The 2021 Lucid Air Electric Car

The 2021 Lucid Air Electric Car

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Lucid Air aspires to be much more than a mere Tesla rip off, having up to 517 miles of EPA estimated and an all-electric range as much as 1080 horsepower. Its company, Lucid Motors, offers a very aerodynamic shape that is very functional and fashionable.

Lucid Air is usually defined by the “Space Concept,” that is, for instance, nestling the miniaturized drivetrain in places where people and cargo won’t want to be. Each power unit, including the motor, inverter, and transmission, has the potential to make 670 hp and 2,950 lb-ft of torque.

The combination of the front and rear motors will be estimated current-limited to a “mere” 1,080 hp. The battery is originally predicted to be 130 kWh in capacity and has been precisely whittled down to 113 kWh by relentlessly squeezing more efficiency out of everything.

Lucid Motors has made itself known as the best supplier of batteries for Formula E race cars. The next step for 2021 one is developing it’s all-new 2021 Air sedan by challenging the luxury alternatives, i.e., Model S and Porsche Taycan. They have also announced having a 517-mile range for their Lucid Air EV.

Lucid Air Engine & Performance

When we talk about the engine power or horsepower, each of the different models of Lucid Air has varying horsepower ratings. If we look at the entry-level Air, it produces up to 480 horsepower, featuring a single motor that drives the rear wheels.

If we look at the rest of the lineup of different models, they drive on all-wheels and have different horsepower ratings such as the Touring Model which generates up to 650 horses, the Grand Touring Model, which generates up to 800 horses, and the top-of-the-line Dream Edition which generates up to 1080 ponies.

The quickest Model of the Air series is claimed to be completing the quarter-mile in 9.9 seconds at the speed of 144 mph, which is insanely quick for the high performer cars. The fastest version of the electrified Sedan is said to have a top speed of 168 mph.

The company states that in order to provide a smooth ride, The Air will be supported by air suspension. It has a low center of gravity in order to help its handling characteristics.

Range, Charging & Battery life

The Lucid Air will have a driving range that is heard to be the highest range of any electric vehicle currently in the market, which is up to 517 miles according to EPA estimates. All variants of the Air are claimed to regain 300 miles of range in just a time of 20 minutes at a DC fast charger, making the Air “the fastest-charging electric vehicle ever offered,” according to Lucid.

It has also stated that more of the affordable models will have shorter driving ranges, and the base models are estimated to have a driving range of 406 miles, which also matches the Touring Model, and the Dream Edition will go between 465 and 503 miles on a single charge.

The Air features a 113-kWh battery pack and DC fast-charging capability. The Sedan should be able to recoup 300 miles of range in 20 minutes as it is plugged into the latter. The complimentary fast-charging at Electrify America charging stations will be enjoyed by the new owners for 3 years.

There’s no capacity on how many times owners can charge their cars, keeping in mind that as long as it is used for personal and not commercial purposes.

Lucid Air Interior Exterior & Comfort

The Lucid Air is made into a luxury car, without a doubt. Its interior is nicely cut, with finely designed and rich-looking materials and innovative technology. The Air’s long, low silhouette, curved corners, and short overhanging aids the Aerodynamic efficiency.

The cabin offers a light feel within its thin pillar windows and a roof made up of glass. Its standard design features five seats, but the rear bench has the upgrade option to be swapped out for two executive-style seats.

The Sedan’s front center console has a look that provides generous storage space behind the retractable lower touchscreen. The inside of the large center console bin contains a set of cup holders and convenient slots to place a smartphone.

It is said to have its front trunk 10 cubic feet of volume, which is the largest of any electric vehicle. Lucid Air is said to have amazing connectivity with software such as an Artificial assistant that will learn about the user’s music taste or climate settings, as well as a system’s voice recognition software that will respond to natural speech patterns.

The steering wheel has a set of control buttons that can assist you in controlling the audio volume or temperature of the fan in your car.

Lucid Air Pricing

The different models have different price ranges according to the power and miles offered by each type. The Pure is about $77,400 while Touring is $87,500, the Grand Touring is $139,000, and finally, the Dream Edition is $169,000. Based on information of each Model of Air known till now,

The Grand Touring seems to be the most reliable Model yet. Even though it costs more than the Touring Model, it is having extra 109 miles of EPA estimated driving range along with 150 horsepower, which seems to be the perfect Model matching its price.


The Lucid Air’s charm is its air efficiency, which puts it 20 percent better than any EV in the world. Putting the crazy acceleration and range numbers aside, the focal point of an electric car is efficiency that is to be propelled by electricity and use as little as moving as possible while sparkling itself with grace and beauty as well.