Foxwell NT301 vs NT630 – Which scanner offers better clarity of presentation?

Are you looking for a clear, accurate and versatile OBD2 scanner? This Foxwell NT301 vs NT630 comparison looks into two models by a proprietary brand.

I have used a scanner in the past to run diagnosis but I did not know what any of it meant. Since I am not that good with my hands, I prefer to leave it to the professionals. When my son came over to visit last summer, he had a better maintained car than I did. He is a bit better than I am, and enjoys maintaining and repairing his automobile. When I asked him the secret, he told me he was using an on board diagnostics scanner for help. He explained everything before he left. I looked online and found this Foxwell NT301 vs NT630 scanner that helped me figure out how I could manage my vehicle too.

What are the differences between Foxwell NT301 and NT630?

Foxwell NT301 Foxwell NT630
Hot keys for quick data access Yes Yes
Large LCD display No Yes
Code troubleshooter Yes Yes
Free life-long updates Yes Yes
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Foxwell NT301 vs NT630 – how do they differ?

Both the Foxwell NT301 and NT630 offer a range of OBD2 services. But how do these scanners differ?

Multiple code requests

Both the Foxwell NT301 and NT630 offer a full range of OBD2 services for a variety of vehicle models. The NT630 is designed to offer more than just the basic functions, and includes a wider variety of vehicle models due to its increased range of functions.

Design and functionality

The Foxwell NT301 and NT630 scanners are designed for easier use. They each feature ideally placed I/M hotkeys, allowing you to start your scan quickly. They also support a plug-and-play functionality, reducing the need for configuration and the risk of flaws in this step. While the NT301 includes a carrying case, the NT630 focuses more on the ergonomic nature of its design for increased longevity. Both models feature red-yellow-green LED lighting to increase user ability to understand the emission status.

Bi-directional tests

The NT301 will work to reset your monitors and check engine light, similarly to the NT630. It can help you locate and address faulty sensors, as well as quickly diagnose and delete engine fault codes. The Foxwell NT630 scanner offers a full range of services similarly to the Nt301. However, it also reads and clears MIL, ABS, Airbag system, TPMS and a bleeding transmission in addition to these functions.

Foxwell NT301 vs NT630 comparison reviews

Foxwell NT301 features and specs

For an earlier model, the emissions detection capacity of the Foxwell NT301 is rather impressive. This model supports the detection of SAS and SRS faults, alongside other OBD2 service modes. It is also compatible with a range of vehicles, although this is limited to models manufactured after 1996. The model also features a look up library that offers generic error code definitions which will help people with relatively low levels of experience carry out diagnostics.

Aside from the range of services, this model is also designed for high quality display. The 2.8” TFT, even though it is smaller than more recent Foxwell scanners, offers a clear data presentation. Your accuracy of diagnosis will be improved thanks to the live sensor data presentation on offer. It is lightweight and features an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use and store.


  • Multilingual menu support
  • Compatible with a range of vehicles
  • Offers comprehensive data presentation for accurate assessment
  • Does not require batteries


  • Does not offer battery registration


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Foxwell NT630 features and specs

The Foxwell NT630 scanner provides professional and accurate diagnosis of SAS, ABS and SRS faults, as well as manages ABS bleeding by removing the air from the brake fluid compartments after servicing. It facilitates active testing of the airbag system, including the relays, sensors, switches and actuators to reduce the cost of labor involved. The model is also compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, utility vehicles and light duty trucks.

This model is ergonomically designed to facilitate better grip during handling. It features plug-and-play support, which allows you to use it straight from the package. It is also very easy to use, thanks to the smart hotkey placement. Foxwell NT630 offers free lifetime updates, which can be carried out by visiting the website. However, it does not support updates through iOS devices.


Ease to use and understand

  • Ergonomic design and lightweight shape
  • Multilingual menu support
  • Larger LCD display
  • Compatible with all 10 OBD2 service modes
  • Compatible with a variety of vehicle models


  • Not compatible with vehicles built before 1996


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Can I use the Foxwell NT301 without any experience?

Aside from the user manual, the model also includes red-yellow-green LED lighting to help track emissions during testing.

Do I have to purchase additional batteries with my OBD2 scanner?

Neither the Foxwell NT301 nor the NT630 scanners need additional batteries because they feature a cable connection to your car’s OBD2 port.

Will these scanners work on my hybrid?

They are designed for gas models built after 1996 and diesel models built after 2004. These scanners do not as of yet support hybrid and electric vehicles.

Can I print my diagnostic results for use later?

While the NT301 does not support printing, the NT630 will connect with your printing devices.

Do these scanners support updates?

If you are using a Windows PC, you can access free lifetime updates for both scanners.

My verdict

After months of use, I am delighted to report that the scanner works quite as expected. While I initially had trouble picking one of Foxwell NT310 vs NT630, the larger and clearer display of the MT630 won me over. I have been able to address my vehicle’s maintenance needs thanks to a range of service modes. The sleek, compact and lightweight design has also made it easier to use and store. With the Foxwell NT630, I can manage my OBD2 needs.