Foxwell NT650 vs NT644 – Which is the better All-system diagnostics tool?

Foxwell NT650 vs NT644

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This Foxwell NT650 vs NT644 review will help you find the best all system diagnostics for your professional or DIY battery, oil service, airbag, throttle and TPMS configuration.

I have a hardy 2000 Cadillac Escalade with a 5.7L engine. Even though it consumes more fuel than the average engine, it offers great performance. It may be a little old but it serves me just right. I got this car as a gift from my dad in 2009.

The car is very special to me and I hope to keep it in the family for my son, who only turned 15 late last year. I have sought to find an ideal all-system diagnostic tool to help me keep my engine functioning well at all times. I looked into the Foxwell NT650 vs NT644 comparison to understand what options I had available.

What are the differences between Foxwell NT650 and NT644?

Foxwell NT650 Foxwell NT644
OBDI and OBDII compatible Yes Yes
Multilingual code and menu Yes Yes
Lifetime updates Yes Yes
Live sensor data assessment and tabulation No Yes
Check Price Check Price

Foxwell NT650 vs Foxwell NT644 – how do they differ?

Having looked into the two diagnostics scanners separately, how do Foxwell NT650 and NT644 compare?

All system diagnosis

Both OBDII scanners offer the ability to scan and reset multiple components of your vehicle. Many will consider features such as oil service reset, SAS, EPD and DPF to determine scanners that offer efficient and accurate diagnosis.

The range of reset functions facilitates better maintenance, even if it is carried out under DIY conditions. Unlike the NT644, Foxwell NT650 will not graphically present the most readable live sensor data, which could limit your convenience when carrying out diagnostics.

It is not a full system diagnosis scanner, which limits its output for detail seeking diagnosis . However, this unit will support up to 54 different brands for various diagnostic needs, although some features will be limited in their compatibility.

It is a cost effective solution for smooth reading and maintenance of your vehicle. The NT650 offers a number of other services too! It will be a great fit for TPMS, TPS, CVT, odometer services, SRS inspection, battery registration, SAS calibration and DPF features.

The NT644 also offers all system scanning services, which makes it better suited for most vehicle brands too. It features a great outlay for live and freeze frame data, which makes it better suited for these functions. For convenient and versatile use, the NT644 is a better fit than the NT650 scanner.

Support and build

Some customers have complained over a lack of sufficient customer support. However, Foxwell offers two easy to use products that require minimal configuration themselves.

These diagnostic tools are plug-and-play, and feature comprehensive tutorial guides on the web. They also offer free lifetime updates, ensuring that they will offer quality and accurate diagnosis throughout their lifespan.

The Foxwell NT650 comes with a pair of USB and diagnostic cables, as well as a hardy storage case to make sure that it is safe even with heavy impact of falling. It is a reliable performer with a hardy build to see through your diagnostic needs for a long time yet.

It features a great design as well, with only key functional buttons placed around its bottom and a large display screen to enhance the data presentation during diagnosis.

Like other Foxwell scanners, the NT644 also features a high quality build for convenient services. It is very well designed, with a similarly high quality display teaming with a comfortably convenient button arrangement for easier use.

It also features a distinct Foxwell storage case, which is built to help you store the scanner Both models are well built to enhance the diagnosis experience, with the NT644 offering better value in its presentation overall.

The latter model also offers more languages, with 16 overall as compared to the NT650’s 13 choices. That said, customers must request the multilingual capacity while they make their purchase to get a model customized to their needs.

Compatibility and ease of use

There are some elements of difference between these two diagnostic scanning tools. For starters, the NT644 is compatible with more electronic systems than the NT650.

It also offers better detail through the live sensor data, such as by the use of graphical plotting. The NT650 takes the upper hand in its compatibility with the Anti-brake reset and airbag data reset.

However, it does not offer code troubleshooting, which can make it challenging for people with relatively little experience. That said, both models are very easy to use when applied well.

If you follow the comparison chart, application sheet, user guide, application guide and installation manual for guidelines on different uses, you should be able to break down the processes for convenient services.

You may need to check for vehicle compatibility with the NT650, since it restricts some of the special functions to fewer brands. Unlike this unit, the NT644 will offer specialized features for more brands and could be a better purchase on the whim.

You can still contact the brand for timely information on the compatibility of your Foxwell NT650 scanner to protect your purchase by sending in your vehicle’s VIN number and detailing out your brand.

High end use

Both the Foxwell NT650 and NT644 offer diagnostic value for OBD1 and OBD2 services, making them versatile fits for your servicing needs. The NT650 in particular is upgraded to run faster, and improve the quality of service offered.

This model features a 9X35 processor, rather than the 9G10 unit of much older models. It also packs 8Gb storage memory, as opposed to 2Gb in previous models. Lastly, it features 1Gb running memory, which is pushed up from the classic 256Mb.

This will make your scanner run faster, for efficient diagnostic services. The model is smooth enough to carry out efficient EPBD services, as well as battery registration and other special services. While the NT644 fades slightly in comparison, it is still a fast scanner with a wider range of services.

The scanner is handy for in depth diagnostics, making it the ideal scanner to have around for your truck, SUV or regular vehicle. It also offers better presentation than the NT650, with a similarly impressive button layout for easier work.

The NT644 also works better on most electrical systems, making g it the ideal scanner for more diagnostic needs. The NT644 is the better overall model for its value and output with most cars.

While it is not as efficient as the NT650, this unit will offer a wider range of diagnostic value and presentation, while likely working better on your vehicle. If you are looking for an efficient model for quick scanning the NT650 will be a great choice, but of you are looking for the overall better scanner, the NT644 is your go-to diagnostic tool.

Foxwell NT650 and NT644 comparison review

Foxwell NT650 features and specs

The Foxwell NT650 scanner is a great diagnostic tool that is an ideal tool for technicians and DIY enthusiasts alike. It offers the ability to scan all electronic control units within your vehicle, as well gear learning and odometer control.

With this tool, you can detect errors and clear them easily. It offers great display, thanks to a live data feature that combines with its ergonomic arrangement for easier use.

The NT650 supports a number of languages and offers free lifetime updates to improve your ability to keep your scanner working at the highest level. It has a rubberized coat to protect against damage, which ensures your scanner will serve you for a long time.

This scanner is well suited for your car’s ABS, SRS, SAS, TPS, Fuel Injector, ABS Bleeding, BMS, Reset Brake Pad, EPB, DPF, TPMS, CVT and Oil Light Reset needs. It offers multiple other reset features for these functions, which puts it above your average scanner.

Alongside the free lifetime upgrade offered by Foxwell, the NT650 also features the right throttle body alignment for an ideal ride. While it might have some problems with one or two models, this unit will work well with compatible vehicles!


  • Easy to use
  • Variety of diagnostic options
  • Great design
  • Offers lifelong free updates
  • Live data presentation for comprehensive diagnostics


  • Cannot display transmission diagnostics
  • Might fail to read some codes


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Foxwell NT644 features and specs

With a highly accurate diagnosis, the Foxwell NT644 lives up to its high billing. This all-systems diagnostic tool offers compatibility with a large number of vehicle models.

It offers plug-and-play capability, which means that it will be ready for use when you insert it into the OBD port in your vehicle. The layout is simplified for easier management, which should be a thrill for DIY enthusiasts.

The diagnostics tool can reset a variety of features. However, it also includes additional perks such as the Electric Parking Brake diagnostics service that can help you assess your brake system for an even more comprehensive check.

The NT644 scanner might be a little dated compared to the NT650, but it offers an immersive diagnostics experience that should help you get and keep your vehicle in top shape.

This unit offers both live and freeze frame data, as well as merging coordinated parameter graphs to help present your vehicle’s condition in a functional way. If you are looking for a versatile, well designed and easy to use scanner, the Foxwell NT644 could be a great pick for your needs.


  • Variety of diagnostic options
  • Live data feature for comprehensive assessment
  • Ergonomic design for enjoyable and durable use
  • Plug-and-play capability
  • Will connect to the internet for upgrades


  • Cannot be updated directly with USB cable
  • Not compatible with all vehicles

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My verdict

I was glad to discover that both Foxwell scanners were well suited for my vehicle, and either option would be ideal for diagnostics for both my son and I. While picking Foxwell NT650 vs NT644 apart was challenging, I felt that the NT644 suited my needs better.

With the live data display, range of features, plug-and-play capability and the ergonomic design, this model is just right for me. I found the scanner very easy to use, and might share the scanner with any future models I upgrade to.

The unit features very hardy rubber protection, which makes it ready to use in even the toughest conditions. This scanner is versatile, effective and well suited for its users.

The NT650 offers impressive scanning options, and will work well for most modern models even without an upgrade. It is similarly well built, and offers a huge range of diagnostic needs as well.

However, for my classic 2000 Cadillac Escalade, I felt the NT644 was a better fit. I am glad to report that I can comfortably assess and meet the maintenance needs of this future family heirloom. With the Foxwell NT644, I know that I can comfortably take care of my vehicle until after I pass it on to my son!


How do the NT650 and NT644 compare with the NT624?

These models offer additional functions, as well as improved vehicle calibration efficiency. They offer better quality services than the NT624, with additional functions such as the EPB, throttle calibration and a host of other maintenance features.

Are these all-system diagnostic tools compatible with my vehicle?

Models that have been built over the past 20 years have included an on board diagnostic compatibility that allows for external assessment and performance improvement. Common vehicle manufacturers have a variety of compatible models built after 19998, including Audi, Cadillac, Dodge, Ford, Mercedes and Porsche.

Can these scanners be used to program keys with the vehicle’s chip?

Even though Foxwell NT650 and NT644 offer a variety of functions, they cannot be used to program keys.

How will I know when the scanner is working as it should?

Both the Foxwell NT650 and NT644 are designed for plug-and-play operation, which means that you just have to connect them to your OBD port to run diagnostics.

Are on board diagnostic tools necessary for maintenance?

Foxwell scanners will offer a range of features which facilitate better management of emissions and a wide range of other problems. With the OBD scanner, you will be more likely to keep your car maintenance costs low.


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