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DWMT72165 vs. DWMT81534 Tools Review-A Comprehensive Guide

DWMT72165 vs. DWMT81534 Tools

This DWMT72165 vs. DWMT81534 review is designed to offer a closer look at these two alternatives from the DeWalt brand. Though the same manufacturer has produced both products, there are a number of aspects in which they differ. The DWMT72165 kit, for instance, contains a collection of 3/8” drive socket Torx bits with its provisions, which are items that are absent from the DWMT81534 alternative. 

Working on one’s vehicle can be a fulfilling experience for many car enthusiasts. Handling the simpler maintenance and repair needs of your vehicle can also help you save money that would have otherwise gone to the acquisition of professional labor. Some general issues can be personally taken care of within the comfort of your home, given the right tools. Luckily, there are a number of brands in the market, offering DIY kits at an affordable price that can accomplish this task. DeWalt is one of the leading companies in this sector, with a wide range of options available when it comes to mechanic toolsets for personal use. This DWMT72165 vs. DWMT81534 review can help you choose between two of the more popular alternatives in this category.

Differences between DWMT72165 vs. DWMT81534 Tool Sets – How do they compare?

Number of pieces
Number of Extension pieces
41.6 pounds
26.5 pounds
Direct torque technology
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DWMT72165 vs. DWMT81534: What’s the Difference? 

Direct Torque Technology

One of the primary features that come with both options is the direct torque technology applied to their tools. The technology is a design that was developed to enhance the amount of grip that can be enjoyed by the ratchets. This enhancement is accomplished through the provision of higher levels of contact between the said ratchets, and the particular sockets in use. Increased contact between these two parts improves the stability enjoyed by the user, as it features a stronger hold in terms of connection. Thus the socket is unlikely to come loose, for example, when working on a particularly tight bolt. The design also increases the amount of torque that can be produced during turning.


One major difference between the DWMT72165 and the DWMT81534 is the size of the two alternatives. If you’re looking for something that can be easily carried to and fro when working in different sites, then the weight of the toolkit is an issue that can’t be ignored. It should be noted that though both options are designed to represent a minimized version of your permanent garage toolbox collection – the DWMT72165 kit is significantly heavier than its DWMT81534 counterpart (with the former weighing an astonishing 15 pounds more than the alternative). 41.6 pounds is a great load to lug around for an entire day, so if you’re planning on making frequent trips with the toolset, you choose, going for the DWMT81534 is your best shot of making things easier for yourself, transportation-wise. A lighter version is also likely to place a lesser amount of strain on the box, which could reduce its potential for rapid wear and tear when moved on a frequent basis.


The particular pieces that come with a collection can play a significant role in the decision-making process, as this can determine the suitability of a product. There is not much difference when it comes to the DWMT72165 and the DWMT81534 in terms of the number of tools available, with the latter boasting just one more piece than its counterpart. However, this is not to say that both kits contain the same exact types of tools; thus, your particular needs will come into play when examining this aspect. The DWMT72165, for example, comes with nine extension pieces, while its DWMT81534 counterpart provides three more pieces in this category. So if you know that you might be working with a lot of tight spaces, choosing the option with a larger variety of extension bars can ensure you will be capable of handling any situation. The DWMT72165 toolkit also comes with a collection of drive socket Torx bits in the 3/8” category, an aspect that is missing from the DWMT81534 collection.

Labeling and Arrangement

The manner in which both the DWMT72165 and DWMT81534 arranges their tools offers a great advantage to users who may not have yet come to terms with the various sockets and wrenches available in terms of size. After a while, working with such tools can become second nature, with a simple glance enough to tell you if you have the right piece for the job. However, before achieving this mastery, having clear labeling on the tools, as well as the toolbox, can assist you in quickly identifying the particular items you need. Both alternatives from DeWalt boast clear markings on their items to indicate the varying sizes of each tool. These markings have been engraved onto the tool itself, ensuring it will last for an extended period before any potential fading occurs. The labeling can also be found within the toolbox, next to space where each item should be placed. This feature makes it easier for you to efficiently put everything back in its rightful place once you’re done with your work.


The kind of work that can be accomplished with a toolset will depend on the versatility of the items involved. Both the DWMT72165 and the DWMT81534 are designed to provide a wide range of options when it comes to the bits and sockets on offer. This is highly crucial when dealing with various vehicles and parts. One of the main features of the sockets available is their distribution between deep and shallow alternatives, ensuring you can get just the right fitting for your needs. This is quite an impressive aspect, as many other alternatives in the market don’t feature shallow sockets. The thin heads of their ratchets also ensure that they are able to fit in constricted spaces that might be inaccessible by similar tools from different brands. As mentioned earlier, the ability to work in a variety of spaces is crucial to the kind of work you can get done.

DWMT72165 vs. DWMT81534: Pros and Cons


The DeWalt collection has long been one of the leading providers of mechanic tools for DIY enthusiasts interested in auto repair and maintenance. The DWMT72165 model comes in a compact toolbox, whose design allows for the storage of 204 pieces in its collection. This is a great option for individuals who may be looking for an emergency kit for their vehicle, or substitute gear that they can easily travel to different locations with on short notice. Although, it’s not the lightest of toolboxes, its shape, and ergonomic structure ensures that you will not have to struggle when moving the kit from one place to another.

The toolkit comes with a number of pieces that can be implemented with most general work, ensuring that users will not find it lacking when undertaking simple jobs with straightforward needs. Their hand tools represent a sturdy structure that will not break under intense pressure, ensuring that these products can last for years to come. Their pieces have been constructed vanadium steel combined with a chrome layer for a smoother finish. This design also makes it easier for tools to be cleaned/wiped off after a job without too much hassle. One of the more attractive features of this set is the inclusion of 3/8” drive socket Torx bits in its collection.


  • Very portable and compact, making it easy to transport and store in small spaces
  • Reliable warranty
  • The inclusion of universal joints for enhanced versatility


  • The toolbox can be of better quality
  • Its weight means that you will exert some notable effort when transporting it from place to place


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The DWMT81534 is a great alternative for those looking for a lighter toolkit from the DeWalt portable line. Weighing in at just 26.5 pounds, it represents almost half the bulk of some of its counterparts. Its casing represents a very reliable design that is not easily susceptible to damage, making it perfect for frequent transportation to different places. The design of the toolbox also ensures that the owner can carry their kit one-handed without struggling, with a briefcase design implemented with its shape. The toolkit features 205 pieces that consist of a variety of sockets, bits, an adjustable drive, and a set of wrenches.

The combination wrenches are provided in both SAE and metric format to ensure that all your potential working needs are catered for with this collection. The inclusion of 5 extension bars enhances the versatility of the tools available, allowing them access to a variety of different spaces. The box end design of their wrenches, coupled with the direct torque technology devised by their manufacturer, further enhances the grip that can be enjoyed by the tools.


  • It’s lighter than most of its counterparts in this category
  • The implementation of direct torque technology for a firmer grip on nuts and bolts
  • The inclusion of deep and shallow sockets for enhanced access


  • Doesn’t contain as many pieces as some its counterparts in the same category
  • The molding within the toolbox doesn’t always feature precise measurements, meaning the tools can fall out of place during transport


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The Final Verdict

All in all, both the DWMT72165 and the DWMT81534 serve as great alternatives for the journeyman mechanic, or a DIY enthusiast. Their portability is supported by a wide assortment of tools, ensuring you’re capable of completing a range of general jobs with the items included. It can be argued, however, that the DWMT81534 represents a better option between the two due to the significantly lower weight involved. It also offers one more piece with regard to numbers when compared to its DWMT72165 counterpart.




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