Which Car Air Freshener

Choosing a Great Car Air Freshener

Your car is just like any other vehicle and prone to strong unpleasant odors. These smells could be emitted from anywhere such as accumulated food spills, damp, bacteria or mold. Strong cigarette smells and many other factors that simply contribute to an exasperating odor in your car’s interior.

This is where a car air freshener comes into play. The problem is there are so many car air fresheners to choose from you do not really know where to start. The top recommended air freshener is the Yankee Candle Jar. This seems to be liked by many who have tried it out in their cars.

Other good quality brands are febreze car air fresheners and the little trees car air fresheners. These obviously give off the right type of scents and smells for most people.

A number of luxury car owners spend a lot of time spraying their cars with ordinary car fresheners and perfumes. Some of the products used are good, successfully getting rid of the pungent smell, however, the sweet fragrance is often short-lived fading away after just a few days or weeks.

Some car air fresheners and perfumes could release a really strong overpowering smell that would force you to roll down your car windows as you try to get rid of the smell.

Some other air fresheners are formulated with different chemicals that mix and blend with other odors in your car’s interior. In time this leaves you with a strong and nasty smell that just won’t go away.

A lot of car drivers spend quite a bit of time in their cars and driving around with a less than pleasant smell could get quite uncomfortable.

A nice fresh car smell is also very considerate for anyone else who travels in the car with you. It is so important to pick out the best scent for your car. The auto industry is saturated with a large number of different car fresheners and perfumes. So many vehicle owners have ended up confused and frustrated when trying to choose the best product.

Given the significance of a smooth and nice car scent, we have gone through some of the best car air fresheners for luxurious cars. This list will allow you to easily pick out what is best suited for you and your ride.

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Areon Air Freshener Car Perfume

The Areon air freshener brand has been in the market for years and always produces strong, reliable and durable products. This particular car perfume is one of the best products that Areon has released.

The sweet fragrance adds a lot of energy to the surrounding environment. The silver edition of this car air fragrance emits a stronger feminine scent that is so attractive to so many women.

The Areon air freshener is a gel based air freshener. It is formulated with energizing enzymes that are known to uplift your spirits and your mood, effectively getting rid of any kind of negative energy. The ingredients of this car air freshener are all-natural and cannot irritate any of your passengers or cause harm to the environment.

The gel has such an elegant fashionable look and is quite small making it so easy to place in your car’s dashboard, in the cup holder or even under the seat.

The compact size of this gel should not make you underestimate the fresh fragrance that the gel can produce. The fragrance is of high quality and transcends smoothly around the surrounding area.

Key Features

  • It is a gel-based freshener
  • It has an elegant shape
  • It fills your car with a nice luxurious smell.


  • It is a long-lasting air freshener
  • It is quite compact in size
  • It is very affordable

AREON Sport Lux - Hanging Cardboard Air Freshener for Car, Home & Office - Premium Cologne Perfume with Natural Fragrances - Long Lasting, Fresh, Luxurious Scent - Stylish Design - Gold, Pack of 3

aokway Car Air Freshener

If you are out in the market in search of a freshener that will add on to the elegant and luxurious design of your ride, the aokway Car Air Freshener is exactly what you need. This air fresher is designed as a vent clip and is meant to be inserted into the vehicle’s air vents to allow the scent to travel around the car with the circulating air.

The air freshener has many different scents and you have the opportunity to choose the one you prefer. This also comes with a body designed in the shape of a turbine engine with a propeller that is meant to represent the driving symbol. The turbine model is made of zinc and classy fine texture. This nice design is what attracts so many customers. The freshener capsules are oil-based.

This freshener is one of the best for completely getting rid of cigarette smells and bad odor that just won’t seem to go away. Installing this air freshener is quite easy.

You just need to unscrew the upper part of the air vent and place a fragrant capsule inside. Then once you have screwed back the upper portion, you can simply slide it into the car air outlet grille and you are done. This air freshener releases prime and sweet smells into the environment.

  • STYLISH CAR AIR FRESHENER – Design retro-Inspiration from the propeller-driven plane. The blade SPINS smoothly when your car vent is on. Then the fragrance emits the fresh scent-All the troubles back behind the head- Just on the first setting of A/C or heat you will have your fan! Just enjoy! 
  • Fresh and Neutral Car Fragrance – The Car Fragrance Diffuser eliminates odors and creates an inviting aroma in your car. The car air freshener will come with 2 refill oceanic pads, each pad can last for 30-45 days. The smell is fresh and not too overpowering and it’s very NEUTRAL so it’s good for both men and women.
  • Save your Money –  When the scent of original pad becomes weak, you can refill the pad with your favorite aroma oil.You don’t need to buy a new car air freshener. A RECYCLABLE way to use.
  • Wonderful Gift & Car Decoration – High quality made-polished finish-packaged with a nice box which will never down a gift receiver and Imagine watch their CURIOUS emotion on the face about what’s in the box.
  • Friendly Customer Service – Just buy with confidence! If you have any question, please feel free to contact us by message! We will try our best to help you.


  • It has a unique fun look
  • It has different smells that are all so great.
  • The freshener is washable

aokway Car Air Fresheners Vent Clip, Essential Oil Car Fragrance Diffuser Vent Clip Car Decoration Car Purifier Air Force I Spin Propeller Gift(Silver)

Bresa VW Collection

VW have a lot of classic cars. With this comes the classic retro stuff to go along. Bresa have intorduced a number of products along the classic VW lines and in doing so have brought along a number of nice smelling air fresheners for the classic VW range.

The Bresa VW air freshener is one of the few models that provide you with a smooth and classy scent and it comes in a nice, fun and witty design. This air freshener provides you with a perfect smell and ideal design, and it looks good in the shape of your classic VW.

When breaking down the best car air fresheners, it is important to consider all factors from the good performance and scent of the freshener, to the aesthetics and appearance of the freshener.

This freshener mostly attracts teenagers and young adults and even older people with a fun adventurous side to them. It is manufactured with string cord that make it so easy to hang on the mirror so that it swings around and lets the perfume out.

It is perfect for eliminating strong stinky smells and restores the car’s fresh air. It is not made using any harsh chemicals, improving the quality of air around you. This air freshener is really one of a kind. It is small in size and durable with a fun witty design. The car freshener is also one of the cheapest fresheners in the market.

BRISA VW Collection - Volkswagen Scented Car Air Freshener Fragrance Deodorizer for Car/Auto or Home with Volkswagen Samba Bus T2 Camper Van Front Design (Sport Fresh/Blue/2-pc Set)

Areon Sport Lux Air Freshener

The areon sport lux is a very popular air freshener for those looking for something more simple in design that fits directly into a vent clip and has the odor blown into your car through the air vent.

  • AREON Car Air Freshener Vent Clip Perfume – PLATINUM Scent
  • UNIQUE SCENT: Not the typical air freshener, this is a Perfume, a fragrance;
  • LUXURY: A very nice treat for any car;
  • LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE EXPERIENCE: Follow the instructions on the back for long lasting effect. Special feature allows to manage the amoung of scent released at any time;
  • Made by AREON – Would Leader in Car Perfumes;

AREON AC03 Car Freshener Vent Clip Luxury and Elegant 0.27 oz Car Perfume, Platinum Scent

Yankee Candle Car Jar

If you’re looking for a car freshener that will easily get rid of serious stink smells then this is the one for you. The Yankee Candle Car Jar is one of the most popular air fresheners you can buy.

With a cord string it is easy to spread a nice scent around the interior of your car to completely eliminate any bad odors inside your car. This works by releasing enzymes from the freshener to eliminate all the odor causing enzymes gradually freshening up the air and replacing the smell with a more preferable and classic fragrance. It is a very long-lasting air freshener.

The yankee candle are the ultimate hanging and swinging air fresheners. This freshener is so easy to use. It is packed in a clear transparent glass jar, and comes in a choice of different smells.

Simply hang it up either over your mirror or on a coat hook or something and let it swing away those smells.

Key Features

  • Hangs easily in car, home, or any space
  • Up to 2 4 weeks fragrance life
  • Measures .15 inches L x 3.08 inches W x 7.75 inches H
  • 0.5 Ounce
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Label graphics may vary
  • 100% recyclable in partnership with TerraCycle

It can easily be placed in small spaces and many other areas of your car

Yankee Candle Car Jar Ultimate Hanging Air Freshener 3-Pack (Beach Walk, Pink Sands, and Sun & Sand)

What factors should you consider when purchasing the best luxury car air fresheners? 

A large number of people from across the globe hardly put any special thought or consideration into the air freshener of a car. Some people even think of fresheners and perfumes as non-essential accessories.

For decades many drivers have just been using the most common and easy to access fresheners. Most of these fresheners have never really done the trick of eliminating foul odor and many of these scents don’t even last.

Considering the importance of a great scent in your car’s interior, you must never settle for any freshener that is less than the best. The market is saturated with a vast number of fresheners and before you pick your most ideal choice, there are a number of factors that you must put into consideration.

The purification of your air freshener

A good quality air freshener will not only fill your car with fresh fragrances, but it should also be able to purify the air around you. There are a number of fresheners that are uniquely designed with enzymes that attack, ambush and completely eliminate enzymes and particles that cause foul odors.

These odors often generate from food particles, drinks, Cigarette butts and ash as well as accumulated dirt within your car. These air fresheners are the best at getting rid of these pungent scents while still filling your car with a nice scent.

These air fresheners are also recommended as they work well in eliminating germs and other infectious bacteria that you may consume while breathing.

The chemicals in your air freshener 

Some air fresheners and perfumes are formulated by mixing up a ton of harsh chemicals. Such products could smell really nice, giving you your most desired result, however, they must be avoided.

Exposing yourself to such harmful chemicals could cause serious skin and respiratory issues. Such products are also harmful to the environment and could easily start a fire. It is best to pick out a chemical-free air fragrance.

Another option is to choose a freshener with minimal chemicals that could not cause harm to you or your surrounding environment. However, a simple organic air freshener is most preferable.

Does it Kills germs

The more efficient more quality fresheners work by killing germs that have accumulated and stayed in your car for too long. These types of air fresheners contain properties and certain features that allow them to kill germs from the corners of your car that you may not have been able to access while cleaning.

With the help of the purification system, this feature also kills the germs in your ventilation system and gets rid of the nasty odors that the germs could have been causing. This feature really improves your ventilation system and maintains a nice fragrance in your car.

A long-lasting durable air freshener

It could be easy to find out the right air freshener for your car, however, is your product long-lasting? Most air fresheners have the expected life span placed on a sticker or label on the air freshener or it could be stated on the operation manual that it comes with.

It is best if you purchase a long-lasting air freshener. Some fresheners last for a very long time, continuously circulating a nice and fresh aura for a very long time. This will save you from the continuous hassle of having to purchase the freshener after every few weeks.

It is also such a wise choice to purchase a freshener that you can refill. This really helps you save a lot of money that would be spent purchasing a new freshener.

The choice of fragrance 

This is obviously one of the first choices that you have to make when picking out your car air freshener. You need to ensure that you choose a scent that you are really comfortable with.

A really strong over-powering scent could end up irritating you. Everyone is different and some people may really enjoy a fun fruity fragrance while others may prefer a smooth strong and classy fragrance.

It is also important to remember, that you will definitely be having passengers riding in your car with you and the air freshener that you choose should not irritate your passengers or cause problems with those who are sensitive and suffer from allergic reactions. A natural car air freshener is the most ideal choice.

Where would you like to place your car air freshener?

A lot of drivers do not like to feel distracted or irritated by the position of the air freshener. This is why it is so important to consider the point at which you’d like to place your air freshener.

The dashboard, under your seat and hanging from the rear-view mirror of your car are all very popular choices. It is important to note that the point you choose to keep your freshener will also depend on the size and design of your freshener.

Some fresheners are designed with vent clips allowing you to easily place it in the car air vent. Putting some thought into the best place to position your air freshener can really help get rid of the nasty smells and smoke scents maintaining a nice fragrance in your car’s interior.

A freshener that is easy to use and install

Nobody wants to spend an extended period of time installing an air freshener. The easier it is the better. In case, it is your first time installing a certain kind of freshener, you can refer to the instruction manual of the freshener, or do some research on it.

It is also advisable to ask an expert to install the freshener for you. There have been numerous cases of people destroying their air vents and damaging some of their accessories while trying to install a freshener on their own. The air freshener must also be very easy to use without any kind of complication.

Air Freshener FAQ’s

What is a Car air freshener?

A car air freshener is a product designed to eliminate nasty odors from your car. If left to accumulate, these odors would definitely make the car ride so uncomfortable. The fresheners refresh the surrounding atmosphere creating a more suitable environment for the drivers and the passengers as well.

How can I pick the best car air freshener for my luxury car?

The truth is, everybody is different and what someone may consider the best air freshener for their car could be considered nasty by somebody else. Everybody has their own personal preference, however, there are a number of factors that must be put into consideration.

You should choose a freshener that will last long or a freshener that you can refill to help you save on your money. You should consider the size of your freshener to determine the best place you can put your car air freshener. You may prefer a gel air freshener to a cardboard air freshener or a spray freshener.

Are there any household products that you can use to completely eliminate foul odors from your car?

You can easily get rid of nasty smells from the comfort of your own home. First, you will need to clean out all of the rubbish from your car’s interior. You need to pick up every small particle and vacuuming your car’s interior is also a good option.

With a bucket of clean water, it is necessary to clean the plastic, leather and vinyl surfaces of your car. That means that you should clean the doors, the steering wheel and the dashboard as well, the console and any other surface with fabric in your car’s interior.

This cleaning routine of practiced regularly can completely eliminate foul odors from your car. However, to gain that nice smooth and classic smell in your car, it is best if you purchased a car air freshener.


When you invite passengers into your luxurious vehicle, they not only notice the nice and fancy interior. They also notice the sweet fragrance blanketing the interior of your car.

If your car smells good, many will be impressed, however, if your car has a strong nasty smell, the fact that you own a luxurious car will not even matter. All anyone will be able to focus on is the irritating smell in your luxurious car.

With the choices listed above, it will become so much easier to zero in on an ideal freshener for your car. In our opinion, the Yankee Candle Car Jar is one of the best products that you can use. It is of high-quality and adds an elegant smell to your luxurious vehicle.