can wax your car?

The question here is, is there anything like waxing your car too many times? Did I already tell you how obsessed I am with waxing my car and watch it gleam like a car straight out of a showroom? Okay great, I will not tell you again, but, I am.

Too much waxing may cause a buildup that may cause your paint work to look a bit dull. Using abrasive paint too frequently may eventually start eating away at your paintwork. Synthetic wax much gentler but will have the same clouding effect eventually.

Your car is a rewarding feat. Did you know you can actually hide quite well scratches on your car’s body with a proper film of wax? Now you know. Once you establish a car care routine and ensure that you stick to it, it gets easier and faster to execute. I used to convince myself that it didn’t make a difference if I waxed the car or not. That nobody really cared if I did it regularly or not well I did notice, and it made a difference to me if I did not. So I had to make a conscious effort to get to it. Now my car rewards me by looking fine for me always.

Black cars are slightly more demanding and you have to remember that as you purchase you are looking to buy a car. It’s going to need a little more effort, a little more time and a little more attention. So just like you have to take care of your babies, you absolutely have to take care of the black baby that you bought with your own money. Get waxing that baby and have her looking good for you all day, every day.


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