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Best Tire for Ford Transit 250


If you are satisfied with the way your car feels on the road as you drive around, then it is advised that you continue to buy the original tires and pieces of equipment of the Ford Transit 250.

On the other hand, you may not be too pleased with the way your car feels as you drive around. In such a case, experts advise that you take some time to upgrade your Ford Transit 250 tires.

A number of Ford Fusion drivers prefer to upgrade their tires so that they can make use of tires that perform perfectly on the road. Upgrading your tires also allows you to improve traction and ground clearance.

The best way to find brand new tires for your Ford Fusion 250 is to do some research, browse through all the available options in the industry and also talk with a mechanical expert. If you are thinking of purchasing some new tires for your Ford Transit, you have definitely come to the right place.

In this review, we have gathered a lot of information about the best tires for your Ford Transit 250. We list down the most ideal tires in the market. These tires are designed to complement almost any driving style and road condition. We also highlight their features as well as their advantages. This will allow you to find out exactly what you should expect even before you purchase your tires.

Best Tire for Ford Transit 250

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Cooper Discoverer H/T Tires

  • Tread designed to evacuate water
  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific
  • Highway tire for drivers of SUVs and pickup trucks looking...

The Cooper Discoverer tires are specially designed for drivers who would like to handle all-season tires that are dependable and come with improved ride comfort.

The tires are designed with a tread compound that is all-season. The tread pattern is asymmetrical and this pattern increases dry pavement traction. It also increases the cornering performance of the tires. The solid center rib adds to the stability of the tires when you are moving at a high speed. The center rib also provides you with steering response and feel that is quite ideal.

With these tires maneuvering on a wet road is so much easier thanks to the wide circumferential grooves. These grooves are carved to release more water from beneath the tread of the tire. This increases the resistance of the hydroplane. The tire also has high-density sipes that are zig-zag and are evident around the tread. This adds to the bite when you maneuver through road surfaces covered in ice and snow.

In the interior side of the tire, you will notice two steel belts that are wrapped with nylon material. This adds to the durability and strength of the tread. The steel belts also provide you with tire wear that is a lot more even and the tread life is much longer.

Key Features

  • The tires have really wide and notched circumferential grooves that are four in number
  • The grooves provide more resistance to hydroplaning and this enhances the traction on snow and other soft surfaces
  • The zigzag sipes are of high density
  • The sipes improve the performance of the tires on roads covered in snow and ice. It also improves the wet traction while supporting the rigidity of the tread element.

The Pros

  • The handling and traction on wet and dry surfaces is one of the best.
  • The tread life is very durable
  • The quality of the car ride is very comfortable and quiet
  • Users get great value for the money they have spent.

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Firestone Destination LE 2 Tires

Firestone Destination LE2...
  • Built To Keep Up With You
  • All-Season Performance
  • Built to Last With Solid Wet and Dry Performance

The Destination LE 2 tires are Firestone’s industry’s second version of tires and they are also one of the most highly rated tires in the market. These tires are specially designed for Ford Transit drivers as well as vans and other types of pickups. The tires provide you with additional handling and great driving quality.

The tires are designed with an all-season tread compound that is manufactured with silica. The tread pattern is symmetric providing you with solid traction on surfaces that are dry and also surfaces that are covered with snow and water. The center rib of the tires, as well as the carved shoulder blocks, provide you with an enhanced cornering and handling performance. Drivers are also provided with an improved steering response.

The tire is also designed with circumferential grooves and lateral grooves that push water away from the tread and eliminate any chance of hydroplaning. At the end of the day, you are provided with wet pavement traction that is so much better. This increases your confidence when maneuvering during harsh weather conditions.

The tires are also designed with cross grooves that are one of a kind and additional zig-zag sipes that improve the tire’s performance on the snow. So it does not matter if you are driving on road surfaces that are covered in sleet or slush, light or deep snow, the tires will comfortably get you through it.

In the interior side of the tire, there are two steel belts that are reinforced with nylon material. This adds to the strength and durability of the tires and this comes in very handy during the speed range. The tires are also made with a polyester cord body that enhances the comfort of your ride.

Key Features

  • During the wet and rainy weather conditions, these tires really shine
  • The tread slots improve the handling of the tires even on wet road surfaces
  • The zigzag sipes provide you with a larger surface area allowing the tire to get better contact with the road that is covered in water
  • The tire is specially designed to grasp the wet road very well.
  • These tires are an amazing choice if you live in an area where it rains constantly or if you are traveling to an area where you are likely to experience some wet roads.

The Pros

  • The dry and wet traction is one of a kind
  • The cornering stability, as well as the handling, is great
  • The ride is very comfortable and the tires do not make any noise on the road
  • The tread life of your vehicle lasts for a very long time.

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Kumho Crugen HT51 Tires  

Kumho Crugen HT51 All-Season...
  • Country of Origin : Viet Nam
  • The Package Height of the Product is 10.7 inches
  • The Package Length of the Product is 30.6 inches

The HT51 tires are Kumho Crugen’s new all-season tires that are designed for Ford Transit tires as well as tricks and SUV. These tires are constructed with new tread design.

Kumho makes use of a tread compound that is all-season. The tread pattern is asymmetric and it is designed to provide you with enhanced traction and better handling on both wet and dry road surfaces. The tread pattern is optimized and the tread blocks are much stiffer, improving the steering response, the handling, and the cornering stability all through the speed range.

The circumferential grooves are much wider and the grooves around the tread. The circumferential grooves combine with 3-dimensional sipes providing additional grip on road pavements that are wet. This is an area where this tire excels at. The grooves also work well at expelling water away, increasing the hydroplane resistance.

The 3-dimensional sipes also work well in providing you with additional grip when driving on road surfaces that are covered in snow and slush. In the interior side of the tire, there are two steel belts that are covered with nylon material. This results in additional durability and strength. The tire’s ply polyester cord body provides you with additional ride comfort.

Key Features

  • The symmetrical four-channel layout tires provide drivers with all-weather traction that expels water, snow, slush, and mud from the contact patch.
  • The tires also come with a zigzag style groove design
  • The tires also have 3-dimensional sipes that enhance your stability and traction on road surfaces that are covered in snow.
  • The tire is manufactured with an all-season tread compound that is one of a kind, allowing the tire to maintain grip in hot and cold weather conditions.

The Pros

  • The traction on both dry and wet road surfaces is excellent
  • The vehicle is very smooth and quiet on the road
  • The tread life is amazing
  • You get great value for your money.

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The Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Tire

Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Radial...
  • Tire only
  • Modern, aggressive 5-rib all-terrain design to provide...
  • Silica based tread compound provides excellent wet traction...

Finding tires that can perform perfectly while handling all-terrain for your Ford Transit or SUV is not so easy. However, the Cooper Discoverer tires can handle it very easily.

The tread has a very well-balanced and great design providing you with amazing traction on both wet and dry road surfaces. The performance on varied terrain is also quite solid, just in case you would like to take your vehicle on a better path.

The tires not only feature a very attractive tread pattern, but they also include a ribbed design that improves on-road handling and stability. The tires are also made with a center rib that is divided enhancing the traction and performance off-road. At the same time, this produces an on-road performance of high quality.

The aggressive shoulders if the tires provide you with additional traction on much smoother surfaces. This also improves the look of the tire. The thick grooves that are evident around the circumference of the tires go a long way in enhancing the performance of the vehicle.

The Discoverer AT is also designed with a siping structure that is one of a kind. The sipes work well in reducing the noise on the road as well as giving the tire additional tread wear. The sipes also work well in getting rid of pebbles and stones. This makes the tread blocks a lot more stable.

The grooves provide drivers with lateral protection that gives you more assistance in getting rid of the retention of stones on the tire’s surface. This is quite impressive as it is like the tire has the ability to clean itself.

The venting technology of the tire is very special giving the tire a neat and sophisticated look. This gets rid of micro-vents that are evident in the tread area.

The tires perform perfectly on road surfaces covered in the water thanks to the tread compound that is silica-based. This ensures that the model is free of slips and drivers are a lot more confident when maneuvering behind the wheel.

In fact, the tire is very stable on corners and wet turns. The vehicle remains quite steady even when handling changing maneuvers on the fast lane.

Key Features

  • The all-terrain design is quite modern providing you with great performance when driving both on and off-road.
  • The tread compound is silica-based providing you with amazing handling and wet traction when cruising on the highway.
  • The center rib is broken and this enhances the soft surface traction without compromising the handling
  • The draft tread element walls help in reducing the retention of stones and pebbles.

The Pros

  • The tires provide you with an amazing grip on both road surfaces that are wet, dry or covered in snow.
  • The traction on off-road terrain is excellent
  • The tires are very quiet on the highway
  • The tires also have a self-cleaning mechanism that ensures that gravel is kept out of the tread channels.

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Factors That You Must Consider When Purchasing the Most Ideal Tires for your Ford Transit 250

Purchasing brand new tires can actually be a very overwhelming task. This is also because of the infrequent number of times we are required to shop for tires. Today’s tires are now compounded by new technological developments in tire technology.

When to purchase new tires

How can one tell when is the best time to buy new tires? In some cases, conducting a visual inspection will show you if your tires have depleted their life. In addition, you may want to confirm if there are any trouble signs such as tire wear that is uneven.

A number of tires come with basic guidelines regarding the depth of the treads of your tires and these guidelines can be used as a benchmark to determine if it is time to purchase new tires.

The climatic conditions

Perhaps the most basic consideration is the climatic condition of the area in which you will be driving around. All tires are designed for excellent performance on different kinds of driving conditions.

In the Northeastern regions, we are exposed to a large amount of snowfall, therefore, when purchasing tires, it is important that you find out if you will be using these tires for certain seasons or if you will be using these tires all year.

Whatever the case is, it is mandatory to make sure that your tires are able to handle the weather conditions that they will be exposed to. Failure to do so could result in low performance, as well as a lack of stability and safety.

The size of your tires

Before you purchase your tire, you should find out the size of your tire. This is based on the manufacturer’s specifications of your vehicle. All this information is available in the manual book that is handed to the owner. On the door of the driver, there is an informational sticker. A large number of tire dealers will be able to verify the tire’s information by confirming the design and the model of the tire.

The tire life

Different tires have different life expectations. Tire life is basically measured in miles and this information should be readily available. Tires that have a short lifespan are usually designed for superior performance providing drivers with a very smooth ride. It all depends on your budget and the needs of your tire. It is vital that you get to know the life expectancy and the proper balance of performance for your tires.

The rating of the speed

Each and every tire is given a letter rate. This letter is used to indicate the speed that the tire can safely move for a certain time period. It all depends on your own driving needs. It is important that drivers choose the tires that are most suited for you.

The noise that the tires produce

Every tire produces a certain amount of noise. Some tires produce more noise than others. The design of your treads is actually the source of the noise. This is actually something that you may not notice until you cruise on the highway with your vehicle, however, it is important that you conduct some research ahead of time.

The quality and style of the ride

The size of your tires is actually determined by your car, as well as the tires and these tires come in different designs and styles. These different designs allow you to customize the style of your vehicle. It does not matter if you would like an elegant, modern, retro, sporty and rugged look, there are a ton of tire styles to choose from.

It is important to remember that different styles vary according to the performance of the tires. Tires that have a very low profile, for example, provide you with a very cool and sporty look and enhance the handling capabilities, however, these kinds of tires are vulnerable to damage.

The ride is much rougher and the tread life is also shorter. These tires are also quite expensive. It is important that you settle for the best compromise when it comes to the performance and looks of your tires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the rolling resistance for my tires?

When it comes to the rolling resistance, the tread compound of your tire is a big factor, however, the construction, as well as the size and tread pattern, can have a major influence on your tire. To get a good average of your rolling resistance, three tires should run in each configuration.

This explains why the values of your rolling resistance are estimated. Most manufacturing companies do have some data, however, most of the time the data does not compare with the patterns or sizes that have been requested. Estimating the data is therefore required.

Why do my tires wear out very quickly?

If your tires wear out prematurely, it may probably be because of many different factors such as the road condition of the area you are driving in, improper kind of inflation, your vehicle could be misaligned, your vehicle parts could be worn out and a number of other different reasons.

To get the actual reason why your tires have worn out very quickly, you could try and physically inspect your tires with a professional who will be able to make a determination.

What is the recommended tire pressure?

A number of drivers are requested to use tire pressure that the manufacturer wants. The recommended tire pressure is often written on the door jam of the driver’s seat. It is important that you do not deviate from the tire pressure that has been recommended. The pressure requirements may deviate when it comes to plus-sized tires.


If you are looking to upgrade your Ford Transit 250 tires, and go for tires that have a larger diameter, work well in all-terrain and enhance your ground traction and clearance, this article is the best for you. All the information gathered has been reviewed and drivers are guaranteed that this article will guide drivers to make the best-informed decision.

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