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This DeWalt vs. Craftsman review has been designed to highlight the various features of both brands, as a means of determining the best option for your needs. Both manufacturers offer high-quality tools at affordable prices, but there are a number of differences that can be noted as well. Craftsman’s toolbox design, for instance, offers better quality with regard to durability. 

Personally, taking care of any minor issues with your car is a great way of saving money that would have otherwise gone to a professional. Vehicle enthusiasts looking to implement this hobby, however, will need a reliable set of tools to be successful at this endeavor. DeWalt and Craftsman are two of the more recognized brands when it comes to mechanic hand tools in the market. Though their products have been designed for similar purposes, there are a variety of differences that set them apart from one another. Identifying these variations can help you determine the best alternative for your particular needs. This DeWalt vs. Craftsman review has been designed to assist those interested in accomplishing this objective.

Differences between DeWalt and Craftsman Toolsets – How do they compare?

Model DeWalt Craftsman
Number of pieces 205224
Lifetime warranty YesYes
Weight 26.5 pounds36.9 pounds
Specialization tools NoYes
Check on AmazonCheck priceCheck price

DeWalt vs. Craftsman: What’s the Difference?


One of the primary elements that should be considered with any toolkit collection is the level of variety available with the package. The different kinds of pieces that come with a particular option can determine the type of work you will be able to accomplish with the set. Craftsman beats their DeWalt counterpart in this category by providing 19 more items with their selection. This means that you get a higher number of bits and sockets, as well as a few specialization tools.

Both products also offer their pieces in SAE and metric formats. This ensures that you can work on varying systems no matter the tool requirements specified, as long as you have the said piece at hand. Craftsman offers its consumers a 224 piece set as one of their available options, with DeWalt’s closest counter being a 205 piece alternative.


The size of the toolbox and its overall weight once the tools have been incorporated can also play a significant role in the flexibility of a particular alternative. This is because the bulk of a toolkit will determine how easily it can be moved from one place to another. Though DeWalt’s option may feature fewer pieces, it also boasts significantly less weight as compared to Craftsman. DeWalt’s toolkit weighs in at 26.5 pounds – while Craftsman’s alternative is more than 10 pounds heavier at 36.9. If you’re working as a one-man army, going for the lighter option will ensure you don’t have to use any more effort than necessary before a job.

The dimensions involved with the casing can also play a role in the portability of the structure. DeWalt’s toolbox, for instance, is modeled after a briefcase design – thus exhibiting a container with minimal height. Craftsman, on the other hand, portrays more box-like measurements, meaning it would not be able to slide under areas featuring confined vertical distances.


The capacity of the tools to work on different cars, as well as take on a variety of objectives, can determine the overall usefulness of a toolkit. If you expect to be dealing with regular work that will cover a number of bases, then looking into the ranges on offer with the pieces involved is essential. Craftsman’s package, for instance, doesn’t come with deep well sockets that are compatible with ½” and 3/8”. So unless your work will primarily involve ¼” jobs, you could be disappointed with the collection on offer. This alternative also has fewer extension pieces that its DeWalt counterpart. As mentioned earlier, both brands offer their tools in imperial and metric formats.

Detail and Arrangement

The manner in which the tools are stored in your toolbox can determine how efficiently you can access the variety of items available, as well as the storage quality that can be enjoyed. Unfortunately, DeWalt’s primary focus seems to be in the provision of the smallest casing possible. Though the briefcase-inspired design does, in fact, save a lot of space, it also leads to a cramped layout with regard to tool placement. In general, DeWalt tools are stored on the top and bottom of the casing, with the former enjoying a 180° angle, allowing it to lie flat on the surface. This means that all the pieces are squeezed in real tight so as to make them all fit. As such, locating a particular bit or socket can be frustrating before you get used to the layout design.

Craftsman’s alternative offers an excellent experience when it comes to the fitting of their tools. The box shape design comes with three drawers stacked on top of one another, as well as the top half containing a collection of pieces. The lid of the toolbox, however, doesn’t carry any items. This use of space ensures that all of the tools can be fitted comfortably within the different sectors of the case. The available space also ensures that the stamped labels indicating tool spaces can be easily identified via a quick perusal. DeWalt’s option, on the other hand, might require a little squinting to bring the details into focus.


Both DeWalt and Craftsman offer lifetime warranties with their hand tool products, portraying the quality that can be enjoyed with these options. This enhances the worth of any potential investment, as the provision of such a guarantee arguably makes their acquisition a one-time purchase. Should the item ever break or suffer some form of deformity while undertaking regular work, you can simply return the tool to the provider and have it replaced with another one.

DeWalt vs. Craftsman:


DEWALT Mechanics Tool Set, 205-Piece (DWMT81534)

DeWalt is one of the leading providers of mechanic hand tools in the market, with an assortment of pieces for both professional and DIY use. Its 205 toolkit collection offers an assortment of tools that are suitable for a number of tasks and are provided at an affordable price. Their patented direct torque technology also enhances the amount of torque bearable by the tools, making the tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts an easier process. The 72 teeth featured with their ratchets also ensure that users can get a good grip on the nuts/bolts they are working on – while the teardrop shape implemented with their design allows for easier movement around constricted spaces.

This collection features both metric and SAE tools, allowing you to work on various vehicle models. The inclusion of 5 extension bars also enhances the capacity of the tools to access tight spaces with potentially difficult angles. Its casing is inspired by a briefcase design – allowing an individual to carry the toolset one-handed. The drivers also include a knurled design with the handle for a better grip.


  • Slim head ratchets for enhanced access in tight spaces
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lighter than most of the other alternatives available


  • Contains a fewer number of pieces than some other alternatives in the market
  • The placing of the pieces within the toolbox represents a cramped layout

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Craftsman has been at the forefront in the production of mechanic hand tools for a number of years. Their great designs are enhanced via dedicated packaging that allows one to enjoy a great selection of pieces with their toolkits. This alternative comes with an assortment of 224 items, including 15 drive tools, 79 specialization items, and 16 combination wrenches. This impressive variation ensures that owners can complete a number of different projects with this selection. Its affordable price is also coupled with a lifetime warranty that makes it acquisition a lifelong investment. Should any of the tools break, you can simply take them to the nearest sears and have them replaced with a new one.

The toolbox itself represents a sturdy design that is not easily susceptible to damage during travel. This is an essential factor if you plan on storing the set in your car as an emergency kit or using it on a journeyman basis. The three drawers incorporated into the toolbox allows for the clear division of various categories, with stamped markings labeling the slots where each item should be kept. There is also some additional space at the back of the first drawer where you can store your nuts and bolt while working.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • A sturdy toolbox that is not easily damaged
  • An impressive assortment of tools


  • It is heavier/bulkier than many alternatives in this category
  • Only shallow sockets are available with the ½”.

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The Final Verdict

Both DeWalt and Craftsman represent great value for money with their provisions. The inclusion of a lifetime warranty further enhances the quality of such an investment. Though DeWalt has its advantages, such as the provision of a variety of extension bars, Craftsman is arguably the better option. This is due to the higher number of pieces available with its alternative. The design of its toolbox and arrangement of the items also makes it significantly easier to store and locate the different items you might need during a job.