The Best Tires for Ford Escape

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The Ford Escape brand has actually been referred to as the bread and butter when it comes to comparing different cars in the Ford industry’s lineup. The Ford Escape’s appeal is attractive and really one of a kind.

At the moment this vehicle is most likely the most dynamic when compared to other vehicles in the market. This is a testament to the great functions of the car. With that being said to get the best performance from this vehicle, you definitely need the most ideal tires for your Ford Escape.

The truth is selecting the most ideal Ford Escape tires is not as easy as it seems. The industry is filled with different kinds of models that selecting just one pair of tires that can prove to be an overwhelming task.

That is why we have created this extensive article that will help you pick out the most ideal Ford Escape tires. In this review, you will get the chance to learn everything that you need to know about the Ford Escape tires. We have also highlighted the main features and the advantages making it easier for you to choose the right set.

The Best Tires for Ford Escape

Comparison table

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The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus Tires

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza...
  • Backed By An Up To 80,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty
  • Delivers All-Season Performance
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency (vs. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza)

The Bridgestone Dueler H/L tires are the most preferable when it comes to drivers of the crossover and SUV vehicles. This is because these tires provide users with a very cozy experience.

The quality of the ride is one of a kind and the tires are excellent at easily absorbing impact from both small and huge bumps. In addition, the noise produced from the tires is hardly an issue, even when you are driving at a very high speed.

The Bridgestone Alenza Plus tires continue to impress drivers especially when it comes to comparing the stability and dynamics of the tires. Even when you are cruising at a very high speed the stability and dynamics are still very impressive.

The traction, braking, and grip of the wheels are also very impressive. This is mostly because the tires are designed with a compound that focuses on providing you with a lot of comfort. The wheel also performs perfectly on road surfaces that are wet and also covered in light snow.

The most impressive thing about these wheels is the durability. Drivers are provided with a treadwear warranty of 80,000 miles making the tires one of the most ideal in the category of touring tires.

The Key Features

  • The extended tread life of the tire
  • The amazing traction that works in all weather
  • The specific controllability
  • Treadwear warranty of 80,000 mile
  • Better fuel efficiency

The Pros

  • The comfort and quietness levels are one of a kind
  • One of the best tires when it comes to durability
  • The performance is quite ideal in climatic conditions that are wet and dry
  • The tires perform well on light snow

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The Continental CrossContact LX20 tires with EcoPlus Technology

If you are looking to purchase a set of tires that do not cost a lot of money, however, they still provide you with an amazing R&D experience, then the continental cross-contact tires are exactly what you need.

These tires are one of the most silent touring tires in the market. They are basically inaudible even when you hit the highway. The quality of the ride is amazing, basically at par with the most ideal premium touring tires.

The Continental Cross-Contact tires are designed to provide you with comfort and they also offer drivers a great and engaging driving experience. The responsiveness of the vehicle is one of a kind as well as the stability when you are moving at a very high speed. The stability is still great even when the tires are attached to a more powerful model of the Ford Escape brand.

In addition, the grip, traction, and braking are more than enough especially for an average driver. Just like a majority of the LX20 tires, these tires perform perfectly on road surfaces that are wet. This is especially true when it comes to hydroplaning resistance. The tires also provide you with great traction on road surfaces covered in light snow. A great feature for a tire that is all-season.

The tires are designed with an EcoPlus Technology system. This technology reduces the consumption of fuel as you drive around. This is quite an advantage especially today. Drivers are provided with a treadwear warranty of 70,000 miles.

Key Features

  • The tires are made with EcoPlus technology that enhances the tread wear and the performance of the tire when wet braking.
  • The traction grooves are designed with biting edges
  • The rolling surface is continuous. This improves the vehicle’s response when steering, creating a quiet and smooth ride.
  • Drivers are provided with a warranty of up to 70,000 miles

The Pros

  • The handling of the tires is excellent especially in dry weather conditions
  • The performance of the tires is great on wet road surfaces
  • The ride quality is great
  • The tires are very quiet when driving on the highway
  • The fuel economy is improved

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The Premier LTX Tire from Michelin

The Premier LTX from Michelin is considered the most ideal tire especially when it comes to getting an amazing driving experience with crossover vehicles and SUVs. The responsiveness of other tires is so much better when compared to many other competitors.

The stability of the wheels when the vehicle moves at a high speed is almost like the stability you would be provided with when driving with sporty tires. The traction of the wheels is great as well as the grip. The braking is also quite strong.

The Premier LTX tires perform perfectly on wet road surfaces. This is because of the Rain Grooves that are expanding around the circumference of the tire. The shoulders also have emerging grooves that allow the tire to be stable on wet road surfaces. The tires also perform well on light snow.

Just like a majority of the Michelin tires, the Premier LTX is very quiet and also very comfortable. This is mostly because the tire is designed with a tread compound that is very aggressive, perfect for ensuring great performance. Drivers are provided with a treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles.

Key Features

  • The tires are designed with an EverGrip safety technology that combines a tread compound of high traction.
  • As the tire continues to wear, the rain grooves that expand open up to ensure that the hydroplaning resistance as well as the wet traction have maintained.
  • The tread grooves that emerge are in the tread emerge as the tire continues to wear. This provides you with long-lasting traction.
  • The tread compound is designed with silica providing you with a great grip on wet surfaces.
  • The tread compound is designed with sunflower oil keeping the tire flexible in much colder temperatures
  • Drivers are provided with a warranty of 60,000 miles

The Pros

  • It is the most ideal when it comes to responsiveness
  • The traction and the grip is great especially in dry conditions
  • The traction and grip on wet road surfaces is also quite excellent
  • The tires provide you with a very comfortable and quiet ride.

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Cooper Discoverer SRX

Cooper Discoverer SRX...
  • Treadwear Warranty: 70,000 Miles
  • All-Season Premium Luxury Touring Tire
  • Long tread life and maximizes ride comfort for a wide range...

The Cooper Discoverer SRX is a cheaper option when it comes to selecting premium touring tires. These tires, however, still provide you with a very engaging driving experience that is quite safe. Handling your Ford Escape with this set of tires is so much better than many other tires of the same price.

Drivers are provided with great traction and grip. The braking system of this vehicle is also quite strong. The tire responds well to drive offering you great stability at high-speed. During the rainy weather conditions, the performance is nearly at par with the most ideal premium tires in the market.

In addition, the Cooper SRX tires provide you with a very ideal quality ride, easily absorbing heavy impact when maneuvering over small and big bumps. The tires also do not produce too much noise as you cruise through the highway. This makes it one of the best choices for drivers who need to drive a number of miles with their Ford Escapes.

Drivers who choose the Cooper Discoverer are provided with a treadwear warranty of 75,000 miles for T-Rated vehicles. H-Rated vehicles are provided with a warranty of 70,000 miles. This is great especially if you consider the low cost of the tires.

Key Features

  • The 3-dimensional micro-gauge dimple sipes provide you with a very strong traction
  • The tires make use of Stabiledge technology providing you with improved road feel and precise steering functions
  • The traction grooves of the tire release water from the tread. This eliminates chances of hydroplaning
  • The five-rib tread pattern is optimized allowing for even load distribution, strong handling, and long life.
  • The tires are also designed with a winter edge. This is a unique tread feature that enhances the tire’s grip on the snow.
  • Drivers are provided with a warranty of up to 75,000 miles.

The Pros

  • Performs excellently on both dry and wet road surfaces
  • Drivers are provided with a very comfortable ride even when maneuvering through high bumps
  • The treadwear warranty is 75,000 miles.

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Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus

Pirelli SCORPION VERDE Season...
  • 740 A

At first glance, the Pirelli Scorpion Verde tires do not necessarily seem like the most ideal tires for a Ford Escape, however, wait until you notice how the tires perform. At the moment, the Pirelli Scorpion tires are most likely the most responsive touring tires sold at such an affordable price.

The tires provide drivers with a very engaging ride that is accompanied by high levels of traction and grip, as well as amazing performance when braking. These tires work well on road surfaces covered with water and also light snow.

These tires come with a treadwear warranty of 65,000 miles and are perfect for anyone interested in long road trips. Drivers are provided with a ride quality that is plush and the tires do not produce too much noise even when moving at a very high speed.

Key Features

  • The tires are designed from more than 15 innovative materials
  • The tires also have an optimized profile and this reduces the carbon dioxide emissions as well as the fuel consumption
  • The footprint polymer is optimized and the compound is made of silica enhancing the tire’s mileage
  • The OE phasing and the derived pitch sequence provides you with a more comfortable and quieter car ride
  • The tires are made with four longitudinal grooves that have a high lateral spring density providing you with great performance in all kinds of weather conditions.

The Pros

  • The tires provide you with amazing handling capabilities on dry roads
  • The traction and braking capability on wet road surfaces is amazing
  • The car ride is very comfortable and also very quiet

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing The Best Tires for Ford Escape

Purchasing brand new tires is actually harder than it seems and a number of drivers have confessed to being overwhelmed when selecting the most ideal tires for their Ford Escape. The tire’s in today’s market are designed with brand new features. Additionally, every time you purchase new tires, it seems like you are starting all over with a brand new vehicle. In this section, we go through some of the most important factors that you must consider when purchasing tires for your Ford Escape.

When to Replace Your Tires

How does one find out that it is time to replace their tires? One can simply perform a very simple visual inspection that will confirm if your tires have been exhausted. In addition, you could try and look out for different trouble signs such as tire wear that is uneven.

The depth of the treads of your tires can be used as a benchmark to determine if you should replace your tires. You can simply stick a coin into the tread of your tire ensuring that the coin is facing up. If you see Lincoln’s whole head that means that it is about time you replaced your tires. If only one of your vehicle tires needs replacement, then it is advisable to replace two at a time.

The Climatic Conditions

This is most likely the most vital factor that you must put into consideration when selecting your tires. All tires are designed to provide you with great performance depending on a number of driving conditions.

In the Northeastern region, there is a lot of snowfall, therefore when in the market for tires, it is important that you determine if the tires will be used for specific seasons or if you would like to use the tires all year. Whatever the case, you should make sure that your tires are completely able to handle the weather conditions that they will be exposed to. Failure to do so could result in instability, low performance and a lot of risks.

The Size of The Tires

Before you purchase your tire, you should find out the proper size of your tire depending on the manufacturer’s specifications of your vehicle. All this information is provided to you in the informational sticker on the door of the driver and also the owner’s manual has all that information. In addition, a majority of the tire dealers will easily confirm this information through the make and the model.

The Tire Life

Different tires have different life expectancies. The life of a tire is actually measured in miles and this information is often readily available. Tires that have a much shorter lifespan are usually manufactured for a very smooth ride and high performance. It all depends on your budget and the needs of your tires. It is vital that you determine a proper balance when it comes to your life expectancy and performance.

The Rating of the Speed

Each and every tire comes with a letter rating. This indicated the speed at which you should travel safely for a certain period of time. All this depends on your driving needs. You should choose tires that are suitable for you.

The Noise of Your Tires

Your tires will definitely produce an amount of noise, some tires will produce more noise than others. The source of this noise is often the design of your tread. Unfortunately, the noise that your tire will produce is not something that you will notice until you drive on the highway. The noise of your tire is something that you would have to research before you make the final purchase. This is if less road noise is a very high priority for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do my original equipment tires have a warranty for my mileage?

No. Original equipment tires are manufactured to the specification of the car’s manufacturer. There is no mileage warranty, however, your tires are warranted for workmanship.

Why do my tires wear out so quickly?

If your tires wear out prematurely, this could be because of many different factors such as the road conditions of the areas you drive to, the misalignment of your vehicle, the improper inflation of your vehicle, worn out parts of your vehicle as well as a number of other different reasons.

To determine why your tires are wearing out so quickly, it is advised that you inspect your tires physically by visiting a mechanical shop or asking a professional to do it for you.

What is the tire pressure that is recommended?

The tire pressure that is required is often recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. These figures are often written on the door jam of the driver’s seat. It is advised that drivers do not deviate from the pressure suggested. The requirements of the pressure, however, changes when it comes to plus-sized tires.


Tires are vital tools especially when it comes to determining the overall safety of the car. Purchasing unreliable products should never be an option. The cheapest tires on the market can not offer great braking and traction features, especially when cruising through wet road surfaces.

These wheels are also not as durable and in the long run, you could end up spending a ton of money. The tires mentioned in this review are reputable and drivers are guaranteed that the manufacturers designed them specifically to perform exceptionally for a very long time.


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