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Autel MD802 vs. MD808- An introduction to Autel’s all system diagnostic devices

Autel MD802 vs. MD808

For most automotive repair shops and car enthusiasts, owning more than one OBD II scanner is a reasonable practice since they deal with a broad range of vehicle makes. As a result, selecting the most suitable diagnostic tool for your needs will require you to compare different devices such as the Autel MD802 vs. MD808.

I run a small automotive repair shop which translates to me owning a wide range of scanning devices. Since I deal with a small but extensive range of vehicles, I have come to know a thing or two about scanning tools. The number one mistake that most technicians and DIYers make is choosing a scanning tool based on cost and not functionality. I came across the Autel brand a few years ago and was impressed by the variety of ‘all system’ diagnostic scanners they offered. This review will take a look at the Autel MD802 and MD808, specifically the Maxidiag Elite and Pro models respectively.

Autel MD802 vs. MD808 Comparison Table

Autel MD802
Autel MD808
Item Dimensions
8.35 x 4.35 x 1.48 inches
8.35 x 3.62 x 1.4 inches
Full OBD II Functions
Software Update
One year free updates
Three years free updates

Autel MD802 vs. MD808- Features, and Functionalities

Diagnostic coverage

Though both the Autel MD802 and MD808 offer the very best in all system diagnostics coverage, the Autel MD808 Pro goes an extra mile and delivers professional-level vehicle programming. The Autel MD808 Pro supports battery registration and reset, SAS relearn, parking brake relearn after replacement, oil service reset and DPF regeneration functions. Its programming feature makes it a must-have tool for auto repair shops and personal use as well.


The Autel MD802 Maxidiag Elite and MD808 Pro will automatically scan your vehicles for errors in the four major systems (engine, transmission, ABS, and airbag) guaranteeing your safety. Additionally, the MD808 Pro performs more advanced safety functions such as Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) service on a broader range of vehicles.


Autel scanners such as the MD802 Maxidiag Elite and MD808 Pro are compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices and can, therefore, be updated on any operating system. Both systems also come with a fixed period of free software updates that can be accessed after registering your device on the Autel website. These software updates offer users free access to upgraded bug fixes and functionalities. The MD802 offers its users one-year free software updates while the MD808 Pro offers three years.

Autel MD802 vs. MD808 Product Review

Autel MD802


The Autel MD802 Maxidiag Elite scanner boasts an easy to use interface that lets you read and erase error codes with a single click and run onboard monitor tests. This scanner supports all five OBD II protocols and all 10 OBD II test modes. It also happens to be compatible with most 1996 and newer American, Asian and European car models. Additionally, it can display live data feed on all your vehicles electronic systems in graph format for fast and comprehensive understanding.


• Can display freeze frame data for later referencing

• It can turn off the check engine, oil service, ABS and airbag warning light

• It comes with a USB cable that lets you print out your vehicles diagnostics via PC


• Comes with a one-year free software update

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Autel MD808


The Autel MD808 Pro scanner delivers on all OBD II functions and can perform an all system diagnosis. The MD808 Pro will let you access faults in specific systems, view live sensor data, view freeze frame data and auto scan all your vehicles electronic systems since it is the upgraded version of the Autel MD802 Maxidiag Elite scanner the MD808 Pro offers better features and broader vehicle coverage. This scanner comes with a 16GB micro SD Card and USB cable that will store and allows you to transfer your data onto a PC later respectively.


• Can be updated on Windows, iOS and Android devices

• Has a large backlit screen that allows you to read data in the day and night time

• It is a lightweight, and portable handheld device


• It multilingual menu only offers three languages, which include English, Spanish and French

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Final Verdict

The Autel MD808 Pro is a cross breed between the Autel Maxicheck Pro and the Autel MD802 Maxidiag Elite scanners. As a result, it offers more advanced functions on a broader range of vehicles in comparison to the MD802. The MD808 Pro can also code and program your vehicles settings which makes it a must-have tool for small and large scale repair shops. I would personally pick the MD808 over the MD802 based on this and the fact that it also offers a more extended period of free software updates


Will the MD808 Pro perform all the advertised advanced functions on my car?

This will depend on the car brand and make since most devices are unable to perform all their listed functions on all existing vehicle models. It is therefore important to check your vehicles compatibility with the seller or Autels customer service before purchase.

Do the Autel MD802 Maxidiag Elite and MD808 Pro come with free lifetime software updates?

No, though this claim is cited on most websites, it is not true. You will receive one year of free sofware updates on the MD802 and three years on the MD808.

Can my Autel MD802 and MD808 scanner offer French as the default menu language?

Both scanners offer multilingual menus but have English as their default language, and you will, therefore, need to contact the Autel team to change the default language to one of your preference.

Why does my new MD802 Maxidiag Elite scanner not work?

The MD802 Maxidiag Elite scanner is a reliable scanner. It, however, needs to be registered and updated before use, and it is not an out of the box ready to go device. Also, it does not have an in-built battery, and the device can’t power on when your car is switched off since it relies on your car battery to function.

Will the Autel MD802 and MD808 let me run the bleed sequence for my ABS module?

The MD808 Pro will let you bleed your brakes in select car models. This function is not supported on the MD802 Maxidiag Elite.




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