Best 0w 20 synthetic oil


For maximum engine performance and protection, synthetic oils are without a doubt your go-to. However, taking extreme weather conditions into account, you need oils that will rise to the occasion and 0w-20 synthetic oils have done just that.

Lubrication is the reason why you are able to cover several miles without any hustle; it’s the heart of the engine. Take this out and your car will barely make it for an hour on the road.

Picking the right type of engine oil is therefore important. With so many brands out in the market, we have chosen to narrow it down to the most recommended oil by automotive manufacturers. That is the 0w-20.

We will look at the best 0w-20 synthetic oils you need to be on the look-out for. But, before we do that let’s have a brief introduction as well as a comparison table.

Comparison Table for the best 0w 20 synthetic oils

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Best 0w 20 synthetic oil

There are so many brands out there that can make the process of finding the right oil brand for your engine, can be pain tasking. There are different factors to consider such as weather conditions, wear and tear and not to mention the different codes on these products.

The 0w-20 code among others, can be a bit confusing to understand but basically this code denotes the oil viscosity classification by the Society of Automotive Engineering i.e. SAE.

The ‘w’ in the code denotes winter certification. It is therefore the ability of the oil to flow at really low temperatures i.e. 0°F. The 20 on the other hand, shows the viscosity of the oil at high temperatures. Lower numbers indicate that the oils viscosity is great under extreme temperatures.

Now that we have the code figured out, let’s get into some of the best 0w-20 synthetic oils currently in our markets.

Pennzoil Ultra-Platinum Full Synthetic Oil

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full...
  • Full synthetic 5W-30 engine oil made from natural gas, not...
  • No other leading motor oil provides better wear protection...
  • Helps protect engines from loss of power and provides better...

If you decide to settle on the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum, then you’ll be making the right decision because it provides sufficient lubrication ensuring that your engine functions properly with no friction. It gets really in there and covers all the engine parts to ensure that they run clean and smoothly. You won’t have to endure any of that annoying noise.

It uses its patented Pure Plus Technology in converting pure natural gas to high quality synthetic oils. It also contains some quality additives and added to that technology, you are guaranteed to have high performance.

The Pennzoil synthetic oil has a low viscosity that remains constant under low temperature conditions and also works great in higher temperatures. This means that your engine won’t need too much effort while pumping oil. Faster low temperature oil flows protect engines from extreme temperatures.

In addition to that, it comes with an amazing design for the carrying can with two carrying handles that make it easy for mobility and so is the pouring of oil.


  • Pure Plus Technology that is patented
  • Sludge protection
  • Stability under extreme conditions
  • Covers all engine parts for maximum friction protection
  • Prevent loss of viscosity as well as thermal breakdown
  • Clean, high performing engine
  • Easy design for carrying around


  • Less mileage compared with competitors

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Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic Oil

SinoTrack GPS Tracker for...
  • 【Customer Service】With 30 days no-questions-asked return...
  • 【Immediate Alerts】Real-time online GPS tracker for...
  • 【Plug-in and USE】SinoTrack car GPS tracker device build...

This product is manufactured in America and comes packed with an advanced full synthetic formula which enables prevention of sludge and deposits build-up. This is a great advantage because it prolongs your engine life.

This oil caters to all driving styles as the lubrication offered reduces friction immensely and added to the wear protection, it is definitely a favorite among many. It also comes with an outstanding oxidation and thermal stability that will make sure you get the optimal use of your engine.

The 0w-20 viscosity rating means that if you use the Mobil 1 engine oil, then you won’t have trouble starting your car during cold temperatures as is the case with many cars during winter.

You can use Mobil 1 synthetic in most engines such as light vans and turbocharged among others, and gives you not only good fuel economy but also saves you cash during purchase.


  • Long lasting protection
  • Quick cold start capabilities
  • Prolongs engine life
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Protection against wear and friction
  • Great viscosity


  • Not for aviation engines or two cycle engines

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Royal Purple High Performance Synthetic Oil

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full...
  • Full synthetic 5W-30 engine oil made from natural gas, not...
  • No other leading motor oil provides better wear protection...
  • Helps protect engines from loss of power and provides better...

Royal Purple is a brand known for its high performing capabilities and it made a name for itself in the car racing industry. Car racers are all about great performances and we therefore expect Royal Purple to have a few things right when it comes down to performance under extreme conditions.

This oil has been made in a way that ensures no loss in lubrication and it creates a nice layer that covers the engine parts making sure that they protected. It also protects your engine from any metal on metal contact as well as protection from any corrosion especially in cold weathers where the engine is likely to come into contact with water.

For maximum engine protection, it uses a specific heavy duty formula which ensures your engine runs smoothly while at the same time improving compatibility. This is especially good because it is able to use ethanol with fuel.  So this oil is quite versatile in that is compatible with both ethanol-based fuels and diesel engines as well.

Generally Royal Purple guarantees to offer peak performance whether you’re driving to the grocery store or hitting the race tracks and it is keen to do so while improving the fuel efficiency.

Before buying this oil, make sure you confirm that it is indeed compatible with your engine.


  • Retain lubrication in all temperature conditions
  • Corrosion protection
  • Protection against wear
  • Compatibility with ethanol-based fuels
  • Impressive mileage


  • Not compatible with some engines

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Valvoline Synpower Full Synthetic Motor Oil (0W-20)

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full...
  • Full synthetic 5W-30 engine oil made from natural gas, not...
  • No other leading motor oil provides better wear protection...
  • Helps protect engines from loss of power and provides better...

With Valvoline Synpower oil, it ensures that your engine gets outstanding performance gains since it is fully synthetic. With overall engine performance, better fuel efficiency is guaranteed as the engine is not struggling to do its duty.

It also adds professional lubrication to your engine and during extreme temperatures, the oil delivers as it remains constant. It doesn’t have a tendency to thin out during high temperatures and doesn’t stop on low engine temperatures ensuring that protection of your engine is never compromised.

What sets the Valvoline apart from other oils is its high tech formulations as well as balancing. The two properties combined and you get incredible mileage. The additives used in this motor oil have an anti-wear formula responsible for providing your car with smoother drivers which again contributes to the already great mileage.

It is affordable and will work well even with supercharged engines.


  • Works well in extreme weather conditions
  • Improved Sludge and varnish protection
  • Anti-wear additives for smooth driving
  • Cleans engine
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Great mileage
  • Compatible with turbocharged and supercharged engines


  • Canister is not user-friendly

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Castrol EDGE Advanced Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 03084 EDGE 5W-30...
  • For best performance, follow the manufacturer's...
  • Advanced premium full synthetic motor oil to offer strength...
  • Titanium strong for maximum engine performance

Modern engines have a tendency to exert great forces on some components and this is to mean the oil used has to be able to withstand such pressure when exposed to harsh environments. It also helps to note that is oil is from a reputable brand and comes highly recommended by manufacturers. The reviews have been overwhelming for this oil.

The Castrol EDGE synthetic oil responds to this pressure in using the Titanium Fluid Technology in order to ensure that the 0w-20 viscosity remains constant and in peak condition throughout. The viscosity works well in low temperatures during the cold start as well as during high temperatures.

Improved viscosity will protect your engine against wear as well as the oxidation prolonging your engine life. The reason why it stands out from other synthetic oils is that it reduces engine deposits by up to 42%.

It offers great mileage since it’s a full synthetic oil giving you great engine performance. Lubrication is definitely a plus since it allows your car to drive smoothly by reducing the metal to metal contact and it retains a clean engine.


  • Efficient
  • Ability to withstand great pressure
  • Great lubrication
  • Reduces engine deposits by up to 42%
  • Patented Castrol Titanium Fluid Technology
  • Affordable


  • Poor visible view window
  • Some report that it’s not the best for engine cold start

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Mag 1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

MAG1 61790-pk6 Full Synthetic...
  • For best performance, follow the manufacturer's...

Choosing Mag 1 will leave you with a smooth running engine because of its complete synthetic formulation. State of the art technology is also used for quality product production. It has great lubrication which ensures that the engine parts last longer due to reduced wear and friction.

When tested under extreme conditions this synthetic oil has proven itself by retaining consistency and capability. It does not thin, thicken nor does it oxidize and this is thanks to the oil being 100 percent synthetic with no petroleum additives.

With Mag 1, your engine will run without any issues and this oil is one of the few best in the market right now that you can fully rely on for years and years to come.


  • 100% pure synthetic
  • Reduce sludge to almost zero
  • Great viscosity under adverse conditions
  • Anti-wear additives
  • Improved mileage
  • Engine performance maximization
  • Great lubrication


  • None

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Liquimoly Special Tech Motor Oil (0W-20)

Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special...
  • For best performance, follow the manufacturer's...

This motor oil is made in Germany and is compatible with a wide variety of vehicles and is especially ideal for US and Japanese engines that are modern. As a result of this, it is rated under the America Petroleum Institute(API) as well as the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee(ILSAC).

From Lamborghini, Maserati to Honda this great oil is sure to improve handling and performance in your car

The oil is engineered with a heavy duty formulation that allows you to stay a while before you have to change it.

This is a purely synthetic oil that when combined with premium additives, improves its engine protection against wear due to the great lubrication thus prolonging efficiency. Added to this, the engine is always clean and clear even after use over long periods of time.

There’s also an added protection against corrosion due to its highly effective lubrication.

LIquimoly maintains the engine efficiency as well as fuel consumptions due to the engine working in peak performance. Similar to other 0w-20 oils, it works well all year round regardless of whether it’s summer or winter.

While it may cost you more than other brands, most people say that the extra fees are well worth it considering its durability. The extra cost is attributed to the fact that the oil comes from overseas.


  • Clean Engine
  • Durable
  • Ideal for Japanese and American engines
  • Ideal for a variety of cars
  • Full synthetic with premium additives
  • Great engine performance as well as MPG i.e. miles per gallon

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Here’s a buyer’s guide to help you narrow down your decision to a specific motor oil:

Buyers Guide for the Best 0w 20 synthetic oil

Look at the recommended oil for your car

Every car comes with its own oil specifications and it’s therefore crucial that you select the right one. Whether or not you’re driving on gas or ethanol blends, you will have to read your user’s manual to see what’s recommended.

Using oil that isn’t specified for your car can be catastrophic to say the lease. It could damage your engine, eventually killing it. This is because the oil comes in different formula combinations that have been engineered to cater to certain engines. Mix this with a wrong engine and all possibly horrible things, will happen.

Oil Type

The types of oils in the market can be a bit overwhelming but here are some of the classifications:

Conventional oil

These are oils found in most of the cars on the roads today. They are oils which haven’t gone through a thorough distilling process.

Synthetic blend oil

Synthetic blends are a combination of synthetic and conventional oils and is mostly used in heavy duty vehicles for protection

Full synthetic oil

Full synthetic oils offer better performance and benefits than conventional oils. They also have the heist protection and they are more durable.

Full Synthetic oil is as the name suggests; it is usually pure with additives that are free from any petroleum products. Some oils like the Mag 1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil are 100% synthetic.

High mileage oil

These oils are formulated to offer extended protection and can have mileage of close to 75,000 miles before one goes in for a change.

Understanding viscosity codes

Understanding viscosity levels will be of you use to you due to the different seasons experienced annually. Our focus on this article has been on the 0w-20 synthetic oil. The codes basically indicate the oils ability to withstand really high temperatures as well as really low ones. And this ability is achieved by the viscosity levels.

We had explained earlier what the W stands for i.e. winter; and so the number before denotes the oil’s viscosity at 0°F. The numbers after denote the oil’s viscosity at 100°C.

In more understandable terms, when you have a lower first number, this is an indication that that particular oil thickens less in cold temperatures than oils with a higher first number. For example, 0w-20 oils with thicken less in cold temperatures than 10w-30 oils.

Similarly, when you have a lower second number, this shows that the oil will thin out faster during high temperatures than oils with a higher second number. For example, a 5w-30 oil will thin out faster than the 5w-40 oil during high temperatures.

Viscosity on the other hand is the level of degree that oil has to be able to resist thinning. Thinning of the oil is caused by high temperatures while thickening of the oil is caused by lower temperatures. Good oil should have great withstanding power of the varying weather conditions and should be able to run for many miles without breaking.

Additives are a great way of stabilizing the oil so that it reduces the fluctuations.


Additives are added in the oils to maximize on the benefits of the oil. These additives vary depending on the function they will be bringing to the oil. We have anti-wear additives which protect the engine against wear, additives responsible for the improvement of viscosity, antioxidants to prevent oxidation during cold weathers, foam inhibitors that keep the oil from foaming, among others.

Detergents are also added to the oils and their main purpose is to keep the engine clean by getting rid of any soot or engine deposits.

Oil labelling

Don’t just buy any oil that you found on the market. Make sure you look out for certifications before you purchase rat kill for your engine. Certified motor oil will have a donut on the right side which is an indication of API and SAE viscosity rating.

Another label you’re probably to find is the starburst symbol which is an indicator that the oil has passed SL test services.


We went around looked at what many people are asking with relation to the synthetic oils and we came up with a few Q’s and A’s to try and get you the answers.

Is 0w-20 always synthetic?

No, not always as some of them are a combination of synthetic and conventional oil.

Can I use 0w-20 oil instead of 5w-20?

First things first, check your recommended viscosity rating and stick to that as we do not recommend switching to something else.

Lastly, while these two ratings may seem similar there is a difference when it comes to thinning and the 0w-20 is a bit thinner than the 5w and it therefore does less damage on your engine.

This is the case in lower temperatures. While neither of the two are exceptional when it comes to proper oil flow during winters, the 0w is slightly better. If you’re currently using the 0w-20, then we don’t see the point in switching.

How often do I need an oil change when using synthetic oil?

There is no definite answer to this as it varies from car to car as it is dependent on your driving. For instance, if you use your car for light errands such as going to the mall, you will require fewer oil changes than if you were hauling heavy loads from one state to another.

However, there’s a general rule in the auto world to check your oil after every 3,000 to 5,000 miles but get in the habit of always checking your oil every month just to be on the safe side.

Some manufacturers have specific recommendations in their user manual. For example, Toyota have some cars whose oil change recommendation has been approved for every oil changes every 10,000 miles when using the 0w-20 synthetic oil.

Is synthetic oil better for high mileage cars?

Yes, it is and the reasons for our answer are discussed in this article. With cars that have a lot of miles on them, synthetic oils are ideal because they offer more engine protection against wear and friction. The closer you are to 100,000 miles, the more you should consider making the shift to synthetic oils. Synthetic oils will enable your engine to withstand severe conditions under whichever extreme conditions you’re faced with.


As we wrap up, we hope that this article has helped you narrow down which of the best 0w-20 synthetic oils discussed above, you need for your engine.

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