Foxwell NT624 vs. NT520
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Working with cars doesn’t require you to be in a garage all of the time, especially when you want to perform a simple evaluation of your vehicle’s functions. Finding a reliable scanner can easily accomplish such an objective, but you will need to consider a variety of options in the market – such as the Foxwell NT624 vs. NT520.

Cars have gradually progressed over the decades, with more and more technology involved with their production and functionality. A crucial aspect of taking care of these modern vehicles is identifying and addressing any error codes that might arise from a particular functionality. This objective can be accomplished with the use of a portable car tool scanner. In my search for this solution, I identified the Foxwell Company as a reliable brand for my requirements. Two particular models in their line that caught my eye were the Foxwell NT624 vs. NT520. I decided to focus on these two options in my quest for more knowledge about the alternatives available.

Foxwell NT624 vs. NT520 – How do they compare?

Model Foxwell NT624 Foxwell NT520
Display 4.3” 2.8”
Bi-directional control tests No Yes
Compatibility OBDI and OBDII OBDI and OBDII
Weight 1.5kg 0.8kg
Check price Check price

Foxwell NT624 vs. NT520 – Taking a closer look at their functionalities

User Interface

Both the NT624 and the NT520 come with an easily understandable user interface with straightforward menu options. This ensures that even first-time users can easily grasp the basic concepts of the devices’ operations. Different data is provided at the simple click of a button, allowing you to scan various components of your car. You can also take the time to go through the user manual for the trickier tasks, as well as contact the company for any additional assistance you might require. Both the NT520 and NT624 interfaces come with multiple languages including English, Spanish, and French to name a few – allowing you to choose your preferred option for easier understanding.

Free Software Updates

One of the major advantages of getting any Foxwell scanner is that you can enjoy free software updates for a lifetime from the company. Vehicle programs are always changing with new enhancements added on a regular basis. Instead of having to buy a new device to match these alterations, you can simply update your current software online from the comfort of your home. These updates can also get rid of any bugs or related problems you might be experiencing. You just have to ensure that your device has been registered on the company website to enjoy this great benefit.

Design and Functionality

Both the Foxwell NT624 and NT520 have been designed as standalone devices, meaning you don’t need to connect them to a computer to work. All the data acquired is transmitted through the screen on the scanner, allowing you to address any issues wherever you may be directly. The NT624 offers a larger display at 4.3”, which can be a great solution for those with eyesight problems. Both scanners are powered by a vehicle’s battery, so you don’t have to worry about any failures in this sector. The handheld device leaves one of your hands free to perform other tasks when conducting a scan. Both devices also consist of advantageous physical attributes such as large and clearly labeled buttons that have been spaced for easy access in tricky angles.


Both the NT624 and NT520 can work with a large variety of cars, enhancing the level of flexibility enjoyed by the user. The Foxwell NT624 can be incorporated with brands such as Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Honda, Isuzu, Ford, GM and VW to name a few. The NT520 works well with cars such as the Toyota, Land Rover, KIA, Porsche, and Audi. It’s advisable to ensure that the particular vehicle brands you intend to work with have been listed with the specific option you choose to avoid any unnecessary complications with the software and adaptation.

Foxwell NT624 vs. NT520 Product Review

The Foxwell NT624

The Foxwell NT624 is a great solution for those looking to work with a range of cars. Its system is compatible with both OBDI and II, enhancing the number of vehicles that can use this device. Its wide 4.3” display allows you to easier view the details that pop up during a particular operation. It also has access to various controllers, including airbags, instrument clusters, and ABS to name a few. The live vehicle sensor data provided with its scans allows you to quickly and accurately pinpoint any particular problem facing your ride.


• Large display to allow you to easily read the data produced.

• It’s a standalone device that can be powered by the vehicle’s battery.


• Doesn’t not contain as many options as some of its counterparts.

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The Foxwell NT520

The Foxwell NT520 is just what you need when looking to upgrade your scanning options. Featuring both OBDI and II compatibility, the device comes with additional functions such as EPB support with selective makes. Its multilingual capacity allows you to choose from a variety of different languages when looking to operate the device. It boasts access to various systems, including the chassis, body, and power train. Its friendly design also allows you to upgrade the system with a direct connection via a USB cable instead of having to remove the SD card from its slot.


• Comes with a wide variety of functionalities.

• Compatible with both OBDI and OBDII systems.


• Doesn’t function with a MAC.

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My Verdict

After a close look at both options, I finally decided to go with the NT520 due to the broader variety of functions that come with the device. The NT624, however, is still a good alternative for those looking for a scanner for personal use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to charge my scanner?

No. Foxwell scanners are powered by the vehicle’s battery system – meaning they will operate as soon as they’re plugged into your car.

How do I know when I need a software update?

If your scanner starts experiencing problems with different functionalities or starts showcasing bugs in its framework, then it’s probably a good idea to get an update. Checking the website for regular updates is a good way to avoid such issues.

Are all scanners compatible with every car?

Unfortunately, no. Some scanners such as the NT624 and NT520 from Foxwell are compatible with a variety of different models, but it’s always wise to ensure your car is on the list of the particular option you choose.

Why can’t I update my software for free?

You have to ensure that your device is registered with the Foxwell website before you start to enjoy any free updates.

What does OBD mean?

OBD stands for onboard diagnostics and refers to a car’s capacity for self-diagnosis and analysis.


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