Foxwell NT624 vs. NT644- What to look for in an automotive diagnostic tool

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Choosing the right automotive scanning tool can be a tiresome task since it means looking at the specs offered by different scanners and comparing them to your needs. This Foxwell NT624 vs. NT644 review compares the features between two reliable scanning tools so that you don’t have to!

Most car systems are electronic which makes using a scanning tool to identify faults in a vehicle’s system a natural course of action. I ended up buying my first OBD II scanning tool after a falling out with my local mechanic-we have since buried the hatchet over a few pints. Anyway, the first scanner I got provided the basics, that is, engine/ABS/SRS fault codes and live data presentation. It was all it claimed to be, and I worked with it for a while before upgrading to a higher end model which also provided excellent service. My journey has informed this review, and I hope that it will help you better understand the specs offered by the Foxwell NT624 and NT644.

Foxwell NT624 vs. NT644 Comparison Table

Foxwell NT624 Foxwell NT644
ECU Information Yes Yes
4.3-inch TFT color display screen Yes Yes
Freeze Frame data Yes Yes
Oil service and EPB functions No Yes
Check Price Check Price.

Foxwell NT624 vs. NT644

System Diagnostics

These Foxwell scanners offer impressive system diagnostics, which make them ideal for different needs. Both the NT624 and NT644 will work on most electronic systems, making them well compatible with different needs. They are also compatible with OBD1 & 2 for most compatible options, and can be used to read and clear error codes. They offer impressive display, will offer ECU support. The Foxwell NT624 is a full system diagnostic scanner that can read and clear fault codes, address ABS and Airbag systems, retrieve ECU information and support all 10OBDII test modes on over 52 vehicle makes. It also offers oil light reset and EPB service functions, making it a great choice for diverse assessment needs. The Foxwell NT644 checks all the boxes in comparison and can carry out a four system (engine, transmission, ABS and airbag) diagnostic scan. It also boasts additional reset, oil service, and EPB functions. It offers more specialized features than the NT624, including the TBA and BRT battery management service. For Diesel Particulate Filter functions, you may want to look at the Foxwell NT644 Pro over the NT624. However, both models are very effective for vehicle assessment on compatible brands.

OBD I, OBD II and Overall Vehicle Compatibility

Both the Foxwell NT624 and NT644 are OBD1 and OBD 2 compatible. This means that they can function effectively on vehicles manufactured before and after 1996, including some 80’s models. Their OBD II functionality is, however, more sort after since one OBD II scanner can support different vehicle manufacturers unlike the one car per scanner interface offered by OBD I scanners. This makes both the Foxwell NT624 and NT644 an essential cost-effective tool for mechanics worldwide. The scanners will work for both old and new models, with recent models supporting the latest vehicle releases. Foxwell offers free lifetime software updates for both scanners, which guarantees compatibility with even more modern models.

Live sensor data and overall display

Both these models will allow you to view live data in text and graph formats. Though they both provide live data graphing, the Foxwell NT644 lets you view up to four parameter graphs simultaneously while the Foxwell NT624 only lets you view two parameter graphs simultaneously. This function also lets you single out data on specific system functions. The enhanced display offers increased accuracy, with a print via PC option also providing room for storage for professional or future use. These scanners offer very detailed live sensor data, and support freeze frame display as well. While they both work well in this regard, the Foxwell NT644’s capacity for more graphs makes it a better choice than the dual graph NT624. Both models also feature a wide TFT screen, which makes this output very clear to read for a seamless diagnostic process.

Ease of use

The Foxwell NT624 and NT644 scanners are designed in a very similar way, but the NT644 proves slightly superior in its build. These options feature the classic hardened rubber coating, which offers superb impact protection. They also offer a very intuitive button arrangement, with impressive user friendliness with their menu. They are slip-free, which further boosts their ease of use. The models are also plug and play, with either option requiring to be plugged in to be used. Both options offer a 4.3” TFT colored screen for clear display, which enhances the experience of use. The NT644 offers support for a dual language setup from the multilingual options available, which is more attractive than the NT624’s single language choice. While they may be tough for people without any experience, they are very easy to grasp.


The scanners compare fairly well, but the NT644 offers a wider range of services and more lingual options than the NT624. Even though they are very easy to use, this model is designed for enhanced diagnostics and offers even more detail in the display. Both units will deliver full OBD2 services, which makes them well suited for professional and home use. They even feature a single-button check of multiple systems, which makes them very easy to operate for full vehicle assessment. These tools also offer added perks, such as AutoVin and free lifetime updates. In the event that your car cannot support AutoVin, the scanners will allow for manual VIN entrance, which ensures compatibility with more services to a wider selection of drivers. The NT644 is a little more complex to those without any experience than the NT624, but it delivers an impressive performance. It also offers battery management services, which makes it a leading choice for your garage.

Foxwell NT624 vs. NT644 Product Review

Foxwell NT624

Free Shipping By DHL! Foxwell NT624 AutoMaster Pro All Makes All Systems OBD2 EOBD Scanner

The Foxwell NT624 allows you to pinpoint the faulty systems in your vehicle, be it an engine, emissions or even airbag issue. It is an OBD II, EOBD, ABS and SRS diagnostic scanner with SAS calibration functions. This tool will accurately identify the model of your car and automatically retrieve your VIN code. You can also view and merge two parameter graphs for comparison with this device. The NT624 will let you read and clear error codes with a single click, and turn off the check engine light. The NT624 will support all OBD modules, as well as a few other special abilities to enhance your car diagnosis. It features other Foxwell aspects for a great build, such as the durable frame, enhanced user interface and plug and play aspects that will make it a great choice for your vehicle.

This model is well made for increased ease of use. It is a lightweight scanner that fits into tour grip, preventing any risks of slipping. The NT624 also features a wide screen with highly detailed display, as well as a tough rubber coating to minimize any effects of impact. The scanner is easy to use, with updated models offering compatibility with recent vehicle releases. It offers an impressive access to lifelong free upgrades, which should make it compatible with most of the new vehicle model you may consider picking up. The NT624 is a versatile, functional and convenient scanner for most needs.


  • Supports free lifelong software updates
  • It can display freeze frame data
  • It supports all 10 OBD test modes
  • Multilingual scanning tool


  • Its 8GB SD card has limited space for software updates
  • Only offers one language for each device


View price on Amazon


Foxwell NT644

[Special Offer]Free Shipping By DHL! Foxwell NT644 Automaster for All Brands All System+ EPB+ Oil Service Scanner

The Foxwell NT644 is a four system diagnostic tool with oil light reset, SAS calibration and EPB service functions. This scanning tool will effectively read and clear error codes from most OBD1 and OBD II cars, minivans, light trucks, and SUV’s. Its multilingual easy to use menu, code troubleshooters and multiple functionalities makes it a decent tool for professionals and DIYers alike. The NT644 delivers and records live sensor data in text and graph formats for a comprehensive diagnosis. This versatile scanner will offer multiple services for all rounded value. It supports injector coding, DPF reset, SRS crash data reset, TBA and CVT transmission function, as well as battery management services. The high end output and wide detail makes it great for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

The NT644 features Foxwell’s lifespan adding hardened rubber coating, which can protect your unit against falls of up to 15 feet. This scanner is also very well designed, being a comfortable hold while offering a wide screen for thorough displays. The scanner is very easy to use, although it offers lower compatibility for its special features than it does with full diagnostic services. It features a classic wide TFT screen, which delivers quality graphs and findings. It is also well built for minimal risks of slipping and delivers accurate results, making for comfortable use even when travelling. The NT644 delivers in depth assessment of compatible vehicles, allowing you to address any faults accurately. It is a great travel unit, and features a carrying case that increases its convenience. If you are looking for a high quality scanner with impressive ability to spot faults accurately in your vehicle, this model could be an ideal pick for your needs.


  • This tool will let you view up to 4 parameter graphs simultaneously
  • Its code troubleshooters define error codes providing quick and straightforward diagnosis
  • Its SD memory card allows you to connect it to the internet for software updates
  • Multilingual scanner with two language options
  • Offers versatile coverage for multiple services


  • Some of its functions are not supported on certain vehicles
  • Can be tough to read at first for new users


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My verdict

Looking into the Foxwell NT644 and NT624 scanners helped me find out more about these handy units. They feature a variety of services, which are designed to help you stay ahead of any vehicle impairments. You can assess your vehicle’s engine, airbag, brake and steering systems, alongside others, which makes sure your car is running at the top level all the time. Though both tools offer accurate diagnosis and are easy to use; the Foxwell NT644 has way more functions and features when compared to the NT624. One of its most sort after functions is the oil light service reset function which makes it an ideal tool for mechanics who carry out oil change services on a daily basis. I prefer the NT644, thanks to the variety of scanner services on offer. Since I acquired the unit and got a breakdown of how it works, I have enjoyed using the diverse and hardy diagnostic tool. That being said, if you are in the market for an entry level scanner, then the NT624 will be your best bet.


What is the difference between OBD I and OBD II scanners?

OBD I scanners only work on vehicles manufactured on or before 1995, does not show detailed codes and can only work on one car. OBD II scanners on the other hand work on vehicles manufactured on and after 1996, they show detailed codes and one scanner can work on different vehicle makes.

How do I know if the Foxwell NT624 and NT644 will be compatible with my car make?

You should always check vehicle compatibility on the website before purchasing either tool; however, both the Foxwell NT624 and NT644 will work on the majority of US-made vehicles.

Will I always have to be updating my scanners software?

No, you will receive software update prompts that will let you know when to update your software

What type of onboard diagnostic is my car?

If your car was built on or before 1995, it is likely to be OBD I compatible. OBD II vehicles are those manufactured on and after 1996.

Will the Foxwell NT624 and NT644 define the trouble codes?

Yes, both these models have an in-built DTC library that will accurately define all listed error codes for fast and reliable diagnostics.


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