Changing Your Motorbike Oil

How Often to Change Motorcycle Oil and Why?

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Changing your motorcycle’s engine oil is one of the most vital maintenance procedures that you can perform. Proper maintenance not only keeps your motorbike in good condition, but it aids you in avoiding any unwanted issues.

Indeed, oil changing on a motorcycle is one of the most fundamental responsibilities, but how often should you replace the oil in your bike? This question may come to your mind, right?

Well, the number of times or how often you invert the oil in your motorcycle is not inclusive as it relies on different factors like the Motorcycle’s Motor, Model, year, the frequency in which you use your motorbike, and types of oil as well.

However, in this write-up, we have shown the entire subject with a proper explanation. Hopefully, you’ll get the exact answer regarding the query after reading it out.

How Often to Change Motorcycle Oil

This is one of the most common questions that we are usually asked by many motorcycle users, especially new riders. As we already mentioned above, how frequently Motorcycle Oil needs to be changed actually depends on multiple things such as a motorcycle model, motor, frequency, oil types & more. Yet here we have given some general ideas on when to change a motorcycle’s engine oil.

There are three types of oil, such as Mineral, Semi-Synthetic, & Fully Synthetic. Which one you should use depends on what kind of motorcycle you have. Having the right oil is just as essential as replacing it at frequent intervals. That’s why make sure that you always get the right oil for your motorbike by inspecting its user manuals.

Now, come to the point, we mentioned in the above paragraph that three types of oil are usually used on motorcycles. And they have respective time durations to be changed. These are.

  • If you use Mineral Oil in your motorcycle engine, change it every 2000 to 3000 miles or at least once a year. Some experts suggest a minimum of twice a year as well.
  • You need to replace your motorcycle oil every 7000 to 10000 miles, or at least once a year when you use synthetic oil.
  • Semi-Synthetic Oil needs to be changed at least once a year or every 5000 to 600 miles.

Sometimes you may need to change your motorcycle oil more often if you ride it regularly and go for long-distance rides more frequently.

Why Should You Change Motorcycle Oil On Time?

Insufficient lubrication can lead to several Mechanical Problems & can damage your bike severely. In that case, change the oil to prevent all of those issues. An oil change is a must if you usually ride in harsh environments and conditions.

In addition, motorcycle oil falls into decay over time; that’s one of the prominent reasons for replacing. It occurs because of several objectives, and heat that is generated by the engine is probably the principal to blame. Oil decimates when it’s subjected to too much heat, which then leads to breakdown.

Oil gets dirty no matter whether you use regular or synthetic. All kinds of dirt and debris inserted into the filter are caused by metal to metal irritation and respective by-products of the burning process. This can buildup the acidity of the lubricant like the clappers.

All the above that we discussed can create issues like frictional damage, internal corrosion, and unwanted particles inside the engine. For that reason, change motorcycle oil.

How To Change a Motorcycle’s Engine Oil

What is the right way to change engine oil? This question may fall into your subconscious mind. Changing oil is simple, but you may find it difficult if you are a new motorcycle user. In this segment, we have shown how you can easily change your motorcycle engine oil.

  • Step-1: Prepare your motorcycle for an oil replacement by supporting it on a stand. After that, place an oil try underneath the bolt where old and used oil will drain into.
  • Step-2: Get your hands on the socket and wrench and use it to open the engine drain plug. Never forget to extract the washer while at it and keep the plug somewhere you can easily find it.
  • Step-3: Now, allow the old oil to leave your bike engine altogether.
  • Step-4: In this stage, pull out the old oil filter. Take a wrench, fix it to the filter and unscrew it, following an anti-clockwise direction [Left to Right]. Once the filter is removed, let the old oil out completely.
  • Step-5: Now, set up a new filter or take the old one if it’s ok and then screw the filter and insert the adapter with the help of a wrench.
  • Step-6: Remunerate the drain plug and then adapt a new washer to your motorcycle’s engine drain plug and screw it with your hand and tighten it with a wrench.
  • Step-7: Everything is set now. Just fill your engine with fresh oil. Extract the plug cork on the engine, place a funnel, and start pouring oil. To avoid overfilling, check the oil capacity in the user manual. That’s it.

What Things Should You Consider Choosing the Best Oil for Motorcycle?

There are few things we have mentioned that you should keep in mind while selecting the best oil.

  • Inspect which type of oil is required; synthetic or mineral
  • Choose the oil with viscosity grade 10w-40 that is common
  • Check the adaptive properties and lubrication of the oil
  • Try to use motorcycle oil with an SG rating
  • If you have a motorcycle with automatic transmission, choose an oil with JASO Rating MB

Final Verdict

If you want to care for your motorcycle correctly, you must change the oil depending on the service manual that you have got while purchasing. If you don’t have the user manual, you can follow the guidelines above to perceive when to change oil, which is part of regular maintenance.

However, hopefully, you have comprehended how often & why to change motorcycles through the context. As replacing oil is a part of regular maintenance, perform it to ensure the longevity of the engine & other internal components.

Changing oil is not a complicated task at all and can be done by yourself with ease. If you think you won’t be up to do it, then take help from professionals that will cost a certain amount of money.