Foxwell NT630 vs. Autel AL619 – Finding a scanning solution for your car
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Taking care of your vehicle may not always be as easy as it looks, especially when handling error codes that pop into your system every now and then. Dealing with these issues requires you to look through suitable scanning solutions in the market, such as the Foxwell NT630 vs. Autel AL619.

The leaps and bounds made by technology over the years have also affected the vehicular industry, with many modern cars consisting of program modules that at times require special attention. The software found in such vehicles can be maintained using an effective scanning tool – as long as the alternative chosen is compatible with the car in question. I needed to find something that could work with my 2014 GM, which led me to explore the various alternatives available in the market. After a closer look at different devices, I finally settled on two primary options – namely, the Foxwell NT630 vs. Autel AL619.

Foxwell NT630 vs. Autel AL69 – A basic comparison

Model Foxwell NT630 Autel AL619
Weight 2.65 pounds 2 pounds
Voltage 12v 18v
Bi-directional testing Yes Yes
Compatibility OBDI and OBDII OBDII
Check price Check price

Taking a closer look at the Foxwell NT630 vs. Autel AL619

Vehicle Coverage

One of the most crucial aspects to look at when choosing a suitable scanner for your needs is whether your intended choice is compatible with your particular vehicle’s make and model. There are a variety of different scanners available in the market, with various options suitable for a range of cars. The Autel AL619 is ideal for users working with established models such as GM, Ford, Toyota, BMW, and Mercedes Benz to name a few. The Foxwell NT630 can work with cars such as the Infiniti, Isuzu, GMC truck, Porsche, Peugeot, and Renault to name a few. Taking the time to confirm that your intended device indeed covers your vehicle’s make can help you avoid some significant losses.


Another vital issue to consider is a scanner’s compatibility with the system found in your car. There are two main types of classifications when it comes to vehicle systems – namely, OBDI and OBDII. OBDI is mostly found in cars that have been manufactured in 1995 or before, while OBDII systems were mainly implemented in vehicles that were made from 1996 and beyond. This means that if your car was produced in 1995 or earlier, then you’ll probably need a solution with OBDI compatibility. The Foxwell NT630 is compatible with both OBDI and II systems, while the Autel AL619 can work with OBDII and CAN systems.

Durable Build

Many technological tools can be sensitive and require delicacy when being handled. In simple terms, you simply can’t throw your devices around or store them in potentially dangerous areas. Luckily, both the Foxwell NT630 and the Autel AL619 have been constructed to survive in somewhat rough working conditions. A garage is not always the safest place to store your devices due to the numerous accidents that could befall them, including bumps, grazes, and falls. Both devices have been designed with sturdy material to prevent it from easily breaking upon impact, so you won’t have to fret about having to get a new one every time your scanner lands on the ground. They also come with a protective encasement that helps to absorb any shock experienced with accidental impacts.

Detailed and Understandable Manuals

Amateurs may not always have the needed knowledge to immediately start operating a scanning tool once it’s delivered. Though the menu offers a variety of straightforward options that enable you to perform some of the simpler tasks, any complex navigation might require you to seek some additional help. Fortunately, both the Foxwell NT630 and Autel AL619 come with a printed comprehensive user manual, as well as a CD containing similar information. If you’re a bit hesitant when performing an objective you might find trickier than expected, resorting to the manual is a great way to ensure you’re on the right path. Taking the time to study the various ins and outs of a new device is always an advisable strategy when aiming to familiarize yourself with a device.

Foxwell NT630 vs. Autel AL619 – Product Review

Foxwell NT630

The Foxwell NT630 is an excellent option for people looking to work with a large variety of cars. This scanner features both OBDI and OBDII compatibility, meaning the age of your vehicle will not really matter when using this device. It comes with a variety of attractive features, including ABS bleeding, SAS calibration, and bi-directional testing – allowing you to roll up your sleeves and get even more involved with your car’s functions. It also features SRS reset capabilities which can come in handy after replacing your airbags, as well as a check light code reader for the engine.


• Features full OBDII diagnostics.

• You can enjoy a lifetime of free updates with your purchase.


• The software is not compatible with a MAC system.

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Autel AL619

The Autel AL619 is a great solution if you happen to be working with cars manufactured in 1996 or beyond. This scanning option is smaller than most of its counterparts in the market, making it easier to handle in tight spaces. The device comes with a friendly user interface that makes it easy to understand for beginners and DIY enthusiasts with no prior experience. It also comes with multiple languages, allowing you to choose an option most preferable for your needs. Code definitions are included in cases where you might not be familiar with a particular result and need to look it up.


• A DTC lookup library is available for retrieving the meaning of codes.

• Offers a compact and shapely design that is easy to handle.


• Doesn’t perform any transmission diagnostics.

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My Verdict

After comparing and contrasting both options, I finally settled on the Foxwell NT630 as my ideal solution due to the multiple functions available with the device. The Autel AL619 is still a great option for the average driver looking for a great software maintenance service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an OBII scanner work on an OBDI system?

No. Unfortunately, you will need to find a device that is compatible with both OBDI and OBDII systems.

Do larger devices have more features?

This is not always the case. The only way to determine the functionalities of a particular alternative is by looking at the specs and features provided with the product’s information.

What’s the difference between full and partial OBDII system diagnostics?

As the names suggest, a device with full OBDII diagnostic functions features all areas of the vehicle, while partial diagnostics might leave a certain area out, such as the transmission sector of car.

How frequently do I need to update my software?

It’s recommendable to update your software every time a new version comes out to avoid any bugs or related complications from developing.

How do I update my software?

Just connect the scanner’s SD card to a slot in your PC and click on the application. Once this is open, select the update option provided.