How long can you delay a car service?


 When was the last time you took your car for servicing? Is your car servicing overdue? Delaying servicing may cause expensive damages to your vehicle in the long run. But, how long can you delay a car service?

Many car owners do not find missing a car servicing appointment or delaying it for a couple of months as a big deal. However, delaying servicing your vehicle causes it a world of harm, and it does not save you time or money in the long run. Recent studies claim that most car breakdowns are a result of the ignorance of drivers when it comes to regular car maintenance.

Car servicing means that your vehicle’s vital fluids and lubricants need to be changed, and its electronic and mechanical functions need to be checked and recalibrated at regular intervals to ensure they are running correctly. It is not advisable to delay your car service as it a safety risk for both you and other road users.

Why shouldn’t you delay a scheduled car servicing?

Car servicing intervals depends on a variety of factors, including your vehicle’s model, age, condition, and type. Generally, regular car servicing occurs at intervals of six, nine, or 12 months.

Some European vehicles come with a sensor light that alerts the owner when it is time for service. A vehicle should be serviced every six months or at intervals of 12,000kms, whichever comes first. Check your car owner’s manual for the precise routine maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle.

Regular car servicing aids in finding out potential problems your vehicle might be facing before they become more serious. It helps you catch on earlier on before such potential risks become more severe and costly. Some of the reasons why you should service your vehicle regularly include:

Checking and changing your engine oil

Your vehicle’s engine oil is its lifeblood. It lubricates the numerous moving parts in your engine, preventing them from generating excess heat and breaking down. Similarly, this fluid carries away the excess heat produced in these parts and cools them as it flows through the engine.

Just like other car-care products, engine oil also deteriorates after some time, meaning it will not effectively perform its function. It loses its effectiveness due to oxidation, exposure to moisture and heat, loss of viscosity, depleted additives, or even contamination by fuel.

When you fail to service your vehicle, you risk using deteriorated engine oil, which could lead to premature engine failure that is very costly to repair.

Tires and wheels maintenance

Tires and wheels maintenance

The state of your wheels and tires are one of the most crucial safety issues when it comes to your vehicle. It also affects the fuel consumption and overall performance of your car.

Once you take your vehicle for regular servicing, your mechanic will replace them if they are worn and also ensure they have adequate tread. Your mechanic should also check their standard pressure, balance, and wheel alignment, among many others.

Ensures your braking system is working properly

The braking system is an essential component of your vehicle. As such, it should be in proper working condition for continued road safety of car drivers.

By taking your vehicle for regular servicing, your mechanic will replace some of its vital components, including brake pads, master cylinder, caliper, line, and rotor replacement, as well as the flushing of the brake fluid.

Maintenance of various filters, lights, and indicators

There is a wide variety of filters in a car whose primary function is to separate the various fluids from each other.

They also play a role in controlling the amount of fluid flowing and prevent them from getting contaminated by air, which may affect the car engine. Over time, these filters wear out and need replacing to ensure they are working effectively; thus, the need to service your car.

Similarly, modern vehicles come with a bunch of warning lights to alert the driver when one of the car’s components is not working correctly. As a general rule of thumb, you should never ignore a warning light.

Any time it turns on, it is best to take your vehicle to your trusted mechanic as soon as possible. The more you keep driving with such lights turned on, the more likely you are to cause damage to your car’s engine.

Ensuring your battery is functioning properly

alternator need power to work

One thing most drivers dread is getting stuck on the highway with a faulty car battery. Regular car servicing ensures you’re your battery is in proper working condition, has adequate water, and all its connections are tight. Your mechanic should also check the alternator and ensure it is charging as it should.

Servicing of the exterior aesthetics

The outer part of your vehicle is just as important as the car’s engine. Regular car service also aids in ensuring the car is clean and has good quality air come from its A/C system to prevent the accumulation of dust over time.

Regular washing and waxing of your vehicle aids in preventing corrosion of its metal surface, which would otherwise result in the wearing out of its inner components.


Delaying a car service is detrimental to your vehicle’s health as well as your safety and that of others. Car servicing plays a crucial role in the safety, running cost, longevity, and overall function of your automobile. You should ensure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines if you want your car to stay on the road for a long time.

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