No Monthly Fee Car Trackers

Which Is The Best GPS Tracker Without Monthly Fees

You will agree with me when I say life would be full of anxiety without good GPS trackers, right? Well, there is one problem, though – Finding that best-hidden GPS tracker with no monthly fee.

A major hurdle with GPS tracker for car is that they charge subscription fee for the use of their satellite services. This is why we have created a list of the best-hidden GPS tracker for cars with no monthly fee.

We have researched and spent hours comparing the features and review of these trackers with those that have a monthly fee. Consequently, we have shortlisted the top 10 GPS tracker you can purchase and be sure that your car, assets, and loved ones are safe.

Best Car GPS Trackers No Monthly Fee

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Best Car GPS Trackers No Monthly Fee

Sino Track GPS Tracker

Real-Time OBD car GPS Tracking Device locator made it to this list of the best GPS tracker with no monthly fee because it allows you to use its free tracking software for a lifetime.

This product has a magnet, which makes it easy for you to attach on the body of your car without worrying that it will detach and fall. This GPS tracker can store up to 2 years of tracking history. Thus, you can view and playback your daily tracking history at your own convenient time. Besides, there is no limit to how often you want to see your trips

Sino Track GPS offers immediate alerts via text. If you are interested in knowing the speed, movement and the battery level of your car, then Sino Track is the product for you.  Sadly, the device does not come with a sim card. Therefore, you need to buy a local SIM card if you want to receive location notification by text.

The text notification means that you need to pay the SMS cost, which can be an extra cost for some users. But this is not an issue if text alert is not a priority because you can still track through Sino website platform or Android and iOS apps.

Key Features

  • Two years of tracking history
  • Unlimited trip view


  • Has a magnet therefore easy to install
  • Has a daily tracking history playback


  • Has SMS cost if you want to receive a notification via text

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GPS Tracker Vyncs

GPS Tracker for Vehicles Vyncs...
  • VYNCS ADVANTAGES. No Battery needed, powered by OBD. Vehicle...

Vyncs is a top-rated band when it comes to GPS tracker solutions. GPS Tracker Vyncs stands out because it offers you unlimited trip history on the map with no monthly fee. By default, the device updates its location every 3 minutes. However, you can choose to upgrade to 60, 30, and 15 seconds update.

Vyncs Tracker comes with an accelerometer that allows you to detect unsafe driving practices such as rapid acceleration and braking.

How about the battery and how long does it last? Well, Vyncs tracker does not require a battery as it gets its power from BD-II port. Interestingly, this tracker goes t sleep when you switch off the car. However, it wakes up every 1 hour to update the location.

Additionally, by connecting the device to OBD-ii port, it collects vehicle diagnostic information such as maintenance, battery voltage, and fuel economy. This information can save you unnecessary cost that results from late maintenance and fuel misuse if you are a business owner.

When you buy the tracker, you can set all the notification you want to receive regarding the driver and the car. For example, you can choose to get alert when the driver is speeding, braking harshly, or accelerating rapidly. Finally, Vyncs tracker allows you to set your start point, stop point, and other geo-fences zones.

Key Features

  • Has accelerometer which notifies you of rapid acceleration and braking
  • Uses OBD-II port thus require no charging


  • Has geofencing features that allow you to set zones
  • Provides you with the health status of your car, e.g. late


  • None

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LandAirSea Sync Real-Time 4G LTE GPS Tracker

LandAirSea Sync GPS Tracker -...
  • THE ULTIMATE GPS VEHICLE TRACKER: Our ultra compact tracking...
  • TRACKS MOVEMENT IN REAL-TIME: Track and map (with Google...
  • DISCREET TRACKING: The ultimate in discreet tracking or...

If you are looking for a 4G real-time tracking device with no monthly data fee, then LandAirSea sync is the device for you. This device offers you a pinpoint real-time tracking with an accuracy of approximately 6 feet.

Many people want to monitor the behaviour of their drivers. LandAirSea not only gives you the driver behaviour report but accident alert. This means that if your car is involved in an accident, it detects the impact and notifies you. This product has geofencing features. You can set to receive departure and arrival alerts.

If you are worried about installation, it couldn’t be any easier. You only need to locate the OBD-II port, and plug. Plugging to OBD port has the benefit of eliminating the hustle of charging as you don’t need batteries.

You can use this device to track your car, teens, and your fleet. It also gives you the option to playback historical trips.

You can use landairsea without a monthly subscription. However, there are some features you won’t be able to enjoy. Nonetheless, they are features that don’t affect the security of your car and assets

Key Features

  • Has an accuracy of approximately 6 feet
  • Has impact detection in case your vehicle is involved in an accident


  • Easy to install through OBD port
  • Transmit location update once every 3 seconds


  • Some features require an activation fee which may be expensive

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GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device

GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle...
  • Newer LTE model; No contract; Very Accurate Trips; 1 year of...
  • Hardwired install (default, mechanical know-how required) or...
  • Full ELD Compliance; 1 year hardware warranty; Easy 3 wire...

If you are looking for a compact a real-time vehicle GPS tracker with fast updates and turn-by-turn locations with no monthly fee, then GPSsit is the right choice.

The installation is easy, and you can do it in two ways. First, a 2-wire configuration where you plug the Light Fleet tracker in vehicle’s OBD and secondly, a 3-wire configuration where you connect Positive (Red), Negative (Black), and Ignition (White) wires.  I like keeping things simple, and so if you are like me, you would go for the first option of plug and play.

This device will give you the essential information you want in a tacker such as the speed, route the car has taken, and the total distance.

What makes this device good is because you can be able to see the location of your car on google map. However, the downside of this tracker is it requires you to have some mechanical know-how.

Key Features

  • has a dashboard that let you see all your units on google map
  • keep track of mileage and the number of trips your car has made


  • No hidden fee
  • It is Full ELD Compliant


  • Require mechanical know-how to install

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BARTUN Vehicles GPS Tracker Magnet Tracking for Cars

BARTUN Bluetooth Wireless Tire...
  • 【Dynamically Monitor&After-Sales Warranty】: Dynamically...
  • 【Money & Time Saving】The Bluetooth external TPMS sensors...
  • 【Easy Installation】 Anyone can set up in 3 easy steps in...

This product let you monitor your car in real-time using your android phone, iPhone, and computer. On the other hand, if you are not on those platforms, you don’t have to worry because you can receive the GPS coordinates of your car via SMS.

If you want a device that is will not give you headache installing, the bartun comes with a strong magnet that makes it easy for you to attach to the body of the car. You can hide it under the vehicle, which makes it stealth.

Since the tracker is waterproof, you can attach it even to the bottom of your car without worrying. Lastly, this tracker is accurate and can keep records of daily routes.

Key Features

  • Waterproof IP65
  • Has a shockproof design to withstand the harsh environment


  • Has a strong magnet that allows you to attach anywhere in the body of the car
  • Easy monitoring via mobile app and SMS


  • SIM card not included

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GPS Tracker VyncsMo, 3G Car GPS Tracking

GPS Tracker VyncsMo, 3G Car...
  • This is the same high quality Vyncs tracker with the added...
  • No Activation Fee. USD 8.00 per month (AT&T in US,...
  • Real-time 3G GPS tracking device that plugs into the OBD-II...

If you find removing and charging your GPS tracker frustrating, then you might want to consider VyncsMo which only require you to plug in OBD-II port in your car. The tracker gives you real-time 3G GPS tracking capabilities.

VyncsMo comes with SIM card included. On the other hand, this product is supported in approximately 177 countries, which means there is a high chance that whichever your country you are covered.

Nonetheless, it is prudent to check whether your country is supported before you buy by visiting their website. This will save you the agony of purchasing a device that will not serve you

Vyncs updates the location every 60 seconds. Besides, it allows you to set your geofences, monitor the number of trips, and the see routes your car has taken.

If you are in business and want to monitor the fuel consumption, Vyncs will give you fuel report. It also gives you personalized fuel-saving tips. Furthermore, you can track how well your vehicle is driven because the device comes with a dedicated nano accelerometer for detecting rapid vehicle movement. It also has unsafe driving alerts.

Key Features

  • It is 3G
  • Has 60 seconds GPS update


  • Has geofencing features
  • vehicle diagnostics


  • not supported in some countries

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Tkstar GPS Tracker

TKSTAR GPS Tracker,GPS Tracker...
  • 【4 Month Super Long Time Standby】10000mAh...
  • 【5USD /month】SIM Card Not Included. This device need a...
  • 【Widely Used】Track the location of the vehicles(renting...

If you want a GPS tracker that is easy to install but still get the work done, the Tkstar GPS Tracker is the device for you. This product comes with a built-in strong magnet.

Now, the battery is what determines how long you can track your vehicle before you recharge again. TKstar comes with a 10000mAh battery capable of lasting for six weeks when in use and 120 days if it is on standby mode.

The device is waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry that your car will be untraceable in case it rains or the vehicle gets in contact with water.

The downside of this product is it does not come with a SIM card which means you have to buy. Also, the product supports 2G network, which is disadvantageous considering we have other devices support in 3G and 4G networks.

The 2G network may be outdated in some countries and hard to find. However, this should not be an issue if you live in a region well supported by the 2G network.

The tracker is easy to set up, and you can get the app from the google play store and start tracking your car in real-time. The location of the tracker is precise, and it gives you an accuracy of 5 -10 meters.

Key Features

  • has anti-theft function
  • has over speed alarm


  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof


  • Support 2G network only

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Automatic Connected Car Assistant New AUT-450C

Automatic PRO AUT-350...
  • The manufacturer has discontinued this product. All...

What make this stand out is its great features with no monthly fee. When you purchase it, you can either select the three years of free service or the premium service, which is free for the first 6 months.

Do you ever park your car in the parking lot and when you come back you can’t remember where you parked it? Then automatic is the solution for you. This product has parked car locator which notifies you where the car. This feature is ideal for seniors.

This GPS tracker lets you connect the device to OBD 2, which gives has two benefits. First, it eliminates the need for recharging your battery and secondly; the connection to OBD enables you to get car diagnostics and detect issues in your engine.

Automatic New AUT-450c uses 3G network to identify its position. The device has a cellular phone chip that connects seamlessly with the Automatic’s server. However, the device does not relay location information in areas with no cellular reception.

Key Features

  • Uses 3 G network
  • Has a parking locator


  • Suitable for teens, seniors, and small business
  • Has vehicle diagnostics


  • Use in the USA only

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VYNCS Premium GPS Tracker TrackVPOBDGPS1

VYNCS Premium: No Monthly Fees...
  • No monthly fees, USD 85.99 for renewal in the second year,...
  • Logs trips, 4G car gps tracking, review routes on map, set...
  • Get zone enter-exit zone notifications, driving score,...

This tracking device is multifunctional because it allows us to track and know the health status of our vehicles. At no monthly fee.

Vyncs GPS tracker uses OBD diagnostic to give you information of the condition of the battery, engine light, and fuel economy. Importantly, it has a maintenance reminder that nudges you to change oil, brake pads, tires, and the battery. Knowing the health of your car is crucial because it saves you cost of maintenance.

The device is easy to install as it requires you to plug and you’re ready to start tracing your car. It updates its location every 3 minutes.

If you are a parent, you can set zones that are safe for your teens. On the other hand, if you are a businessman, the device lets you set the zone around your area of operation. This saves you cost that result from company car misuse. It let you monitor your employee by giving you information on when a driver departs and arrive – notification.

Key Features

  • I year data history
  • It is 3 G


  • Has departure and arrival notifications feature
  • Has vehicle maintenance reminder


  • Has a one- time activation fee

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VyncsFleet GPS Tracker

VyncsFleet: GPS Trackers No...
  • Full service connected car product with Real Time Car GPS...
  • Real-time Geofence zone, vehicle OBD diagnostics,...
  • 4G wireless connection supported in 220+ countries including...

This tracker stands out because it supports 2G and 3G network; All with no monthly fee.

Vyncsfleet is a real-time GPS tracker that is easy to install and require no recharging as it draws its power from the OBD 2 port.

The device gives you updates on the driving behaviour of the driver, for instance, his driving speed, rapid acceleration, abrupt braking, and unsafe cornering.  This ensures the safety of your loved and your assets.

VyncsFleet has fuel cost tracking, which let you track the estimated cost of fuel. You also get a report on the aspect of driving contribution to high fuel consumption, and it gives you a tip on how to rectify.  This is important for a fleet manager to plan his business.

Also thanks to its connection via OBD, you get your car diagnostic trouble code data. This information is sent through your account.

Key Features

  • Has accelerometer to check unsafe driving
  • Support 2G and 3G


  • Easy to install and no need for batteries
  • Has geofence feature


  • It has a 3 minute GPS update. You need to upgrade to get 60, 30, and 15 seconds update

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Factors to Consider when Purchasing GPS Trackers No Monthly Fee

When looking for the best car tracker with no monthly fee, you might be tempted to go for any GPS Tracker that comes your way because it has no recurring fee without considering your needs. However, you should ask yourself whether it serves your needs and consider some of the factors mentioned below.

Pricing and Hidden Costs

Does the product have a hidden cost? Does it have an activation fee? Will you be required to pay extra or upgrade to premium to use feature crucial to your personal or business needs?

People purchase GPS for a variety of reasons. Some buy a tracker with features to help them monitor fuel consumption, trips made, route, or bad driving behaviour. Thus, before you buy a GPS with no monthly fee, you need to confirm whether you can use all the features without extra payment or upgrade.

Real-time tracking

Does your device share its location in real-time? The GPS tracker you choose should be able to show you the location of your car in real-time. On the other hand, you should consider the frequency which the GPS tracker updates its position. Some devices update location after 30 or 60 seconds while some 3 minutes or more.

Monitoring and Geo-fencing capabilities  

You should go for a GPS that has a mobile app for monitoring the location of your automobile. Besides, the best car GPS tracker with no monthly fee should have an app that is easy use for android and iOS. Some GPS trackers lack mobile app, which means that you can track your car by logging in their website.

Some GPS tracker will only show you the location of your car while others give you features to monitoring your loved ones and assets. If you are a parent who wants to track your teens or a businessperson who wants to know how the company car is used, you should choose a GPS device that allows you to set zones where your vehicle should move.

Installation and Ease of use

While most GPS trackers will come with an installation manual, it is good to know whether it is something you can install by yourself or one that you will require to call a technical person.

Most GPS tracker with no monthly fee will either have a magnet that you attach in the body of the car while some require you to plug in the OBD II port.

Battery life and power source

You must consider how long your GPS tracker battery will last. Most GPS batteries have a life that range from 1 week to 180 days.

However, this varies depending on the use and the frequency of updates. A battery with a short life means you have to recharge it more often. Thus, it is advisable to choose a product that you will comfortably manage to be charging without getting tired.

On the other side, if you want a tracker that does not require recharging, you should buy GPS trackers that require connection to the OBD port.

Whether proof – is your GPS tracker waterproof?

You do not want a GPS tracker with no monthly fee that fail to transmit its location because of rain or bad weather. You should go for a GPS tracker that is waterproof and can withstand harsh conditions. Check the waterproof certification before you buy.


How is the GPS tracking device powered? 

GPS tracker can be powered through OBD port 2 or the battery. A battery-based tracker requires you to be recharge once the battery is low. You should check how long the battery last before recharging. Some people prefer OBD as it draws its power from the car and requires no charging

How often does GPS tracker update its location?

This will depend on the model of your tracker. In general, most devices update their location after every 15, 30 or 60 seconds. Also, some update after 3 minutes, 5 minutes or more. The frequency of the update will depend on your need.

Even though most GPS trackers come with a default update setting, you can always increase or reduce the number.

Which countries are supported by the no monthly fee GPS tracker?

If you are planning to buy a GPS tracker, you might be wondering whether it is supported in your country. Some GPS support countries all over the world, while some are state and continent specific. For instance, there are some GPS trackers with no monthly fee that offer support to USA or Europe only.

We recommend confirming with your service provider whether the region you plan to operate is supported.

How long is the data stored?

This will depend on the device. Some GPS tracker will retain your data for 1 year while others retain for 3 to 5 year. It is important to note that some require you to pay a fee to retrieve data from cold storage. Thus you should confirm the estimated cost of before you buy.


Searching for the best GPS tracker with no monthly fee is not easy. Some want to track their teens and others their business car. We have reviewed some of the top brands in the market, and we have a winner – GPS Tracker Vyncs. This GPS tracker is easy to install via OBD port, and it also alerts you on lousy driving and when the car is due for maintenance.

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