Duralast Batteries vs. Interstate Batteries – Similar Batteries with Different Needs

Choosing The Right Battery For Your Auto

You have a fine car sitting in your garage, and it is a sense of pride because you spent your hard earned money on it. But one fine morning, the car stops responding and leaves you wondering is gone wrong with it, what you did wrong, and many other questions – and the simple answer is that you bought the wrong battery.

Not anymore though, especially after reading this review of the Duralast vs Interstate batteries. If this is an experience that you are familiar with, you do not need to feel pressured anymore.

You are not alone either; even dedicated drivers will hardly focus their attention to the car battery until the unfortunate incidence of its failing, preferring to focus on making the other aspects of their car look good. The thing to remember is that changing car batteries is normal, and you will do it at least once or twice throughout the life cycle of the car.

The causes of batteries breaking down are diverse; some will wear out because of repetitive discharging and recharging, while others get old.

Even though you do your best to keep the battery in good condition, it will eventually end up dead at some point – however, choosing the best quality batteries will slow down the rate at which the battery breaks down.

This brings us to this article, comparing two battery brands that are both quite famous in their own right, and are quite similar in their approach, but still slightly different – the Duralast vs. Interstate. Hopefully, this article will shed some light on these two and help you to narrow down your choice according to what works for you.

What Are The Differences Between Duralast and Interstate?

Duralast Batteries vs. Interstate Batteries

Battery Life

When it comes to the battery life, many of the models here will vary significantly, and some will hold their charge better than others. The Interstate batteries are a better option though, as they are more reliable and have a lower discharge rate, compared to the Duralast batteries.

Charging periods

As we have mentioned earlier, the Duralast batteries have issues with reliability when it comes to most of their models. However, there is some good news though – they recharge faster than other models, even when you compare them to Interstate.

The reason behind this is not as clear, although it might be because the Duralast has smaller storage capacity (except for the Heavy-duty and marine batteries), in contrast to the Interstate that has larger storage capacity and charges slower.

Light indicators

The Interstate batteries have a unique feature you will not notice in Duralast batteries or those of other brands: light indicators.

These are meant to show you the charge that the batteries are currently holding, as well as letting you know when the battery is charging and prevent unfortunate instances of overcharging.

Duralast Batteries vs. Interstate Batteries – A Comparison Review

The Duralast Battery – Overview and key features

You might wonder whether Duralast is a viable option for consumers, or whether there is a difference between the different components that comprise a Duralast battery – especially whether it is platinum, gold, or silver.

The truth though is that not all batteries from this company are consistently good, and that is a major problem that we have, as well as a complaint many consumers also have.

The only problem is that you can only purchase their batteries from their official website, as well as selected dealers, so availability is not as much as with other battery brands.

All their batteries will share certain features in common though, and these include:

Solid framework – the batteries incorporate polypropylene construction that is resistant to impact. This allows it to reduce possible damage because of vibration. Moreover, the in-class vent mechanism will ensure that gases in the system will vent away and reduce corrosion and leaks. Other than that, the weld system and heavy duty strap will help to avoid cases of premature failure.

Amps – the Duralast battery will give you reserve capacities and cold cranking amps that are enough to support your engine and reduce cases of shorts.

Pasting – the batteries have a specific design that will incorporate high density paste. This will boost the cycling performance, even if the plates are of the traditional low-density type.

There are three selections to choose from:

Duralast Tough 

This is among the toughest options to get, as its extreme bond that is due to the high-density paste formula goes a long way to improving the long term performance of the battery. It also comes with a free replacement 2-year warranty.

Duralast Gold

This one is for the cranking amps when you need them. The combination of the CCAs and the reserve capacity ratings is great for meeting or exceeding the original specifications of your car.

It will also maximize the car engine’s start up, thanks to the maximum number of grids and plates, and comes with a free replacement 3-year warranty.

Duralast Platinum

This battery comes in form of an AGM design, which will provide deep cycle abilities, plenty of starting power, as well as improved technology for cars with high-power consumption accessories.

Like the Duralast Gold, it also comes with a free replacement 3-year warranty, and additionally includes more cycles, faster recharging, and 2 times higher cycle life compared to traditional batteries.

Duralast Lawn & Garden

This one has a CCA rating of 250, and is maintenance-free and consistent. Its design includes a computer-controlled formation to improve performance, while the enveloped separators will improve battery life and eliminate shorts.

Duralast Gold Lawn & Garden

This line of models is similar to the previous one, although the CCA rating is 350. Its design promotes easier installation, extended life, and protection from vibration.

Duralast Marine

When you need a battery to handle RV and marine environments, then this is probably what you should look for. It has sufficient vibration resistance, deep cycling abilities, cold cranking amps, and reserve capacity to handle the intense situations of RVs and marine scenarios.

Its design also includes a fully framed manufacturing technology that produces power grids, which will improve optimal performance by increasing efficiency.

Duralast Power Sport

The making of this line incorporates the highest OE standards, which increase cranking power and reliability. It functions in a similar way to an AGM battery, as it is spill-proof and completely sealed, with no need to check the acid levels.

Duralast Gold Power Sport

This is unique among the other offerings on this list. Since it uses high-density oxide, you are sure of getting a dependable high-cycling service, while the AGM design incorporates special microfiber separators that absorb the electrolytes.

Duralast Heavy Duty

This one comes with power grid that works for any demanding RC and CCA of your equipment. Its superior operation will give you plenty of benefits for both off- and on-road conditions. The only thing we do not like about it though is the 1-year warranty, which we consider as too short.

What we like

  • It is maintenance-free (for the most part)
  • Fits a variety of cars and needs
  • Dependable and reliable
  • Durable build

What we do not like

  • It is difficult to reach customer service
  • Have a lot of issues with battery durability (especially after a year of use)
  • Not easy to find the batteries on common e-commerce sites

What do you see with the Duralast battery?

  • Most of the models are good for deep cycling and maximum starting power
  • Feature greater resistance to vibration, and improved durability
  • Non-spill design for a maintenance-free experience
  • Accessories are plenty for greater power
  • Faster recharge and more cycles

The Interstate Battery – Overview and Key Features

Thanks to their reputation of strong performance and build, the Interstate battery is among America’s most popular brands.

They aim to serve a variety of size requirements that will serve any size of automobile. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, and they also happen to be among the oldest battery makers in the industry.

You will notice that the Interstate batteries usually have an average CCA of 800 cold cranking amps and an average CA total of 1000 cranking amps, while the Duralast, even though information is not as readily available, has 720 cold cranking amps and 910 cranking amps range total, which makes them slightly similar in their power output.

The batteries in the company include garden, automobile, motorcycle, marine/RV, lawn, and other options in the SLI market. Like the Duralast, you can find several models available in their range, and these include:

Interstate DCM0035 Deep Cycle Battery

The use of deep cycle batteries is not going to go away any time soon, as they are highly versatile and can lend themselves to various uses – even those that do not involve cars.

If you want a portable, compact battery for use in a trolling motor, this is among the best choices to go for. It weighs 23 pounds, and packs enough punch to rev a trolling motor for some hours without stopping.

Interstate SLA1055 5AH

About This Battery

  • Genuine Interstate Batteries 12v 5ah battery sealed lead acid; backed by a 12 month warranty
  • Interstate 12v batteries utilize VRLA technology to eliminate spills and overpressure
  • Great replacement 12 volt battery uses include home security systems, push mowers, electric mowers, Murray riding lawnmowers, burglar alarm battery, and more
  • Rechargeable 12v battery, Maintenance-free and spill proof because of the VRLA (valve regulated) technology that eliminates spills and overpressure.
  • Universal Fit: Works as a 12v 4ah battery. Uses: garage door battery backup, alarm battery 12v 5ah

This uses the design known as ‘sealed-lead acid’, also referred to as valve-regulated. This means that the electrolyte is bound within absorbent mats, which comprise of fiberglass.

The main benefit they have is that you do not need to add water to them for maintenance, and you can operate them in any position.

Interstate All-Battery 6v Internal Battery

About This Battery

  • Replacement battery for many Baxter Healthcare products, Astralite products, Criticare System products, Dual Lite products, Emergi-lite products, Impact Medical products, and more
  • Always check the manufactuer spec and ensure both the voltage and Ah ratings of this battery match your OEM specs.
  • Genuine Interstate Batteries 6 volt 4.5 ah sealed lead acid battery backed by a 12 month warranty.
  • Replacement battery for many Baxter Healthcare products, Astralite products, Criticare System products, Dual Lite products, Emergi-lite products, Impact Medical products, and more. Always check the manufactuer spec and ensure both the voltage and Ah ratings of this battery match your OEM specs.
  • Great replacement for the ExpertPower EXP645. Also used in power wheel 6v appications, some coleman quick pumps, some searchlights and flashlights, kid power riding toys, and more

In terms of durable choices, this model is among the best – as long as you do the occasional task of topping it off. They will also give you twice-as-long service, and you can even use it to recharge your fire and burglar alarm systems to increase your security.


What we like

  • Quite easy to reach customer service
  • Very fair pricing range and affordable
  • Among the best battery options you can find
  • Easy to mount, use, and maintain

What we do not like

  • The warranty period is only verbal
  • Product can have issues with durability

What can you see with the Interstate battery?

  • Easy to dismount and mount in various positions
  • Compact design
  • Portable
  • Main technology in use is the AGM
  • Hard plastic exterior of batteries

Verdict: So which is the winner? The Duralast or the Interstate?

Between these two options, you might not see much of a difference, because both heavily rely on AGM technology. However, for the sake of availability and battery quality, the Interstate is a much better option – keeping in mind that many users have complained about Duralast batteries and their durability.

Frequently asked questions

Is the battery installation process difficult?

Not really. Regardless of the brand you are dealing with, you will find that the process of installation is easy and maintenance is also easy, which allows you to do it on your own.

However, you cannot just do it without exercising proper precautions, so make sure our need to exercise proper precautions though; always wear protective clothes, as well as gear such as eyewear and gloves.

In numerous instances, batteries will be difficult to access, so you will need the owner’s manual to consult on specific questions.

Is it possible to fully recharge the battery as I drive the car?

The answer to this is not a straightforward thing, since it will depend on several factors. These include:

  • The age of the battery
  • The battery temperature
  • The current (amps) that is leaving the alternator and entering the battery
  • The time you spend driving

The general rule is that taking the car for a short trip, or subjecting it to long idle times, will be insufficient for proper recharging. In addition, driving in bad weather during night-time will also lead to insufficient recharging.

Is it possible to know my battery’s charge state?

Yes it is, and you can do it using a hygrometer to measure the gravity levels of the electrolyte. In terms of measuring voltage though, use a voltmeter.

In order to increase the accuracy of the voltage reading, it is always advisable to let the voltage stabilize first by allowing the battery to rest for some time.