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Best bar end mirrors for motorcycles


For most bikers, there is nothing impressive with the standard side mirrors that come with each bike. You may find your existing mirrors cheap and lacking in functionality.

Bar end mirrors are attached at the very end of the handlebars and less obstructive than the standard mirrors that come with each bike. The mirrors are easy to install and improve the general aesthetic appeal of the bike.

In most jurisdictions, it is perfectly normal to install bar end mirrors to your bike. Installing, the mirrors is simple as you only need a pair of pliers to fasten the mirrors to the end of the handlebar.

Choosing the right bar end mirrors isn’t that straightforward with so many brands in the market. This buying guide checks out some of the best bar end mirrors for motorcycles in the market.

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Here are the Best bar end mirrors for motorcycles

CRG Bar end mirror – Blindsight black

CRG Bar End Mirror -...
  • Black anodized finish 6061-T billet aluminum construction...
  • Fits most handlebars and clip-ons with an outer diameter...
  • Does not come with adapter. May require internal adapter if...

CRG stands for Constructors Racing Group and is Santa Cruz county, California company. The companies product line consists of various bike accessories like RR race rearsets, side mirrors,  and adjustable levers.

The main target market for the company’s products is American but you the company always has something for the Asian, European and Australian markets.

This mirror is quite small hence making it very discreet. It measures 2” in diameter and is less visible or pronounced than other bar end mirrors. The mirror is convex in design and due to its compact design you are able to view your background surrounding with ease.

The Blindsight black is made from 6061-T black anodized billet aluminum construction. This is supported by a stainless steel hardware that makes the bar end mirrors very durable. The bar end bars will fit most motorcycles courtesy of clip-ons of an outer diameter of 7/8”. If you do not have the 7/8” bars you may need to purchase an adapter.


  • Easy to mount
  • Made from a durable aluminum frame
  • Can fit on most motorcycles
  • Discreet mirror with little obstructions


  • Units do not come with adapter

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Rizoma Spy R 80 Mirror

Rizoma Spy R 80 Mirror, Black,...
  • Fine Italian Quality and design, Awesome Billet and Glass...
  • This listing is for one (1) Mirror. Order 2 if you want a...
  • This Mirror includes the Proguard LP200B Adapter, Which fits...

If you are looking for something more classy, then the Rizoma is an ideal choice. Rizoma is an Italian maker that is known for producing high quality items with awesome billet. This mirror does not disappoint in any way. The design is stylish and the black coloring gives it a spy look.

The Spy R measures 80mm and comes with a concave anti-glare glass. The end mirrors provide a very sharp viewing angle that enables one to view incoming cars. Included in the purchase is a Proguard LP200B adapter. The Rizoma will fit most motorcycle handlebars with a diameter of 13-18mm.

The body construction to this mirrors is what impresses many motorists. The body frame is all aluminum billet while the outside it is coated with anodized black. This color won’t fade as it comes into contact with weather elements. The glass is also made from premium materials hence making it very long lasting.


  • High quality mirror
  • Can be mounted on most bikes
  • Billet aluminum construction for added strength
  • Easy to fit


  • Pricier than other bar end mirrors

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HDM 830 classic circular motorcycle bar end mirror

HDM Products 830 Classic...
  • APPROXIMATE DELIVERY TIME 10 DAYS (Contact us for more...
  • 100% Stainless Steel Bar End Componants used in Construction...
  • Adjustable Round Mirror head with 4"(100mm Diameter), Fitted...

This is a stylish all stainless steel bar end mirror. All the components used in the construction are non-corrosive so you do need to worry about rust when it rains. The mirrors are also polished for that shiny look. You can use the HDM bar end mirrors for your rockers and mods.

One of the top qualities to be on the lookout for when purchasing mirrors is how adjustable they are. The HDM come with a 360 degree adjustable arm which makes it accommodating for persons of varying heights.

If you need the mirrors to fit in a tight spot of the bike you can cranks them around it. The mirror is convex shaped for enhanced visibility. The mirror measures 100mm in diameter and will fit most bikes in the market including 7/8 inch and 1 inch handlebars.

Halycon the mirror’s manufacturers have a reputation for producing motorcycle adaptors. The HDM 830 come with a M5 thread that enables them to fit is most standard low quality bar end mirrors.


  • 360-degree adjustable arm
  • M5 thread for easy fitting
  • Stainless steel construction for durability and rust resistance
  • Convex mirror for better visibility


  • With some bikes there maybe some collision with the clutch handle

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KEMIMOTO Bar end Mirror

kemimoto Motorcycle Handlebar...
  • Heavy Duty Material: The frame and stem are made of Selected...
  • Note 1: Fits inside handlebars with 13 to 18mm inside...
  • Note 2: Clarity is great and even has the slight blue tint...

If you are looking for something nice for your motorcycle while working on a budget then the kemimoto is your mirror of choice. Firstly, the mirror is made from durable CNC billet aluminum and stainless steel ball sockets. This means you can have this mirrors for years without them getting damaged.

To give you an extended vision when riding the mirrors are convex shaped and measure 3.5”X3.5”. They will fit on bike handlebars having diameter of 13 to 18mm on the inside. This means you can apply them on all 7/8” handlebars.

It is irritating trying to gain visibility in extreme sunny conditions. The Kemimoto comes with blue tint that protects your vision from glare. The mirrors are large which means your view from behind is not obstructed in any way.

The installation process for the kemimoto is simplified as you get three varying black plastic sleeves. Once done installing ensure you properly fasten the three screws. The only downside we found to this mirrors is that they are a bit bulky which may add some weight to your handlebars but they are quite affordable and durable.


  • Sturdy billet aluminum construction
  • Varying plastic sleeves to fit different handlebars
  • Blue tint to stop glare
  • Easily adjustable
  • Good value for money


  • Are a bit bulky

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Kawell Round bar end mirrors

KAWELL Rear View Side Mirror...
  • ★CLEAR VISION & SAFE DRIVE: 3 inch glass lens, 6061 Billet...
  • ★BEST ANGLE ADJUSTMENT: Ball-type universal connecting...
  • ★FASHION DESIGN: Universal Round Bar End Convex Mirrors,...

If you own a Suzuki, Honda, Harley Davidson, cruiser or Kawasaki you may want to take a closer look at this mirrors. The Kawell are designed to offer you the best of vision through a 3 inch lens. This mirrors are sturdy enough courtesy of the lightweight billet aluminum construction.

When it comes to riding your bike at high speeds, having clear vision can be a matter of life and death. The Kawell ball type joint is capable of turning 360 degrees for maximum visibility. You can move it up and down depending on your riding height.

The Kawell design is quite fashionable and you get convex lenses that are corrosion resistant and shock proof. You can also use them for all types of weather conditions without worrying about declining visibility.

The bar end mirrors will fit on most motorcycle types including cruiser chopper, ATV, dirt bikes, sport bikes, scooters and even electric scooters. The mirrors measure a decent 3.2” in diameter with is a good size for most bikes. Installation is simplified and you can plug in the Kawell mirrors to any 7/8 inch handlebars.


  • Offers good value for money
  • Fits a wide variety of bikes from cruiser hoppers to dirt bikes
  • Anti-corrosion resistant
  • Nice convex design for enhanced visibility
  • Multiple mounting options


  • Comes in just one design

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MZS Bar End Mirrors

MZS Bar End Mirrors -...
  • INSTALL NOTICE - This bar end mirror only fit for Standard...
  • WIDE FITMENT - Honda GROM MSX125 CB500F CBR250R CBR300R...
  • HIGH COMPONENTS - MZS Mirrors used CNC Billet Aluminum...

This mirrors come with a CNC billet aluminum housing that is supported by optical grade acrylic. The mirrors come in handy when you are riding with the sun behind you as they are armed with anti-glare.

Since the MZS are not OEM mirrors you can install them in your standard 7/8 inch bar end handlebars. If the bars don’t fit you can perform some minor adjustments to it.

The MZS offer good value for money due to their simple design and wide usage. They are a great way to boost your riding visibility without having to spend that much on a pair of bar end mirrors.

The mirrors will fit most bike models like Suzuki, Kawasaki or the more exclusive Harley Davidson. The mirrors are designed for  most 7/8 inch bars. You also get a classy anodized finish that will keep your mirror frame from rust and weather elements.

While the mirrors are slightly more complicated to fix when compared to other bar end mirrors, they do come with a detailed instruction manual for easy installation. You can mount them above or below the bar are easily adjustable to accommodate the riders height.


  • Sturdy billet aluminum frame
  • Helps boost riders visibility and remove blind spots
  • Can be mounted on a wide variety of bikes
  • Simplistic design


  • Can be a bit difficult to install

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Motogadget m.view Blade Bar end mirror

Motogadget m.view Blade bar...
  • New motogadget glassless mirror series m.view
  • Fits 7/8" or 1" Handebars
  • Can be mounted above or below the handlebars

This motogadget bar end mirrors feature a patented mirror surface that allows the mirror to be attached directly to the metal part of the body. The mirrors are very lightweight yet strong enough due to an aluminum construction. This design has been integrated into the frame meaning you do not have to worry about shuttered glass.

The mirror will fit on most 7/8” and 1” bars with very little adjustments. The convex mirror design means you have a very wide viewing angle. You can place the mirrors above or below the bar.

The convex mirror is specially designed through special diamond tools and this ensures it is precision fit. It is also corrosion, oxidation, and scratch resistant.

The outer frame is anodized for aesthetic appeal while the screws are made from stainless steel. Since the mirrors are very small they will not hinder you indicators.


  • Innovative design
  • Fits more bike models
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Sturdy design that is also lightweight
  • Easy to mount


  • May experience issues adjusting the mirrors

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LearningTech CNC Billet Aluminum

This bar end mirrors come with a stylish design that makes them a great accessory for your motorbike. They are made from CNC billet aluminum and supported by optical grade acrylic mirror that has anti-glare properties. This means you can ride your bike all day without worrying about direct sunlight.

This mirrors will fit most 7/8 inch handlebars and are pretty simple to mount. They are lightweight and the design is decent. The mirrors are budget friendly and this may pose some questions when it comes to the finishing.

It is not that great, so expect some scratches here and there. The tint is also slight not as great as what you will find with other high end models.


  • Budget friendly
  • Tinted glass
  • Durable billet aluminum frame
  • Easily adjustable


  • The finishing isn’t that great

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ViZe Bar end mirrors – 22mm

ViZe 7/8" 22mm Side bar...
  • Universal rear view mirrors for Street bikes, Sports bikes,...
  • Bar end mirrors with a large vision to see clearly
  • Very simple and classic style, easy to install

The ViZe are stylish in design and are a good addition to your dirt bike, sport bike or cruiser hopper with 22mm handlebar. There simplistic design makes them very easy to install and with a wide mirror you have a wide visibility during riding tours. The mirror color is blue while the handle one is red.

The bar end mirrors are constructed using high quality aluminum materials and this ensures you will be using them for years to come. They offer good value for money and are not complicated to install. The solid ball mounting system enables you to rotate the mirrors as you which and accommodates riders of varying heights.

The ViZe mirrors mount in two main ways – one is pushing it to the bar end with the help of a rubber bush. Once you tighten the screw it will compress the bush against the bar insides. The second way is to use the rubber lining ring with when tightened against the handlebar outsides fastens the mirrors securely to your bike.


  • Stylish design
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Gives one a large viewing angle
  • Can be mounted in two ways


  • The bolts do not tighten that well and you maybe forced to use Loctite

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CRG Bar End Mirror Arrow Black

  • The CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror is the ideal application for...
  • Aerodynamic styling in billet aluminum construction gives a...
  • In keeping with the exceptional quality of all CRG products,...

The Constructors Racing Group (CRG) has been producing high quality rear sets, mirrors and adjustable levers for years in the US. Today, they have ventured into the European and the Asian markets. Their bar end mirrors are well received by biking fans across the world for their simplistic design and affordability.

The CRG mirrors come in various designs including the blind sight, blindsight 2 and the arrow mirror. Due to the reputation of the manufacturer the arrow black comes an innovative aerodynamic design that works great to reduce drag at high speeds. The billet aluminum construction ensures that you have sturdy mirrors that will last you a lifetime without replacing them frequently.

The mirrors are easy to install and can be mounted on a variety of bikes. They also feature a multi-position mounting system that offers you enhanced visibility. The view from the mirrors is good and it does improve the aesthetic appeal of the bike.


  • Multi-position mounting system
  • Aerodynamic design that helps reduce drag
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Sturdy aluminum frame


  • You have to purchase the mounting insert separately

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Buying Guide

Factors to consider when selecting a bar end mirror

When you purchase a motorcycle it comes with some standard side mirrors. This are times low quality ones and may not enhance the feel of your motorcycle. Handle end mirrors are attached at the end of your motorcycle handlebars.

If you observe them from a distance, you notice they make the bike appear wider. Most people install the end mirrors to enable them lane split in jurisdictions where bikes can ride in between cars in lanes.

One of the key reasons bikers get bar end mirrors is how it improves the aesthetic feel of the bike. However, this does not mean that all side mirrors you find on motorcycles are dull looking. High-end bikes do come with some quality mirrors.


If you are going to choose bar end mirrors for your motorcycle then the first thing you need to be on the lookout is the size of the mirror. Once fitted the bar end mirrors should enable you view cars behind you.

If the mirrors are too small then it beats the logic to have them installed. If the mirrors are too large or long then it makes it harder to maneuver in between cars.


The right bar end mirror should be one that you can adjust easily to accommodate your height and enhance visibility. When riding you should be able to get the perfect viewing angle to prevent you been knocked down by a car. The bar end mirror should have the ability to be adjusted in a variety of ways.


Most riders can attest to how irritating it is to ride on a bike only for it the mirror to shake uncontrollably. Vibrating can cause you to miss out on visibility. When searching for bar end mirrors search for one that has the ability to absorb shock.

How to fit bar end mirrors

For fixing the bar end mirror you will need:

  • Spanner/wrench
  • Long noised pliers
  • Bar end mirrors

The first step is secure your bike in place with a motorcycle stand so that it does not wobble about when fixing the mirrors.

To remove the old mirrors you will need to remove them using a spanner. They are often mounted on the brake and clutch assembly point. The spanner is for unlocking the locking collar.

You can attach the bar end mirror to the handlebar plug. In the alternative there those motorcycles that already come with bar end mirrors but you are seeking an upgrade, for this use a knife to remove the rubber grips that are attached to the old ones. If the rubber is deeply entrenched in the plug, use pliers to remove them.

Lastly, it is time to install your new bar end mirrors. If they come in a casing you should find clear installation instructions. Most of the mirrors involve pushing the bar end mirror to the plug assembly then bolting them into place.

Legality of having bar end mirrors

In most jurisdictions, there is nothing wrong with installing bar end mirrors to your motorcycle. Before, you do it you may want to consult with the local authorities or police department.

Mounting of bar end mirrors

Most motorists are often worried whether a bar end mirror will fit their particular bike brand. Most of these mirrors are designed to fit on 7/8” and 1” handlebars. Some of the bar end mirrors are more complex to install than others meaning you will need to purchase accessories.

The choice for one bar end mirror will largely depend on personal preferences. What you have for a sport bike may differ very much from what you have in your scooter or cruiser hopper. The styling will also influence the price you get for the mirrors. Most of the bar end mirrors are made from billet aluminum.

This component makes them lightweight while also making them durable. Some will have some anodized finishing for styling while others will come with different shades of anti-glare. The latter is very important as it boosts your visibility in extremely sunny conditions.

How safe are bar end mirrors

In most situations the bar end mirrors are better than the standard OEM mirrors. They offer a much wider view for enhanced visibility. When mounting the mirrors ensure you mount them as high as you can so that you can get a better view of  cars behind you.

Bar end mirrors are safe for your bike as some offer you a 360-degree adjustable angle. When installing the mirrors ensure you do not obstruct your signals in any way. In fact, high end bar end mirrors will come with their own signals.

The cheaper a bar end the higher the chances that it is low quality. This means you are going to perpetually have issues with broken handles and other parts. The screen may also be susceptible to breakages. For the screen go with the convex glass ones.


If you have been riding bikes for years then you are familiar with how quality some of the side mirrors can be. Bar end mirrors are an innovative way to spruce your bike while enhancing your visibility.

If you are in the market for some bar end mirrors, find one that is easy to mount, with a durable frame and that comes with anti-glare mirrors. Bar end mirrors are perfectly legal in most jurisdictions.

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