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Searching for the most ideal car air fragrance or perfume can be a sturdy task, especially for cigarette smokers. A number of smokers have this misconception that if you simply spray deodorant or any standard type of air freshener into the car’s interior the scent of cigarette smoke would simply be eliminated.

However, so many smokers have found themselves in difficult situations where no matter how much they try, the cigarette scent just won’t budge.

If the cigarette smell is enclosed in your vehicle for a lengthy period of time, it could become such a strong and irritating scent, especially for non-smokers. For occasional smokers, the strong cigarette smell is more like an ordinary scent in their vehicle, but for a non-smoker and children, the scent could be exasperating.

If the inside of your vehicle has been exposed to cigarette smoke for a couple of years, it could take a lot to get rid of that smoke scent. Leaving your windows wide open or turning on the air conditioner will not necessarily get rid of the smell.

Occasionally spraying the car with ordinary perfumes and fresheners will just make the smoke odor mix up with the fresh scent and in time it will smell nasty.

Given the significance of a nice car scent, it is important to pick out the best fragrance for your ride. The market is filled with a ton of brands with various scents that are both artificial and natural.

You get to choose according to your preferred taste, making sure the fragrance that you have selected pleases you and does not irritate any of the passengers in your ride.

In this article, we will go over the best car air fresheners for smokers. By using the best car freshener all unpleasant scents will be eliminated from the cabin of your car, allowing you to have a more comfortable ride.

Best Car Air Freshener for Smokers

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My Shaldan Orange Car Air Freshener

My Shaldan Air Freshener Orange Scent (D41OR) - QTY. 6 Cans
  • Fits in most standard size cup holders in your cars / trucks...
  • Refreshing citrus smell extracted from natural fruits like...
  • Best seller oil based limonene formula gel
  • Scent last up to 8 weeks / per can
  • JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Genuine Product. Formulated...

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My Shaldan is originally from Japan and has been in the market for ages. The car air freshener contains natural citrus fruit extracts such as Lemons, oranges and lime and is formulated using a special cold-pressing technique. The freshener scent is extracted from the oil that is derived from the peel of the fruits releasing a sweet citrusy scent.

The main citrus ingredients are known to have various effective health benefits. It is a mind and body healer reducing stress, blood pressure levels, nervousness and tension. It encourages creative thinking and treats depression.

Research has also proven that the fresh scent also fights lethargy and fatigue. An active and attentive mind will ensure that you drive safely, reducing accidents and saving lives.

The freshener is all-natural meaning that it does not contain any chemical additives. The car freshener is very affordable and can last up to 2 months.

Key Features

  • It is an air freshener originally from Japan
  • It has a refreshing citrus smell
  • The scent is long-lasting


  • It can fit in the most normal size cup holder in your automobile and it can also be used in bathrooms, offices, storage rooms and even in your home.
  • Does not contain any chemical additives meaning it is not hazardous to your health or the surrounding environment.
  • It is very cost-effective

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Ozium car air freshener

Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator Gel. Home, Office and Car Air...
  • Place in a small place that has a fragrance that really does...
  • Use the twist top for scent level control
  • Consistently provides on going odor elimination - works...
  • Country of Origin : United States

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This Ozium car air fresheners have always ensured that drivers enjoy their car rides with a pleasant scent in their cars. A number of other car fresheners simply try to get rid of the cigarette scent by masking the smell.

The smoke and eliminator gel, however, is formulated with a unique kind of technology, This technology allows the fragrance to get rid of the particles that cause the smoke odor instead of just masking over it.

The car freshener does not contain any harsh chemicals. It eliminates airborne bacteria, sanitizing the air around you. Ozium smoke and eliminator gel come in a variety of scents giving you the freedom to choose your most preferable fragrance.

It is designed with a twist top control allowing you to control the level of the fragrance released in your car. This decreases wastage and having too much of the scent in your car. You can also purchase a spray model of the air freshener.

Key Features

  • Completely gets rid of odors and smoke allowing the car to smell fresh at all times.
  • The Ozium car air freshener comes in a large variety of different fragrances
  • The freshener completely eliminates the smoke odor-causing enzymes in under 24 hours


  • It is very affordable and will not heavily impact your finances
  • The gel freshener has a very compact design allowing you to easily place it under your car seat or any other small space
  • The freshener does not contain any harsh chemicals and cleans the air that you inhale.

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Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

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There are a number of individuals who will insist that, when it comes to the smell of your car, the best smell is no smell at all. So many drivers have tried to achieve that by leaving the windows open all night or keeping the air conditioner running at all times. The only easy and fast way to attain this is by using the Moso natural air purifying bag.

In the early years, the only way to get rid of harmful impurities, bacteria and odor in the air was with the use of charcoal. This can also be achieved today by using the Moso bamboo charcoal.

The bamboo charcoal is packed in a jute receptacle or bag and is used to preserve a fresh, odor-less environment. The charcoal also eliminates smoke smells and harmful allergy-causing bacteria in the air. The coal also absorbs excessive amounts of moisture in the air so that bacteria does not grow inside your car.

The freshener is natural and does not contain any additional toxins or chemicals. It does not emit any extra fragrance to the vehicle and it lasts for a very long time. The freshener is designed in different compatible sizes allowing you to easily place it in small spaces next to the gearbox and under your car seats.

Key Features

  • Made of 100% bamboo charcoal
  • It has no fragrant at all
  • Keeps the air around fresh and odor-less


  • It is not toxic at all and does not contain any chemicals
  • Prevents mold, mildew and bacteria from growing
  • It is very convenient and long-lasting

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Smoke Odor Exterminator Spray and Air Freshener

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The smoke odor exterminator is uniquely formulated with enzymes that attack and eliminate particles causing smoke odors. The air freshener is amazing at getting rid of strong, pungent cigar and cigarette scents. The freshener is available in 41 different scents giving you a wide variety of different delicious fragrances to choose from.

The freshener is great and can be used in any place where there is an undesirable smoke odor. It can be used in vehicles, rooms, hotels and even small spaces like your locker.

Just after having a smoke you can use the freshener and spray it around the surrounding environment. It gets rid of the smoke odor while smelling amazing. The product is fairly priced and it is very effective.

Key features

  • It is an enzyme formulated spray
  • It is available in so many lovely fragrances
  • Is great for many areas with a strong smoke scent like rooms and lockers


  • Eliminates smoke-smelling enzymes while still smelling so great
  • Works very well in eliminating strong cigar, tobacco and cigarette
  • Each fragrance is very appealing

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Febreze Hawaiian Aloha Car Vent Clip Air Freshener

Febreze Hawaiian Aloha Car Vent Clip Air Freshener, 0.06 oz, 4...
  • 4 Clips - 0.06 fl. oz.
  • Lasts up to 30 days
  • Eliminates tough odors
  • Select your level of intensity to control how much scent is...
  • Features: Concentrated,Eliminates...

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For years the Febreze company has been producing a number of amazing air freshener and spray products. The Hawaiian aloha air freshener, however, is quite special and unique. It is simply attached to the vehicle’s air vent and it begins to emit a fresh fragrance.

Unlike a number of air fresheners, Febreze does not musk the cigarette scent, instead, it eliminates the smell, filling the environment around with a nice fresh smell. To activate the scent, you need to hold the clip tightly and firmly push it until you hear a click sound.

This will indicate that it is in place. After that, you can place the freshener to the car vent. You can control the fragrance by adjusting the level of intensity choosing how much of the freshness scent that you would like to be released.

The Febreze Hawaiian Aloha Car Freshener does not contain any harmful chemicals and can last up to 30 days. Users can choose to refill the freshener or purchase a new air freshener.

Key Features

  • The fragrance is quite light, fresh and appealing
  • It has vent clips allowing you to easily attach it to your car vent and even on the window in your home.
  • Easily masks away cigarette odors.


  • It does not contain any additional chemicals or flammable properties
  • It is long-lasting
  • You can easily refill the freshener which is great because you get to save some money.

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Types of car air fresheners

The market is saturated with different types of air fresheners, however, in this article we will focus mainly on the best types of air fresheners that will successfully eliminate the strong smell of cigarettes.

Electric Air Freshener

The electric air freshener is definitely one of the best solutions when it comes to finding a way to eliminate that musty cigarette smell. They work by transmitting electric fields to the surrounding environment, in this case, your car. The electric fields trap impurities in the air such as dust and smoke. The impurities are ionized. This leaves the air around you cleaner and fresher.


The spray kind of air freshener is actually the most commonly used type. The freshener is in a liquid-gaseous state and it is so easy to use.

Sticky Gel

These air fresheners are formulated in a solid oily and sticky state. The fragrance of the freshener is maintained in the gel making it last longer than your ordinary spray type of air freshener.

The gel simply sticks onto any leather surface or any fabric in the car. You can also place it on the dashboard, or the console of the car. The gel effectively gets rid of smoke scents restoring the fragrance of your choice to your car.

Mechanical Air Filters

Smokers are often surrounded by invincible smoke particles in the air that you can’t see with the naked eye. This exposes them and those around them to allergies and other irritations.

The mechanical air filters contain a thin layer of charcoal that acts as a filter. The charcoal cleans and purifies the surrounding air, eliminating the smoke odor as well.

What factors should you consider when purchasing the best car freshener

When it comes to choosing the most ideal scent for your ride, you must never settle for anything less than the best. There is a bevy of car air fresheners that vary according to flavors, permanence, type and strength.

The truth is, everyone is different and what someone may consider a sweet-smelling fragrance could be considered such a bad smell by someone else. Everyone has their own preference, however, while shopping for an air freshener there are a number of things everyone must consider.

The choice of fragrance

This is definitely one of the first choices that you have to make when purchasing your car air freshener. You must purchase something that you are truly comfortable with.

Make sure that you do not settle for a scent that is too strong or an air freshener that could give you an allergic reaction. Some individuals really enjoy a smooth and fruity scent while others prefer a stronger fragrance.

While purchasing a car freshener it is also important to ensure that the scent will be pleasing to your passengers too. As we all know, strong cigarette scents are irritating and can cause problems especially to those who don’t smoke at all.

Therefore, it is important to consider others and choose a fragrance that would be best for all. A natural car air freshener is a nice common choice.

The longevity and durability of your car air freshener

Before purchasing your car air freshener, it is okay to find out how long you would like the scent to last in your car. Some air fresheners last very long continuously circulating a fresh aura for an extended period of time, while other fresheners are not durable and you may have to keep purchasing the product over and over again.

Where would you like to keep your car air fresheners

A strong cigarette scent in your car is not necessarily inviting and regular smokers would prefer to have the small and portable air fresheners that can be easily accessed.

Some car air fresheners are easily placed on the dashboard console of the car, in small spaces under the car seats while other fresheners can be installed into the car vent. Placing your car air freshener in a proper position can help eliminate the smoke scent and maintain a fresh fragrance in your car’s interior.

Is your car air freshener safe to you and the environment?

Health and safety is a very important factor to consider when choosing your car air freshener. Before you make a purchase make sure that you have checked out the ingredients and read the instructions as well.

This is a vital factor to consider to protect you and your passengers from anything that could cause an allergic reaction and to protect the environment from any harmful substance. Smokers must also ensure that the product is not flammable so that they can light a cigarette without the possibility of starting a fire.

Be seasonal

If you are the type of person who looks forward to every different season with so much excitement, switching your car air fresheners could just add to the excitement.

There are a ton of different fragrances to choose from that could really get you in the mood. Something fresh and smooth in the summer could give you that cool beachy feeling, while a warm soothing scent is perfect for spring.

The size of your car

Almost everyone all over the world overlooks this factor however it is actually a very vital component that must be considered when purchasing an air freshener for your car.

To achieve a durable long-lasting result, you should purchase an air freshener that will rationalize with the size of your ride. Really big trucks and cars could benefit from a can style air freshener while a simple gel air freshener would do the trick in a smaller car.

To really musk and eliminate the smell of cigarettes from your car you should buy an air freshener that will complement the car and you should be able to control the intensity of the scent

The amount of money that you are willing to spend on the car air freshener

There are a number of different car air fresheners. Some are really expensive while others are pocket-friendly. Many people purchase air fresheners without researching or creating a budget. It is important to know that the market is also filled with a number of conmen and women who prey on unsuspecting customers.

There have been cases of individuals who have continuously paid a lot of money for air fresheners that are sold at a cheaper price. Researching on your product and creating a budget is a vital step that must not be overlooked.

Choose a car air freshener and not a perfume.

A number of air fresheners are formulated with enzymes that completely eliminate cigarettes smells while still providing a fresh smooth fragrance. Perfumes, on‌ ‌the‌ ‌other‌ ‌hand, cannot necessarily get rid of cigarette smelling properties.

They can only musk the smell of smoke and in some cases, the perfume fragrance will simply mix with the smoky cigarette scent leaving a whole new nasty smell in your car. Purchase a nice air freshener that will allow you to enjoy your ride and be very mindful of car perfume products.


Are air fresheners good for your vehicle?

Car air fresheners have been used for decades and so many car owners all around the world have a freshener in their car. Car air fresheners are created to keep the car smelling good and fresh allowing the driver and the passengers to enjoy the ride.

They are really good for the car, getting rid of nasty repelling scents and restoring a fresh fragrance into the interior car. Regular cigarette smokers should always consider purchasing a good air freshener. If your car has been exposed to smoke scents for a long period of time then a good air freshener is just what your ride needs.

Can you make your own car air freshener?

You can make different kinds of air fresheners from the comfort of your own home. Buying a freshener from the shop is such a simple task, but creating your own freshener can be exciting and so satisfying.

You can formulate an oil air freshener, and herb air freshener using different tools like discs, essential oils, fresh herbs of your choice, scissors, a needle and a thread. You will need to decide what shape you would like your freshener to have and the intensity of the fragrance that you will create for your freshener.

How long can the fragrance of a car air freshener products last?

All car air freshener products are formulated differently. Some are designed with enzymes and properties that make them durable allowing them to last for months while others last for just a few weeks.

The amount of time the fragrance will last in your vehicle will depend on the freshener that you have purchased. Almost all fresheners come with directions that will indicate how durable the product is and how long it will last.

You can also maintain the sweet fragrance for a longer period of time by simply cleaning out your car’s interior a bit more. Wiping down the inside of your vehicle while getting rid of ash and cigarette buts will help you maintain a nice scent for a longer time.


If you have been dealing with a pungent cigarette odor in your ride, the products mentioned above will definitely help in doing away with that smell. In our opinion, the Smoke Odor Exterminator Spray and Air Freshener is the best kind of air freshener that will definitely invite compliments from your passengers and will have you enjoying your car experience.