6 Reasons why you should consider buying a black car

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I have always inexplicably loved black cars. I grew up in the countryside, in a small town. Cars were few and far between. Most of the cars were old, bright colored and battered. More handy than fancy, to transport sick pigs and goats in. The children just walked everywhere or rode their equally battered bicycles.

The only black cars I ever saw belonged to the funeral home owner. The hearse and the black limo he rode in personally. These two black cars were fascinating machines. I was constantly mesmerized. I felt really guilty waiting for the next death to happen. Anything to watch the black, majestic and beautiful beasts roll down the main country road with a poor dead guy enjoying the ride from the back. Almost envied the dead guy in my foolishness.

My fascination grew even worse or shall we say better, when I moved to a big city. I discovered that black cars are not a reserve of funeral parlor owners. I haven’t owned another color of a car since. I must say I have been through quite a lot of them by the time I got through my forty-five years. I like to try and convert everyone around me into a lover of black cars so in not too many words, I will tell you why you should consider owning a black car.

Power in Black.

Do you know that feeling you get when the president’s motorcade of black cars cruises past you? When a man in a black well-fitting suit steps out of his shiny black car and puts on a pair of black sunglasses? That, my friend, is you feeling the aura of power overcome your soul. Black cars have an incredibly powerful look especially if they are luxury cars. Mafia bosses, politicians, drug lords, business moguls all have a high affinity towards black cars. Because of the power they exude.

Black is intimidating, a black car trying to run you off the road will probably succeed because it truly is an intimidating color. Power is the word. If you are trying to win the respect and confidence of a new girl, client, business rivals or political allies, then black must be your color of choice. Your black car is winning that show for you before it even begins.

The Mystery in the Black Car.

Sometime back, after I moved away from the countryside, I lived in a small quiet town where everyone seemed to know everyone else. All of a suddenly, a black car showed up in the neighborhood and would be packed in the same spot every night. Everyone was having riddle nights trying to figure out who the owner was, what he looked like and what he did. I never got to find out but just like it showed up, one day it vanished. I still wonder who the owner of that beautiful black car was and what he/she was doing in the neighbourhood.

Just like the black of the night, a black car is riddled with mystery. Almost intimidating and reassuring at the same time. It gives away no hint of its owner’s personality. Whether owned by a mafia boss, hot celebrity or successful Wall Street broker, it will be a hard guess to make. The day I drove up to a family gathering in my first black car, second-hand, shiny and freshly waxed, everyone assumed success had finally come my way while I was actually still wallowing in merciless poverty. Keep them guessing about what and who is behind that wheel with tinted windows.

Beauty of the Black Beast.

I never met anyone who did not like beautiful things. Beautiful girls, beautiful clothes, beautiful jewelry beautiful houses and everything that is easy on the eye. Sure, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but sometimes everyone is the beholder. Black cars turn everyone into the beholder and have you getting attention from quarters you did not even imagine.

Black cars are the true definition of beautiful cars. Black is excellent for highlighting curves and contours, making your car look like a perfect piece of art. Ever seen a woman in a black figure hugging dress? Seen what dressing in black does to women’s bodies? Black cars give off the same vibes.

Besides beauty, it gives the car a luxurious look. I mean, you sure will not mind when your peers believe that you drive a luxury car, right? No matter how bad your fashion sense gets, your beautiful black will make you look awesome. No way to sugar coat this but, a black car is a gorgeous car.

Seductive and Sexy Black

I doubt anyone will refute this one; a black car will seduce you in ways you could not simply explain. The minute you get behind a black car’s wheel, the big, sexy cat in you comes alive, instantly. The minute I get behind my wheel, I turn into this sexy monster nobody can resist. Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little bit, but you get what I mean, right?

The first time a movie star came to visit my very small town; he rolled up in a black limo. I don’t even remember his name, one of the old stars of the nineties. Probably wasn’t even a movie star. But the black car he came in, I will never forget that. It made me fall madly “in love”, not sure if with him or with the car. The majesty of that car is forever etched in my mind, up to today.

Seriously though, black cars are overly appealing. They exude extreme sensuality that calls out to you and you have no options except comply and get right inside that beautiful beast. Why do you think movie stars use black luxury cars in their fancy events? Stepping out of a black car makes you look like a super star especially if you are dressed to match.

High Resale Value.

Black cars hold their value in the used car market exceptionally well. However, on this one, you will have to put in extra care in maintaining the car to keep it in good condition. Black cars come third, after silver and white, in maintaining their resale value. I know I will need to sell of my Blackie (it’s what I call him) soon so that I can upgrade to a black and sexier machine. Getting in a high a selling price, close to your buying price is a good thing for you as a car owner.

I keep Blackie squeaky clean, never pass a service day, wash days are holy, wax is our holy grail, interior kept impeccably clean and wheels in perfect condition. What I mean is, I take better care of him than I do myself because I need to get in a tidy sum when he finds a new home. This may not be too soon but I am patient and cocksure of a win when the day comes.

Black Cars Hide in the Dark.

Imagine driving down a dark road, on an extremely dark night, probably with a storm coming? Then you realize there is a car creepily on trailing on you. Try as you may, you can’t shake it off because your car is so bright colored, and blind folks can see it in the dark. Now that is the day all your fears from the horror movies will come true.

Turn that thought around a bit, when the creepy car comes onto your radar, you accelerate and drive off into one of the three roads at the junction and into a thicket. Crazy serial killer can’t see your car and cannot figure out where you went to. See, saved by your car. It would also be extremely easy for one to trail you from a black car in the dark. Not an interesting factor to consider but very true. Private investigators and plain cloth detectives will sit in their black cars in an equally dark spot at night and watch everything and everyone without being noticed. It camouflages in the dark and gives you a safe space to hide in.

Black excellence extends all the way to cars, I have no doubt. A black car will have you on a whole Martin Luther wave where you feel like you could do anything, bring world peace, save the world from hunger, run for president and be better than Obama. I mean you feel like you can do anything! If you are thinking of buying a car, go for black. Take good care of it and let it take even better care of you. Keep it clean; do not miss a day of service because that is where it starts to fall apart, and most important get in a regular wax job. Once you get used to owning a black car, you are not going to try another colour car at any point. Be good to your car then sit back and watch yourself star in your very own reality car show.

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