Exide vs. Interstate – the battle of the famous battery brands


You probably never think much about the battery of your car when you are driving around places and going on trips, and that is totally fine because most batteries are meant for long use. However, it is still good to read through different reviews of car batteries, such as we will do in this comparison of Exide vs. Interstate batteries.

The last thing you probably want when you are driving around town or cruising along in your boat is have your battery suddenly break down and leaving you stranded somewhere; yet this happens ona regular basis to many.

This is why periodic inspections of your battery are very helpful, because they allow you to diagnose any issues early enough and rectify them.

Still, in the world of automotive batteries, how will you know the best one to choose? There are so many in the market, some you know and others you might be haring for the first time, all promising you great levels of service.

It always helps to compare both in terms of their pros and cons, and in this article we will probe two famous brands – Exide and Interstate. Hopefully, you will have a better idea as to choosing one between these two, and knowing which one serves your needs better.

What are the differences between Exide and Interstate batteries?

Battery type
Cold cranking amps range
Expected Battery lifespan (when not charging)
140 to 200 minutes
100 to 200 minutes

Exide vs. Interstate – how these two compare

Range of CCA

Cold cranking amps are very important to think about, especially if you live in an area that experiences extremes in temperature changes. In both cases, the differences are not that major, but the Interstate has a greater range of cold cranking amps among the models it has in its range. The lowest we find is 700 CCA, while the highest is 900 CCA, which is suitable for freezing temperatures and below that.

The Exide is still a good choice though, although the ranges among the CCAs are less than what you would get in most brands.

Battery lifespan

Both Interstate and Exide batteries have similar charging times, but their discharge rates are different (though not by a major margin). The Exide has a much higher battery lifespan, which should make it a better choice for longer distances and for keeping your automotive machine running for a longer time.

Light indicator

Light indicators are a common feature in Interstate batteries. These lights willreveal the levels of charge, which the battery has at that moment, and it will also change the color according to when you charge it, as well as when the battery is full. The light indicator is however absent in Exide batteries, although it is still a job in progress and hopefully some newer models will have it.

Exide vs. Interstate – A comparison review

Exide battery – Overview and key features

Exide has had a long history on the market of automotive batteries lasting for more than a century, and long recognizes itself as a trusted provider of solutions for electric energy.

Regardless of the application you want to use it for, you can guarantee that they have a solid solution for your needs.

They still aim to innovate in the industry, even partnering with the U.S. Department of Energy to improve and research into their lead battery performance.

Other than that, they have made serious commitments to environmentally sustainable approaches, such as their secondary recycling campaigns (they happen to be among the biggest recyclers globally), which should be of interest to you if saving the environment is a key factor in your decision making.

Some of the batteries available in their production line include:

Exide Edge FP-AGML5/49 Flat Plate battery

Exide Edge FP-AGML5/49 Flat...
  • 850 CCA; 160 MIN RC at 25A
  • Non-spillable AGM construction
  • Greater capacity to better handle the heavy loads placed on...

If you happen to live in a place that has extreme shifts in temperature, you will require a battery that is strong enough to give you sufficient cold cranking amps, which is where this one comes in.

It has a power of 850 cold cranking amps, which is great for re-starting a car that is struggling to pull through due to low temperatures. It also performs well during numerous stress tests, and comes at a moderate price to ensure it does not break your wallet.

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Exide Edge FP-AGML4/94R battery

Exide Edge FP-AGML4/94R Flat...
  • 800 CCA; 140 MIN RC at 25A
  • Non-spillable AGM construction
  • Greater capacity to better handle the heavy loads placed on...

This is another Exide battery that is affordable, and gives you a reserve capacity of 140 minutes with CCA of 800. Its technology also includes spill-proof AGM.

The main advantage that comes with this battery is the durability aspect, as many users will attest to – many say that it exceeds the manufacturer’s lifespan in many cases. You will not need to worry about it failing you prematurely either.

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Exide Edge FP-AGM78 Sealed battery

Exide Edge FP-AGM78 Flat Plate...
  • 770 CCA; 120 MIN RC at 25A
  • Non-spillable AGM construction
  • Greater capacity to better handle the heavy loads placed on...

This has a stark difference to the other Exide batteries on this list, as it is more lightweight than most – in fact, it only weighs slightly above 8 ounces.

If you are looking for a lightweight option or happen to look for a battery light enough for racing pursuits, this might be the best choice for the job. Expect a no-spill design and 770 cold cranking amps to give you a great performance.

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Exide Edge FP-AGM51R

Exide Edge FP-AGM51R Flat...
  • 440 CCA; 75 MIN RC at 25A
  • Non-spillable AGM construction
  • Greater capacity to better handle the heavy loads placed on...

This is a more suitable option if you have a vehicle that has light to medium demands, as it has less cold cranking amps. It still has the trademark hardiness of other Exide batteries, as it has passed many stress tests and ensures you are getting a good performance from it.

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What we like

  • Powerful mechanism
  • Relatively affordable
  • Have high power efficiency and usage
  • Spill-proof
  • Large CCA ratings

What we do not like

  • Some complaints on the declining of the batteries after a year

What can you see with the Exide battery?

  • Most are ideal for cold weather conditions
  • Large reserve capacity of energy
  • Surelife Graphite technology, which gives extra protection against battery failures
  • Use of AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology
  • Suitcase-like handle
  • Construction using alloys (uses of a combination of tin, silver, calcium and lead)
  • Spill-proof
  • Fast recharging time

Interstate battery – Overview and key features

The Interstate brand, like Exide, is famous for their strongly built batteries and longstanding performance ratings. Their history is also quite long, going back to the early 1950s, and they have built a strongly favorable reputation for quality of service and products for all cars.

The average cold cranking amps you will notice in many of their automotive batteries are 800 CCAs (cold cranking amps), while the total cranking amps are between 900 to 1000, which makes their power output even bigger than the Exide.

Like the Exide, they also have a variety of models in their line. These include;

SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) SLA1055 5Ah

Interstate Batteries 12V 5AH...
  • Great replacement battery uses include home security...
  • VRLA technology to eliminate spills and overpressure
  • Genuine Interstate Batteries 12 volt 5 ah sealed lead acid...

Sealed batteries are quite common these days, as the technology behind the automotive battery continues to improve.

They are maintenance-free, since the electrolyte is enclosed within a mat that is made from absorbent fiberglass. The result is a battery that does not require any water addition, as well as allowing you to operate it close to other people or sensitive equipment.

It also has other advantages, such as the leak-free design, and it uses the CV/CC (constant voltage/constant current) charging method to recharge.

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Deep cycle 12V DCM0035, 35Ah

Interstate Batteries 12V 35AH...
  • Interstate Batteries Deep-Cycle mobility product, our...
  • Rechargeable, Maintenance-free and spill proof because of...
  • Professional-grade quality product developed specifically...

Before lithium batteries were popular, deep-cycle batteries were present on the scene, and they were very popular among people that wanted to harness solar off-grid energy, as well as hybrid energy use. They come in two forms: a number of cells arranged in a sequence, or a single cell battery.

The deep cycle cell is a good choice if you want something for your trolling motor, as it is portable and compact enough to carry around easily. This particular choice can power a trolling motor of a small size, as it comes at a 23 lbs. weight.

Its outer shell is also strong and protects it from vibration and shocks, since it is comprised of hard plastic.

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CTR 10A internal battery, 6V

  • This product is easy to use
  • This product is Highly durable
  • Manufactured in China

If you want an Interstate battery that works in terms of durability, then this is your pick – as long as you occasionally top it off. It comes with an amperage of 10A, which should last twice as long as standard car batteries (which usually have 5A), as well as high quality service.

It has a hard plastic shell that makes it long lasting, while you can also use it to charge your alarm systems and protect your home

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Interstate SLA 35Ah battery

Interstate Batteries 12V 35AH...
  • Interstate Batteries Deep-Cycle mobility product, our...
  • Rechargeable, Maintenance-free and spill proof because of...
  • Professional-grade quality product developed specifically...

AGM batteries are great because of their application range and durability compared to normal batteries, and this follows the same principle. It comes with a long lifespan to help in deep discharge use, and its quality remains high for a long time.

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What we like

  • All the batteries come at a fair price
  • Easy to maintain and mount (especially the AGM types)
  • Does not discharge as easily, giving reliable service
  • Durable, thick exterior
  • They come in compact sizes and are portable

What we do not like

  • In numerous cases, the warranty terms are not as clear-cut
  • Some Interstate batteries are of poor quality

What can you see with the Interstate battery?

  • They are easy to dismount and mount, regardless of position
  • Compact size, making them easy to transport
  • The exterior is made of thick, hard plastic, which helps them handle bumps and scratches
  • They use AGM technology, allowing them to be low-maintenance options

Verdict: So which is better? The Exide battery or the Interstate battery?

Both these batteries are great if you do not have major power demands on your battery, especially when considering the price points. However, we must narrow down our choice to one; and in this case, the Exide wins this round, thanks to its range of batteries that are suitable for everyday use. In addition, you can get batteries for any automotive application, as well as batteries that are fit for heavy-duty use.

Frequently asked questions

Will I need to add acid to my car battery as often?

If you are using a car battery under normal conditions, then addition of acid is not as necessary. If you are considering adding acid to a standard marine or automotive battery, then you should only use approved, de-ionized or distilled water, in order to get the recommended acid levels.

If your battery is in a dry state when you purchase it, or an unfortunate spillage happens, you should add electrolyte to the battery first. Once the electrolyte levels are full, you can then add water periodically to the solution.

Can car batteries freeze?

In a partially discharged state, the freezing of the electrolyte in the battery is entirely possible. This will vary according to the level of discharging; for instance, the electrolyte will freeze at 16OF when the electrolyte level is 40%., while a full battery will freeze when the temperature is at -92OF.

How can I know the state of battery charge in my battery?

You can find out its state of charge through measuring the gravity levels of the electrolyte, which you do using a hygrometer. The voltage of the battery will also indicate the charge levels when you measure it in open circuit conditions, and you use a voltmeter to measure it.

In order to increase the accuracy of the voltage reading, it is always advisable to allow the battery to rest for some time, and let the voltage stabilize first.

Will all batteries self-discharge when you are not using them?

Irrespective of their chemistry, all batteries will discharge when you are not using them. However, the specific rate will depend on the battery type, as well as the storage temperature the batteries are in.

For a good estimate though, any flooded-type deep cycle battery will self-discharge at a rate of 4% every week when the surrounding temperature is 80OF.

Should there be a maximum temperature for recharging the batteries?

When you are charging them, the temperature should never go above 120OF. If it exceeds this, take the battery off the charging station and allow it to cool before resuming the process.


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