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This Kobalt vs. Husky review is meant to offer those interested in purchasing a reliable toolset more information to go on regarding these two products. Both options are established forces in the industry, with the Husky alternative offering a slightly higher tool count as compared to their Kobalt counterpart. 

If you’re seeking a set of tools that offer high-quality performance at an affordable price, then looking at the products available with Kobalt and Husky can be a helpful endeavor. These brands have made a name for themselves in the market as a result of the quality available with their items, as well as the cost-friendly pricing integrated with their sales. However, taking an in-depth look at the two choices is necessary when trying to determine the most suitable option for your specific needs. Though they are designed for the same purpose, their features vary in a number of ways that could either act as a setback or offer an advantage – depending on your particular requirements. The following Kobalt vs. Husky review has been published in a bid to help you identify their advantages, as well as the differences between these two products.

Differences between Kobalt vs. Husky Toolsets – How do they compare?

Model Kobalt Husky
Pieces 227 268
Material Chrome Vanadium Steel Vanadium Steel /Metal
Weight 32 18
Supplier Lowes Home Depot
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Kobalt vs. Husky: What is the Difference?


The ease with which one can acquire their tools when they need a fast replacement can be crucial for emergency work. Kobalt and Husky offer strong warranties with their products, but both can only be redeemed from specific locations. Kobalt products are only available from Lowes stores, for instance, meaning this is the only place you can exchange such items or purchase new ones. Husky tools, on the other hand, have Home Depot as the exclusive supplier of these sets. Under these circumstances, it can be argued that Husky is no doubt the better option – as Home Depot has a slightly higher number of outlets as compared to Lowes. The difference in numbers leaves Home Depot leading with about 100 more stores than their counterpart – making them easier to locate in various regions.


The number and types of tools available are essential for anyone intent on working on an extensive project. Kobalt offers 227 pieces with their collection, while Husky aims a little higher with 268. It should be noted that the numbers involved don’t refer to solely whole items. These stats usually include the varying bits and sockets that can be connected to one or two drives with adjustable heads. However, these pieces work just as well as a singular tool in the same classification. Husky’s toolset comes with three categories of drives, namely, ¼”, 3/8”, and ½”. This collection is designed to offer the popular alternatives required with most regular work. Kobalt offers a five-piece wrench set ranging from 8 to 13 mm. It should be noted, however, that their collection features a skip feature, so you might end up missing some sizes in a few of their categories.


These toolkits are aimed at a traveling market, thus the compact nature of their designs. They have been manufactured to allow users to carry the set to different places at a moment’s notice. Some consumers buy these collections as an emergency kit for their vehicle, should their car need impromptu work in deserted locations. As such, the size and packaging play a significant role in the overall mobility levels of the product. Kobalt’s 227 piece set weighs in at 32 pounds, while the Husky alternative represents a lighter variation at 18 pounds. This is a great setback for the Kobalt brand, as lugging their toolset around will require significantly more effort compared to working with a Husky’s collection.


The sturdiness of these tools is another crucial aspect that has to be examined when comparing alternatives. Both Kobalt and Husky products have long been known for their durability, thanks to the application of vanadium steel in their production. This option works extremely well with chrome compounds, allowing for a smoother finish in the process. Kobalt pieces also feature a thicker stem with some of their products, which enhances the strength of such wrenches and drives. It should be noted that the rigidity of the tools’ handles can have an impact on the kind of pressure that can be applied before the breaking point.

User Compatibility

The design of the items within these sets can play a huge role in determining how easy it might be to use some of the tools. A frequent complaint that has been related to some Kobalt pieces deals with the length of their handles. Though the sturdiness of their items is not in doubt, the length of some of the handles on their wrenches may potentially make it difficult for those with bigger hands to work with the tool. Husky maintains a standard length with most of their drives and wrenches; thus, you’re unlikely to face a similar problem with this option.

Kobalt vs. Husky Toolset Review – Pros and Cons


Working on DIY projects in your garage or storing an emergency kit in your vehicle doesn’t require a vast collection of tools. Getting the simple items needed to fix any potential problems that might occur can suffice for such needs. Kobalt provides a great selection with its 227-piece set, ensuring regular maintenance and other projects can be accomplished with ease. The toolbox also features adequate space for the placing of the different items involved, avoiding a congested layout in the process. The tools offered include a variety of both metric and SAE options, enhancing the flexibility of the kind of work they can accomplish. SAE tools are denoted in red, while their metric counterparts are identified in blue. This makes it easy for the user to locate the particular pieces they need during a job quickly.

Their collection of wrenches feature the primary alternatives used in most straightforward jobs, with a range from ¼” to 9/16” and a similar provision on the SAE side. The set contains an impressive collection which features 117 sockets, 40 hex keys, 30 combination wrenches, three ratchets, four extensions, and 33 assorted tools. The midget wrenches and Allen keys are packaged in an airtight bag to enhance the space available within the toolbox. The container also features an empty bottom shelf where one can keep any additional tools or use as a storage space for nuts and bolts when working on a vehicle.

Their drivers are designed with a magnetic feature that allows you to easily interchange different bits without lessening the integrity of the hold. This is a great feature when you’re looking to save on time any way that you can.


  • Free shelf space via the bottom drawer.
  • Great ergonomic design with their wrenches and drives for easier handling.
  • Sturdy build that can support high levels of pressure.


  • The toolbox is weak and can easily be damaged.
  • A lack of locks on the drawers, meaning they can slip out during motion.
  • The molding within the case doesn’t always fit with the intended tools due to inexact measurements.


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Husky has stepped in to offer the mechanic tools market a great option when it comes to emergency kits consisting of the general tools needed for regular repair and maintenance work. These manufacturers provide this solution in the form of a compact toolkit that features 268 items in its collection. Its size is also comparatively smaller than most of its counterparts, making it an excellent alternative for consumers looking for something they can carry around on a regular basis. The toolbox itself is designed with a sturdy feature and a compact design where no space goes to waste. The box is equipped with a handle on top of the cover, as well as molded alternatives located on its sides – enhancing the potential comfort enjoyed when carrying it.

Its collection of tools also feature an impressive number of different pieces used in most general work. Some of the items offered with the package include 168 standard and deep sockets, three ratchets, 20 combination wrenches, two spark plug sockets, and 40 hex keys, just to name a few pieces. The locking latch on the casing is secure and offers reliable stability during movement. The provision of standard length sockets and drives also ensures that most people can use this set with ease.


  • Compact design, making it easier to fit in small spaces or carry around.
  • Quick-release feature with their ratchet designs.
  • Chamfered lead-ins with the sockets and wrenches to support the fast and easy placement of add-ons of varying sizes.


  • No extra space available for additional tools or to act as storage space during work.
  • The ratchets are slightly weak and cannot be exposed to a huge amount of pressure on a regular basis.


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The Final Verdict

All in all, both Kobalt and Husky offer great value for money with their toolkits due to the impressive numbers involved. The quality of these tools is also acceptable when considering the price on offer. However, it can be argued that Husky represents the better option of the two. This is not only due to the higher number of pieces involved, but the addition of a variety of extension bars also serves as a significant benefit when dealing with tight spaces. Kobalt tools, however, offer higher quality with regard to longevity and durability.