Best Ceramic Spray Wax for Cars


If your car has done some mileage, you have probably applied a ceramic wax on it to restore its shiny, glossy look. Well, even that wax will eventually need some restoration and maintenance to keep the same excellent look. A ceramic spray wax for cars comes in handy for added sheen.

Spray waxing is important since it gives a clear coating that is attractive and the car’s paint is protected. Ceramic wax also keeps the paint from having contaminants build-up and blemish. Small scratches and stains also get filled by the waxing. Listed below are the best spray waxes that are easy to use and ideal for quick topping wax.

This guide is a comprehensive list of good quality, affordable and easy to apply ceramic coating for wheels. It can get tiring poring through many pages to just get the right product. This article attempts to make it all easier by coming up with all you need to know about the best ceramic coating for wheels.

Best Ceramic Spray Wax for Cars

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Meguiar’s Ultimate Car wax

Meguiar's G18216 Ultimate...
  • ONE EASY STEP: Formula delivers maximum synthetic...
  • EFFORTLESS APPLICATION: Thin Film technology provides for...
  • LONG-LASTING PROTECTION: Advanced synthetic polymers...

Meguiar is a major brand in the waxing industry as it produces many reliable detailing products. The Meguiar’s spray car wax contains hydrophobic polymer technology that gives your car a deep wet look shine.

It therefore restores your car to its look before any damages. Other added benefits include its long lasting protective barrier that protects your car from harsh elements.

Furthermore, Meguiar’s spray wax is easy to apply. Due to its low sensitivity to heat damage, this product can be applied and direct sunlight without leaving any white streaks. It is also sold with a microfiber towel that makes the wipe-on and wipe-off formula rather easy.

It also leaves a deep and glossy shine with any unwanted residues. Finally, as is reiterated with all waxes, good prepping directly relates to good results. Your car needs to be properly cleaned before application of this wax.

Key Features

  • Advance polymer technology that leaves no white residue or streaks after spraying
  • Hydrophobic element that gives water protection after application
  • Thin film formula that makes it easy for even amateurs to apply


  • Simple to spray, wipe-on and wipe-off
  • High glossy shine that is smooth to touch and mirror-like
  • Affordable and does not stain plastic

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Turtle Wax Ice Spray

Turtle Wax T-477R ICE Spray...
  • Completely wash and dry your car or motorcycle
  • Lightly mist Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax on one section at a...
  • Repeat for entire car or motorcycle

Turtle Wax ice spray is a premium, affordable product which uses smart shield technology to build layers of shine and protection. With this progressive formula, Turtle ice spray can last up to 17 waxes which is much better than other products.

The spray is an anti-static formula that helps in giving its hallmark lasting protection and beautiful shine. It utilizes advance polymer that is best used when wet. With this product be assured of a shiny and reflective result.

Key Features

  • Has an advanced polymer, anti-static formula that makes this product durable with a glossy shine
  • Suitable for all car panels and does not stain plastics
  • Offers protection from harmful UV Rays


  • Easy to apply and minimum buffing is required after
  • Can withstand intense sunlight and just about any season
  • Offers protection against UV rays and contaminants build-up

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Chemical Guys Instawax Spray

Chemical Guys WAC20916...
  • 100% refined Brazilian carnauba wax
  • Protection from harmful UV solar rays
  • Prevents water spots and contamination stains

Chemical Guys Instawax spray is a high gloss wax and sealant due to its 100% carnauba based formula.  It is safe to use on alloy wheels and glass windows. It can therefore be used to give your entire a car a shiny, wholesome look.

Chemical Guys is a quick drying product that gives your car an extra shine within minutes of application. The easy wipe-on and wipe-off formula is enough to ensure the wax is spread out well. This product is also perfect for any car color having uniform, good qualities on all kinds.

Key Features

  • Works at a Nano-spec level that offers effective protection against corrosion and other harsh weather elements
  • Sold in a 16oz
  • Fast drying formula that adds an extra shine within minutes of application


  • Offers protection from UV rays
  • Easy on and off application on a properly cleaned, prepped and waxed car surface
  • Prevents water spots and contamination stains

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Car Guys Hybrid Wax Sealant

CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant -...
  • ✅ Made with Advanced Science! – Are you tired of using...
  • ✅ Streak Free and Safe for every Surface! – Ever spend...
  • ✅ Brilliant Show Car Shine! – Most products nowadays...

Car Guys hybrid wax sealant is an original synthetic formula that has been infused with carnauba wax. It uses this formula in combination of advanced polymers to provide a durable and a long lasting shine. This wax sealant is hybrid because it has both carnauba formula which is an important paste and synthetic polymer components.

One of the best features about this product is that it is biodegradable. This means it does not contain any harmful chemicals and is combined with natural and synthetic ingredients. Car Guys hybrid wax sealant can then be easily applied at home with no protective masks.

If you are not intending to wax your car every single day this is the best option for you.
With the long lasting formula, you can wait for months before waxing which can be beneficial.

Key Features

  • Advanced polymers and carnauba formula that offers protection against road grime, chippings, brake dust and UV rays
  • Patent technology that increases its lifespan making it long lasting
  • Comes with a high quality spray bottle and a premium microfiber towel


Mothers California Gold Spray

Mothers 05724 California Gold...
  • Cleans and protects for that "just waxed" look
  • Safe to use on clear coat
  • Use on wet or dry surface to boost existing wax or as a...

Mothers California gold wax spray is a versatile product that can be applied on both wet and dry surfaces. This is an advantage since you can wipe your product anytime. It can also be used to improve the existing wax on your car paint.

One main feature about this spray is that it contains carnauba wax that makes it resistant to heat and chemicals. Mother’s California is also safe to use on right about any car surface from chrome to clear coated. This product also delivers long term benefits after regular use.

Key Features

  • Comes in a 24oz bottle that is budget friendly
  • Durable, long lasting formula that can be used on all kinds of surfaces including plastic


  • Can be used to treat and protect other exterior surfaces not just the body
  • Trigger spray bottle that is easy to use


  • While it is easy to use, you might need to buff it in a bit more if you want a deep shine

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3M 39034 Spray Wax for Cars

3M Quick Wax, 39034, 16 fl oz
  • Quick wax refreshes the appearance of automobiles
  • Contains carnauba wax produces a deep, glossy shine
  • Apply wet or dry

The 3M wax spray is among the most affordable spray waxes available in the market. It is manufactured by the reputable 3M brand that is focused on quality detailing products.

It is an easy to use wax spray that is also versatile, meaning it can be used when wet or dry. Apart from it being affordable, it contains carnauba wax giving your car a glossy, showroom finish. For optimal results, this product should be used regularly and in turn it will give long term benefits.

Key Features

  • Comes in a 16oz bottle
  • Suitable for painted surfaces, glass, plastic tires and wheels
  • Made with an innovative advanced formula that contains premium natural ingredients


  • Highly durable, lasting quite a long time if maintained well
  • Hydrophobic nature makes car easy clean

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OPT Optimum (SW2008P) Car Spray

Optimum Car Wax - 17 oz.
  • Perfect for all exterior surfaces including paint, clear...
  • Extremely easy application, just spray on and buff to a...
  • No hazardous or harsh chemicals, solvents or VOCs

The OPT Optimum car spray wax is one of the most long lasting products in the market. It claims to be a protective agent for up to 5months with no reapplication necessary. One special property about this formulation is that there are no solvents or any harmful chemicals that makes it unsafe to use.

Additionally, this spray provides superior protection against road grime, bird waste, acid rain, pollutants, contaminant and UV rays.  All you have to do is to spray thoroughly.

Key Features

  • Polymer sealant and carnauba wax that leaves your car clean with a glossy shine
  • Safe to use ingredients that are not hazardous or harmful


  • Safe to use on glass surface, plastic and chrome wheels
  • Long lasting solution

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Factors to consider when getting a ceramic spray wax

There are many good quality ceramic spray waxes. One needs to consider several factors during purchase so as to get the right product. Here are some of the main factors to be weighed upon.

Car Paint Quality

When shopping for a suitable ceramic wax spray for your car, one thing to consider is whether your car has a good quality paint job done. This is because if the car paint is faded or low quality, spray wax will not work on it. For extensive chipping, ceramic paste wax works better. Therefore, if you are looking for that deep level kind of shine, paste wax works best.

Age of vehicle

If your car is a brand new car with a new solid finish, a ceramic spray wax should be included in your accessory list. This is because the car’s solid finish will be preserved and the ceramic spray wax does a good job.


This refers to how long you expect the ceramic spray wax to keep protecting the car’s body. High end ceramic spray waxes can last up to 5months. Other affordable spray waxes will last up to 2weeks.


If you regularly park your car under the sun for a long period, then the car requires extra protection against the UV rays. This damage is protected by applying a quality ceramic spray wax that keeps the car in good condition despite the weather. One should also go ahead and buy a product that is specifically designed to handle the weather the car will be exposed to.

Ease of Application

A good product does not require extra tools or professional equipment to have it on your car. The spray should be easy to apply even when in a hurry not leaving any white residue.


What are the steps followed to apply ceramic spray wax?

After choosing the wax of your choice there are steps issued by the manufacturer on the application process. They should be followed closely so as to get the best result from the product.

Generally, the first step is to is to wash your car thoroughly. Spray off all the dirt before applying soap on the car then using a microfiber cloth, mitt to avoid the car from getting scratches.

After washing, rinse off the soap and dry using a microfiber cloth to remove excess water. of the paint. Once the car is dry, you will want to scrutinize it. If your vehicle has mild oxidation or dull spots it is best to polish your car before applying the spray wax and you are done.

If you regularly apply the spray wax after washing you do not need to polish it often.

How long does the spray wax last?

A number of the spray waxes will be able to last up to a month but it depends on a number factors. These factors include if you regularly wash your car every weekend, the soap you use and weather elements. If you are that worried about the length of time it can last, you should use a car paint sealant before waxing. This will allow you to top it up with a spray wax after each wash.

What are the benefits of spray waxing?

Ceramic spray waxing after being utilized well has some benefits that come along. Some of the benefits include protection from UV rays and a showroom shine. Spray waxing is also quick and easy to use compared to other detailing products.

Only disadvantage that is associated with the spray wax is most of them are not long lasting. If you are looking for a long term solution one should consider paste waxing. Some spray waxes also stain or leave a white residue ruining the appearance of the car.


Utilizing a ceramic spray wax is one thing you will always be thankful for. It maintains a defensive wax layer and the car’s sheen and dazzle. Most of the products listed in this guide can be safely used on paint, glass and the outside trim for these results.

A good quality spray wax is significant and ought to be a standard part of your car wash regimen. All the same, this does not mean it should be hard ceramic spray wax is reasonably easy to apply (even within minutes). Some innovative brands like Turtle Wax even combine the tasks into one product.

Spray waxes offer fabulous outcomes with respect to the gleam and sparkle on your car. However, they may not last long into years. A spray wax therefore needs to be constantly reapplied every few months or so. They are still handy detailing products to make your car look brand new even when it is not.

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