P0008 Engine Code CHEVROLET: Everything You Need To Know

P0008 Engine Code Issues For Chevrolet

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How do you explain the brightening of the Check Engine Light? Well, this is made easy through the P0008 code. The engine code P0008 is a generic trouble code that can provide you with the explanation you need. The Engine Control Module (ECM) directs the light. And note that the ECM does not just light up unless there is an issue somewhere.

This issue is indicated by the POO8 OBD-II code in the timing mechanism (in the crankshaft). Hence, it may mean that one part is misaligned if the timing is off in the engine.

What does the code mean when you get it after plugging in your scanner? This piece will unveil basic information ranging from “what it means” to “how you can fix the problem.”

What Does P0008 Engine Code Mean?

The P0008 engine code relates to the mechanical timing of your engine. It may go with codes such as the P0172 engine code and others. The code shows an issue with timing in the exact area that falls between the crankshaft and camshaft.

The ECM comes with sensors positioned between the camshaft and crankshaft. These sensors monitor the ignition timing and fuel timing as you move your vehicle. For example, the P0008 engine code triggers the moment the timing turns off.

The P0008 engine code is found in some models such as Chevrolet, Suzuki, and Subaru vehicles. For example, in a Chevrolet, the ECM illuminates the Check Engine Light to signal an issue between the crankshaft and camshafts. This issue is usually in the chains, sprockets, or timing belt.

What are the symptoms of Engine Position System Performance Bank 1?

You should expect several signs signaling that there is a problem somewhere in the car. This may be when you see it develop an issue with the engine code P0008. For P0008 Chevrolet (Engine Positions System Performance Bank 1), the following are the symptoms you may observe:

  • Engine Light ON / Service Engine Soon Warning Light

The moment the sensors detect an issue, the Check Engine Light will turn on. Additionally, engine Light ON or Service Engine Soon Warning Light comes into play when P0008 Chevrolet is involved.

  • Engine performance issues

Here, the engine performance may reduce, leading to engine stalling/ misfiring or the car not starting. In addition, the symptoms may include changes in the way the vehicle should operate. This is because the issue falls between the camshaft and crankshaft.

In this situation, expect a noticeable reduction in the car’s power. You may see the acceleration of your vehicle not as smooth as it should be. But the vehicle may have a rough feel the moment you set your foot on the gas pedal. So, because the car needs to work harder, there will be a reduction in the fuel economy. Also, you might hear how the chain chunks around the shafts If the issue lies in the timing chain.

What Are The Causes of Engine Position System Performance Bank 1

There are reasons for Engine Position System Performance Bank 1. These causes are associated with the items, circuits, or components. Besides, all these need to be examined, tested, repaired, or replaced to fix the OBD-11 code. Below are some causes of Engine Position System Performance Bank 1:

  • Wiring issues

Wiring issues can be responsible for Engine Position System Performance Bank 1. These occur when the wire (s) connected to/ from the component (solenoids, sensor, actuator.) is shorted or open. Shorted when touching other components/wires/body; open when broken/cut/disconnected. Short and open are electrical components. A short occurs when the wire is accidentally connected to another wire. An open is when a wire breaks or is disconnected.

  • The poor electrical connection of circuits

This occurs when the component (actuator, solenoids, sensor, etc.) Connector is disconnected or not fully connected. Before you replace any parts, ensure you disconnect the connector fully, reconnect, and test the component or system again.

  • Engine mechanical issues

The problems with the engine mechanism are not the same as the electronic component. This is when the engine mechanical problem is a cause of the OBD-II code. The mechanical part that may cause these issues may include valves, pistons, mechanical pumps, etc.

  • Incorrect timing chain

Crankshaft failing to sit at the top dead center may cause Engine Position System Performance Bank 1. Also, a flaw can be found in the timing chain tensioner.

  • Stretched timing chain

Wear and tear is the usual cause of the Engine Position System Performance Bank 1. This issue stretches the timing belts or chains. Some observe that cars with timing belts usually have more tolerance than cars with timing chains. Therefore, belts are less likely to stretch than chains with more patience.

Is it safe to drive with the P0008 error code?

Considering the features of the P0008 error code, it is serious. Besides, it is a mechanical problem that affects the performance of your car. If your vehicle is not repaired, it might fail an emission test and lead to serious damage to such an engine.

Other serious problems include instability and reduced power in your car while idling. In addition, the P0008 error code can negatively influence your fuel consumption. All these together make driving unsafe. Therefore, it is advisable to get it to fix up early before it causes more serious problems.

How to fix the P0008 error code?

There is an urgent need to fix the P0008 error code once the issue is diagnosed. If it’s a car placed under a Powertrain warranty, your dealer may help repair or replace the faulty parts.

When the timing chain or belt is off, try to install another one. Besides, you can as well adjust the present one if not worn out. Note: Ensure you replace timing chains/ belts or stretched tensioners.

In addition, fix the issue by changing the oil filter or cleaning it up. You might also need to replace the cam position sensor, rewire the camshaft change valve, and retire the engine.

Tip: it is essential to try as much as possible to avoid some problems that trigger the P0008 code. This is because preventing wear & tear on timing tensioners and belts may be difficult. So, knowing that oil problems can cause crankshaft problems, try to use good oil filters and quality of oil. Change the oil regularly and ensure the engine functions properly.


The content has explained the basic things you need to know about P0008 Chevrolet. You should know that discovering that problem is not the solution but doing what it takes to fix it. Knowing what the P0008 fault code may cause, try to follow the provided ways to fix the mechanical fault. There are qualified technicians out there you can hire to help you out. These professional individuals will assist you in diagnosing the issues using proper tools. They will also verify the potential problems and effects as far as the other systems are concerned.