Foxwell NT301 vs BLUEDRIVER – Which is the best OBD2 scanner for imported vehicles?

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Are you looking to import a vehicle but are worried that it may not be compatible with your OBD scanner? This Foxwell NT301 vs BLUEDRIVER looks into the compatibility of two top scanning tools.

I have always had a thing for cars, even when I was very young. As soon as I could, I bought my first vehicle and haven’t looked back since. All the models in my fleet were locally manufactured. I sought to diversify my garage by adding a few Europe-based and Asia-based models.I was shocked to find out that certain models might not be compatible with my on board diagnostics scanners. I looked online and found this Foxwell NT301 vs BLUEDRIVER comparison to find an ideal scanner for my imported vehicle models.

What are the differences between Foxwell NT301 and BLUEDRIVER?

Advanced diagnostic features Yes Yes
Wireless diagnostics No Yes
Comprehensive OBD2 service modes yes Yes
iOS compatible No Yes
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Foxwell NT301 vs BLUEDRIVER – how do they differ?

Functionalityand Operating system

Both these scanners offer a range of OBD2 services, as well as additional diagnostic features that makes them ideal for use in either DIY or professional assessment. While the Foxwell NT301 is a traditional scanner, the BLUEDRIVER is an OBD2 sensor with a mobile application. With the BLUEDRIVER, you will be able to connect wirelessly whereas the NT301 is predominantly a cable-connected scanner. The scanner is compatible with your mobile phone, which makes printing and assessment of the results much easier. You will be better able to record your findings in case you need to review them later, which enhances your diagnostic experience overall. The BLUEDRIVER scanner also supports advanced testing, similarly to other mode 6 units. Thanks to its display on your phone, it is very easy to use and record for these specialized on-board diagnostic systems. Unlike the wireless BLUEDRIVER unit, you will only be able to update your Foxwell NT301 scanner through a Windows PC. The model is only compatible with this operating system. However, the BLUEDRIVER is compatible with both android and iOS systems, facilitating a hassle free experience when updating and using it across multiple devices. It supports impressive display as well, with a customizable output. Both scanners offer a variety of functions, but the BLUEDRIVER scanner is much easier to use and offers a better overall display thanks to its connectivity with your wide screen handheld devices.

Connectivity and ease of use

The BLUEDRIVER scanning tool may be susceptible to dropped connections and other network related problems. Since it relies on wireless exchange of information, it could be affected by a change in the strength of the connection. This affects its effectiveness, with users needing to have their mobile devices close to their sensors. While it is not as close as being head-to-head, it limits the ability of BLUEDRIVER users running diagnostics from farther away. That said, the model is still very comfortable and easy to use thanks to its virtual design. The NT301 is plug-and-play supported, which means that it will be ready to use as soon as it is plugged in. However, it does not feature a battery backup, which limits its ability to run diagnostics when not connected to your vehicle. However, it does not feature connectivity needs similar to the BLUEDRIVER, since it only requires physical insertion into your car’s OBD2 port. The dropped connections can affect your BLUEDRIVER scanner’s effectiveness, but this should not be a problem when you get the right connection. As an added advantage, you can record over your phone’s screen and store any data received to counter any dropped connections. The BLUEDRIVER is easy to use, and features a straightforward user interface. You can enhance your ability to diagnose your vehicle with this scanner by exploring different support guides offered by the brands. The display occurs on your phone’s screen, which ensures better quality output than most scanners. It is a very easy to use option, which offers enhanced diagnostics as well. The NT301 features a smaller screen, but is built to prevent slipping or impact damage. It features a thick exterior rubber coating, and is ergonomically designed for easier use and output. The BLUEDRIVER scanner is easier than the handheld OBD2 option, thanks to its incorporation into your mobile device.

Diagnostics and compatibility

The BLUEDRIVER scanner is designed to explore certified fixes to help you get your vehicle into the best shape. It is a wireless OBD2 scan tool that meets your expectations for all modules. The scanner also offers advanced diagnostics, which exceed what most handheld options might deliver. These scanners will support ABS, Airbag, Climate Control and diagnosis of a lot of other systems as well. On the other hand, the NT301 offers all OBD2 modules, and supports OBD1 vehicles. It supports ECU control, which helps users keep their engine light in control. Both models offer the standard OBD2 diagnostics, but the BLUEDRIVER scanner delivers more specialized functions for all rounded service. The NT301 offers impressive compatibility, pairing well with a lot of models that are OBD2/EOBD compliant. It is compatible with vehicles manufactured from 1996 onwards. It also supports 2001 Asian and EU vehicle models, as well as domestic and imported CAN options. Thanks to the brand’s regular updates, the scanner will support recent vehicle releases too. BLUEDRIVER supports a large number of options, with the unit providing advanced diagnostics on an impressive selection of brands too. It will meet the OBD2 modules and more system checks for GM, Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, Volkswagen, Honda, BMW, Chrysler and Ford vehicles, as well as provide other specialized functions for vehicles not featured. It offers access to professional level information, helping you make the most accurate diagnosis when looking into your vehicle. The model is compatible with many vehicle brands, provided the BLUEDRIVER sensor is installed.

Foxwell NT301 vs BLUEDRIVER comparison review

Foxwell NT301 features and specs

The capacity of the Foxwell NT301 to carry out diagnostics on your vehicle is the biggest attraction to this model. For an earlier OBD2 scanner, it offers the relevant diagnostic service modes and a range of additional features that make it a value for money purchase. It can detect other services such as SRS and SAS faults, allowing for comprehensive diagnostic of your vehicle. Unlike some models, it also features a DTC look up library that includes thousands of error code definitions for easier management of your diagnostic efforts. The scanner features a clear display screen and supporting LED lighting that will enable easier diagnostics. Other design features include a hardy rubberized coat to protect against impact damage and includes a carrying case for easier storage. This model will consume little storage space, which means you can keep it securely on board your vehicle. Thanks to constant updates by the brand, many modern NT301 units will comfortably overcome previous issues they may have faced.

The NT301 scanner offers the best features of Foxwell models, both in build and operation, even though it is a bit dated. This scanner features an attractive one-click readiness test and runs the full range of OBD2 tests. It offers additional specialized functions for a thorough diagnostic scan of your vehicle. It is very well designed, which means it can be used effortlessly on your vehicle, wither at home or on the road. It does not require any batteries, thanks to its plug and play nature. The Foxwell NT301 features live and freeze frame data, which allows for additional details to help you get ahead of any problems. It also supports reading and clearing error codes, which makes it an ideal addition to your assessment needs.


  • Ergonomic design for increased ease of use
  • Compatible with a large variety of vehicles
  • Offers comprehensive OBD2 services
  • Does not require additional batteries
  • Comprehensive data presentation for accurate diagnostics


  • No backup battery
  • Not compatible with iOS devices


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BLUEDRIVER features and specs

Like other top end diagnostic scanners, BLUEDRIVER offers the full range of OBD2 services and additional features such as ABS, airbag and SAS fault detection and correction. However, this model is wireless, featuring an adapter and a mobile application. It is also compatible with iOS devices, which is a rare feature for OBD2 scanners. However, it only offers limited compatibility with devices running windows software, although you can address this by setting up an intermediary emulator.The presentation options for this diagnostic scanner are impressive as well. The graphical presentation and real time data logging of results will enable easier and accurate diagnostics, even for people with relatively little experience. From the live and freeze frame data options on offer, the wireless scanner will ensure great output on a digital screen. It will also offer comprehensive code definitions for a seamless experience.

The wireless BLUEDRIVER diagnostic experience is an attractive for the modern garage. It can help assess your vehicle, as well as read and clear error codes from the comfort of your phone. This model, verified by the ASE Certified Mechanics, offers a great way to meet your handheld diagnostic tool needs on your phone. It is a value for money option, which is licensed for both Android and Apple devices. The BLUEDRIVER LSB2 diagnostic sensor works in unison with a BLUEDRIVER application, with the highly rated model winning over professionals and DIY enthusiasts across the world. It delivers OBD2 and special functions for different vehicles and meets the display expectations set by high end scanners. The scanner will deliver enhanced diagnosis for a large selection of vehicle options, including GM, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler, Mercedes and BMW brands alongside others.


  • Enhanced and wireless diagnostic features
  • Comprehensive OBD2 service modes
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android devices
  • Versatile, clear and precise data presentation
  • Increased sensor and app connectivity
  • User friendly interface and software


  • Connection can be affected by network problems
  • Limited compatibility with devices using Windows OS


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My verdict

Both scanners deliver a great diagnostic experience, allowing you to stay ahead of your vehicle’s needs. The NT301 is a great pick for wired assessment, and offers attractive value for money. The scanner also features a large DTC error look up code to help identify any issues that your vehicle may be experiencing. On the other hand, the BLUEDRIVER scanner offers a seamless wireless assessment experience. It is a great pick for quick, thorough and accurate assessment of vehicle systems.After trying both out, I have to prefer BLUEDRIVER. It offers a variety of services in a streamlined way. While the NT301 also functions effectively, it lacks the appeal of the BLUEDRIVER. Both these models work on a range of vehicles that I would like to add to my fleet. However, the BLUEDRIVER offers diagnostics through my phone, which is a rare feature for OBD2 scanners. Thanks to the range of service modes offered, I can comfortably manage my fleet without worrying about maintenance and repairs. I am glad I found the Foxwell NT301 vs BLUEDRIVER comparison because it helped me pinpoint which cars I should consider adding to my garage, saving me a lot of time and resources in the process.


Does BLUEDRIVER work on diesel models?

The scanner will work on all diesel models built after 2004, as well as a number of models manufactured between 1996 and 2004.

How will my OBD2 scanner detect a misfire?

Your diagnostics scanner will work with the crankshaft position sensor to determine whether there are any variations in its speed caused by misfiring.

What should I look for in the best OBD2 scanner?

A great scanner will offer code reading and clearing ability, comprehensive diagnostic services and a range of additional features, as well as incorporate an easy to use interface and design.

Can I update my OBD2 scanners on my MAC PC?

Many scanners will require Windows devices to carry out updates. However, scanners such as the BLUEDRIVER are designed for compatibility with update through android and iOS systems.

Can I harm my vehicle if I leave my BLUEDRIVER sensor plugged in?

Your sensor will not cause any damage to your vehicle and can be left plugged into your car. The model is designed for multivehicle compatibility, which means you can use it for other models you own as well.


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