Why are Jeeps so expensive  


Thinking about getting a Jeep? Here is a guide to answer many of the questions you might have including why Jeeps are so expensive, how to maintain on and much more.

There’s more to buying a Jeep than just walking into a dealership or private seller and picking out a model. You must consider all the many factors that go into choosing the right Jeep for you.

After making the purchase, there is the issue of maintenance to ensure your vehicle holds its value for as long as possible. Curious about how much it costs to purchase or own a Jeep? Read on for more.

New or used

Before going on with the ‘what kind of jeep do I want’, you must first determine whether you prefer a new or used Jeep. Off the bat, used cars are trickier than new ones. The biggest concern is usually finding the best used car which isn’t a lemon. Sure you may be protected by the lemon laws but buying a used car blindly is a risk that might cost you thousands of dollars in repairs   on.

Apart from searching for the best deal possible, and going through the check list for buying a used car, to ensure you don’t waste your money on a lemon.  Both selections, new or used, should be conducted rigorously to ensure you get your money’s worth from the purchase.

Reasons why jeeps hold their value so well

Of all the car brands, Jeeps are among the cars that can remain value over years. Not all vehicles depreciate at the same rate. Jeeps are popular for their long term value and hold up better compared to many other automobiles. Why is that you wonder?

First, jeeps not only have a sturdily built  to their design  that can withstand off road trips and all types of weather, but can also survive the test of time. One of Jeeps’ big selling points is their durability and performance. Sure the design and technologies that go into manufacturing a Jeep get upgraded; however, the manufacturer continues to make the steady build and iconic style that have continued to contribute to its durability.

Choosing the model depends on some factor

While all Jeeps are SUV type cars, they vary in class and size. They also come with different specs and price points. Choosing a Jeep therefore shouldn’t be an off the top of your head type of decision.

Size matters

The size of jeep you pick will depend on your driving needs. Jeep models have varying cabin sizes tailored to cater to different requirements. Many sites offer data on Jeep models dimensions and help guide you through the specs and their relevance in Jeep ownership.


There are many factors that will influence how much you will pay for a Jeep. While the price of used Jeeps doesn’t differ greatly from new models, the difference is still there.

The model you choose to go with and size all contribute to the final price. You will have to consider all these factors when setting aside money for your Jeep. You may want to conduct some research and get a rough estimate of how much you should expect to put aside.

TIP: Making a budget for a new car isn’t about simply setting money aside. You must consider how you plan on paying for the new vehicle, and account for all other costs involved in the purchase.

This may include auxiliary expenses like potentially incurring the cost of transporting the car to you. Either way, ensure you go through the checklist for the best suiting budget that will get you the Jeep of your dreams stress free.

Know your models

In the past, buying a Jeep wasn’t quite as complicated considering the limited number of models. However, as time and technology advancements progress, the Jeep manufacturer has increased the number of models for buyers to select from. This variety is great news to the buyers; however, it complicates the purchase strength.

Don’t forget about repair, maintenance and ownership costs

It is important to consider the running costs of a vehicle before you make the purchase. After all you don’t want to buy a car that you cannot drive. According to Edmunds, you can calculate the true cost to own of a vehicle from compiling insurance, maintenance, repairs, taxes and fees, financing, depreciation and fuel expenses. You can use this site to estimate the total cost of buying and owning a vehicle for 5 years.

Some estimates put Jeep repair and maintenance costs at between 80 – 8300 dollars

Who is still buying Jeeps and why

Jeeps are part of an established brand that continues to maintain their following to date. Apart from being a popular brand, these cars are worth the purchase for a variety of reasons including the following:

  • They are enabled with great engines, if you’re looking for a powerful SUV that is revered for both its power and durability.
  • There isn’t a terrain you cannot drive a jeep. This is especially appealing to off road adventurers who plan on going everywhere with their car. Jeeps are equipped with legendary traction, maneuverability, ground clearance and other capabilities that allow you to drive through anything Mother Nature will send your way.
  • Among their top pros is how easily they can be modified. Want to drive without windows? Sure why not. How about you take out your doors and drive a windowless, doorless Jeep. The jeep design accommodates such alterations without compromising on its performance.

Final word

Many people often wonder why jeeps are considerably expensive compared to other SUV car types. In addition to the purchasing cost, you must also keep in mind that Jeep have considerably high maintenance and repair costs.

This might be why most potential buyers consider Jeeps somewhat costly. However many people find the purchase worth it.  Apart from the unique design the Jeep cars offer durability and performance. Before you decide to purchase one, you must not only organize your finances but also do some thorough research for the best possible outcome for you.


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