Tesla Model 3 VS Tesla Model S

Model 3 Vs Model S

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Tesla Model 3 and Model S are both fully electric sedans, but there is a huge price difference. The Model 3 is one of the least expensive cars at Tesla with a standard price of $40000 but can compete with the Model S, which has a high starting price compared to the Model 3. The Model 3 and Model S both have an impressive and stunning exterior and interior look with some uniqueness. Tesla claims that the Model 3 can go over 200 miles on a single charge, while Model S is estimated to go over 402 miles.

With time, Tesla keeps its vehicles updated by doing some configurations without telling much about its plans. In the recently updated version, Tesla added some features to Model 3, such as additional charging capability, lane keeps assist, and standard autopilot feature. In comparison, Tesla brought Model S changes too, such as a front-drive unit and motor, air suspension, and some software. Tesla also discontinued the standard range variant of Model S, and now it’s only available as a long-range plus model. In Model S, with the software updates, now the owner can get benefits from V3 supercharging that can reduce the car’s charging time by 25%.

The following is a brief comparison of both sedans, the Model 3 and Model S, that help you choose the car according to your preferences and desires.


According to a test by the Long-range model, most Electric Vehicles run smoothly and silently, and the Model 3 also gains speed from a stop to 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds. As per this result, Model 3 is 0.4 seconds faster than Tesla’s Model S 100D that is bigger and expensive. Tesla fixes batteries under the car’s floor for a low centre of gravity that results in smooth driving of the car with changing directions concisely and providing stability in corners. Model 3 has three different change levels of steering that make it accurate and well-weighted. While driving the Model 3, you will never feel the engine’s noise, but you may hear sounds inside the cabin when the car moves over an unmetalled road.

The Model S provides more features as compared to the Model 3 because of the high price. Regardless of any version in the Model S, you will get a full-time all-wheel drive; however, acceleration performance changes from version to version. If we talk about the speed, then the Model S performance is outstanding as it gains speed from zero to 60 mph within 2.4 seconds. The Model S allows drivers to set steering according to their flexibility, either heavy steering effort or low steering effort. It’s also a sports sedan that provides comfort feeling even when cruising.

Interior and Cargo

Tesla is also well known for its unique interior that is hard to find in any other car in the market. The interior of the Model 3 is simple, but each and everything is controlled through a mounted touch screen fitted in the centre of the dashboard. The inner section of Tesla’s one of the lowest expensive models provides an airy feel and comfort to the owner and others. If we talk about the seats, then the front seats of the Model 3 are highly comfortable and supportive, but the rear folding seats are not way much comfortable, especially for elders. Rear folding seats increase the trunk’s size efficiently and allow you to easily put larger items and work as uninterrupted cargo space. If the seats are folded in the Model 3, you can easily fit approximately 15 carry-on suitcases in the room. Hence, the cargo size of Model 3 is enormous.

The Model S is really expensive compared to the Model 3, and with that high price, the expectations of customers are also too high. But the Model S has some flaws compared to its price, such as interior panels, which will extremely disappoint you as it’s poorly aligned, and you conclude that Tesla is still trying to come over from the tag of a new carmaker. Model S also has rear folding seats and an enormous trunk of 26 cubic feet. You will get enough cargo space to fit with carry-on suitcases even without folding rear seats. Overall, the car has surprising features which can be controlled through the touchscreen and allows you to get the feel of luxury.

Drive and Safety

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration test, Model 3 has received five stars and is perfect for driving with safety. The autopilot and the drive-assist feature are some of the best features of the car. Both the Models are known as extraordinary to drive with safety. The best safety feature of both Tesla cars includes standard lane departure warnings, automated emergency brakes, and adaptive cruise control. If we talk about the Model S, there are chances that the car catches fire after some rough drives, according to people, but all these conversations are proved wrong from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.


The Model 3 comes with three types of price variants; Standard Range plus at $39190, Long Range at $48190, and performance at $56190. You will get the Model 3 at its best value of $40000, and according to Tesla, the car can cover 250 miles within a charge.

The Model S is expensive, having Long Range Plus at $76190 and performance at $96190. If you have a mind towards the Model S, we recommend moving for the Performance model because it has more features and comfort levels.

Bottom line

In the end, the decision is up to you to choose one of the best cars in Tesla. If you have no issue with the budget, then you can move towards the Model S that will give you a luxury feel, and you can enjoy more features. But if you will buy the Model 3, you can also enjoy almost the same comfort level. Now, the choice is yours. Good luck!

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