Fram Air Filter Review
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 The health of your engine determines the lifespan of your vehicle. Now, we all know ninety percent of car maintenance revolves around routinely showing your engine some TLC and how expensive an activity that can be.

Fram air filters are an inexpensive but yet durable way to keep your engine working perfectly and protected from dirt, causing wear and tear. They are a logical replacement option once your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) air filter clogs up or reaches the recommended change interval period.

Their advanced filter media filters with an efficiency rate of 98%.  With Fram air filters, it doesn’t matter the level of air pollution where you live; they have got you covered with different types of filter media that will meet your needs.

A few reasons why you should choose Fram Air Filters

Maximum Protection

Air filters prevent impurities from reaching your engine and causing wear-related damage. With Fram Tough Guard and Ultra Premium air filters, you no longer have to worry about driving on dusty roads.

Their pre-oiled filter media acts like glue, trapping even the smallest dust particles providing your engine with clean air supply.  Additionally, both products have a heavyweight screen that acts as a strainer capturing any harmful contaminants that get past the pre-oiled filter media. This robust proprietary filtering technology provides round the clock protection and ensures filter integrity.

Increased performance

Your engine needs both fuel and air for complete combustion. A clogged air filter will starve the engine of air, which will ultimately affect performance, and you may experience reduced or jerky acceleration.

Also, a lack of sufficient airflow to your engine can cause a misfire due to incomplete combustion.  Fram double protection air filters keep your engine clean and contaminant-free, which increases airflow and reduces wear.

The result is increased horsepower, not to mention a smoother ride that will have you quietly accelerating on your commute.


Everything about Frams Ultra Premium air filter says maximum filtration. Its heavyweight metal screen provides supreme protection allowing the consumer to push the air filter change interval to up to 24,000 miles or two years.

Additionally, its pleat lock glue bead design holds pleats in place, significantly reducing airflow restriction. Its heavy-duty design guarantees consistent air filter performance throughout its two-year life span.

I should mention that the actual filter lifespan is based more on the environmental conditions you drive your vehicle in than the recommended replacement interval.


Fram takes care of all its customers, including the more frugal consumer such as myself. With the Fram washable premium air filter, you don’t have to buy a new filter every other 12,000miles. Using the accompanying cleaning manual, you can easily wash and reuse without having to purchase a new air filter.

Additionally, you won’t be required to cough up any extra dollars for a wash kit since this air filter can be cleaned with water or readily available dish soap. It also dries fast, so you won’t have to put your vehicle out of commission for too long.

Easy Installation

When it comes to easy installation, Fram air filters hold all the bragging rights and rightfully so. These air filters come accompanied by clear step by step on-pack instructions and illustrations and can be installed by experts and novices alike in fewer than six minutes.

The fun doesn’t stop there, folks! They additionally require little to no maintenance offering advanced engine protection for the duration of the 12,000 or 24,000mile mark. Fram air filters can fit most modern vehicles; however, you are still required to crosscheck your vehicle dimensions with the product before purchasing any items.

What’s more, if you learn best by watching, there are QR codes to installation videos included in the instructions.

Removes Odors

Yes, you read, right! Look forward to a musty free and comfortable ride with Fram Fresh Breeze Cabin air filters. It’s not all about maintaining fresh cabin air with this product.

Its unique filter media is embedded with arm and hammer baking soda mixed with carbon and can filter up to 99% of dust and harmful contaminants that enter the vehicle through its ventilation system. The natural deodorizing air filter will maintain fresh air within the cabin by absorbing odors that enter the cabin.

The fresh breeze cabin air filter is guaranteed to keep you and your passengers protected from dust, pollen, and other airborne allergens. It is also quite easy to install, and should not take more than five minutes once you follow the on-pack instructions.


One thing that can’t be said about Fram air filters is that they are expensive and out of the average consumer’s reach. Despite their favorable price, they are still of the highest quality and work just as well as an OEM air filter.

They just cost less. Additionally, their easy to install feature will save you the money you would have otherwise spent on labor costs for a mechanic.

Extended Change Intervals

Fram’s Ultra Premium air filter was engineered to withstand strenuous driving conditions, from idling in traffic to high tailing it on a bumpy, dusty road. Its proprietary filter media traps even the smallest dust particles, not to mention its ability to hold more dirt than the standard air filter.

This allows it to protect your engine for longer while still maintaining filter integrity. Fram Ultra Premium air filters can last up to 24,000miles/24 months before they require replacement.

However, for maximum protection and increased engine performance, it is recommended to pair this air filter with Fram’s Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter. That said, it’s advisable to follow the replacement schedule recommended in your vehicles manual.


Like any other product on the market, Fram air filters have a few disadvantages. For example, the heavyweight metal screen that is attached to the filter media can restrict airflow when driving under strenuous conditions or on an exceptionally dusty road.

Although this extra filtration element ensures the air reaching your engine is adequately strained, it can sometimes restrict airflow during rough driving conditions.

Another drawback is the pre-oiled filter media, though it works perfectly when it comes to attracting dirt and road debris, the oil can sometimes find its way into the engine affecting the engine performance.

In conclusion

As a brand, Fram is popularly known for its oil filters; the company has, however, also made a name for itself in the air filter arena. Engineered with advanced and proprietary filter media technology, fram air filters provide double the protection of your standard retail air filter.

Fram air filters are taken through rigorous testing and have been proven to improve gas mileage, engine performance, and increase horsepower. The fresh breeze cabin air filter also comes in handy for those of us who suffer from allergies or are irritated by very strong smells that you may encounter on your daily commute.

These air filters are quite easy to install and require little to no maintenance. In other words, you are saving money with Fram from the moment of purchase up till the replacement schedule.

Another advantage of using Fram air filters is that they require little to no maintenance throughout the lifespan of the product. You should, therefore, feel confident replacing your OEM air filter with a brand new Fram filter.

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