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This Lone Rider vs. Redverz tent review is aimed at camping enthusiasts who prefer motorcycles as their main source of transport. Both brands represent an attractive option for individuals looking to travel light for a few days. Redverz offers a three-person space setting, for instance, while the lone rider provides a two-person setup. 

If you’re an active outdoor enthusiast, then motorbikes and camping might not be far from your alley. These two pastimes offer great opportunities for individuals to explore their environment and commune with nature. One of the primary issues to consider when planning such a trip is adequate accommodation during your time in the wild. If you’re traveling with a motorbike, you’ll need something light enough to be strapped to the back of your seat. Lone Rider and Redverz represent two of the more established providers of biker tents in the industry. This loner rider vs. Redverz review is therefore aimed at helping you note the significant benefits and differences of both alternatives – when looking for biker-friendly camping gear.

Differences between Lone Rider and Redverz Tents – How do they compare?

Model Lone Rider Redverse
Capacity Two people Three people
Dimensions (when packed) 50 x 20 x 20 (cm) 23 x 23 x 53 (cm)
Weight 13 lbs 14 lbs
Peak height 77 inches 74.8 inches
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Lone Rider vs. Redverz: What is the Difference?


The first things to consider when looking for a suitable tent are the size of your bike and the number of participants involved. Space is a significant factor when it comes to camping, as there is not a lot of it around – especially with regard to sheltered areas. Thus, the freedom you will be afforded in relation to storage space and breathing room will depend on your particular choice when considering capacity. The Redverz option enjoys the advantage in this category, with their housing alternative offering a 3-person setting. Lone Rider, on the other hand, provides two-person spacing, making it suitable for a more personal setting.

Individuals with larger bikes such as Harleys and the like might want to consider getting a more spacious option when looking to provide efficient cover for their ride. Getting the Redverz 3-person camping tent, for instance, might be suitable for two people riding a pair of Big Dogs. This will ensure that their bikes can enjoy adequate space without necessarily infringing on their own sleeping grounds.


The weight of the overall camping gear involved can play a big role when considering options in this category. This is especially true when dealing with lighter bikes, such as those of the 200cc or less category. Heavier packages in such instances may tend to impact the level of control enjoyed by a rider. The Lone Rider beats its counterpart in this category, weighing in at 13 pounds minimal weight. Redverz adds an extra pound to that total, coming in at 14 pounds minimal weight. The dimensions involved with Lone Rider’s ensemble also makes it easier for lighter motorcycles to support – balancing the overall mass by implementing an extended length (50 cm).


The concept of camping is usually entangled with misconceptions of constricted spaces and impractical scenarios. However, both the Lone Rider and Redverz options boast spacious interiors after their setup – including height levels that allow you to stand up straight whilst in the tent. Believe me, you don’t want to spend the majority of your time indoors in a bent or seated position. The cramps and muscle strains related to such situations can be unbearable when endured for extended periods.

As expected, Redverz offers the larger square footage with their specifications, featuring a sleeping bay measuring 92 x 95 inches, and a motorcycle bay of 102 x 36 inches. Lone Rider, on the other hand, features a sleeping area of 94.5 x 55 inches, with a motorcycle compartment measuring 94.5 x 51.2 inches. Lone Rider, however, takes the forefront when it comes to available storage space, with its design offering two vestibules, as compared to Redverz’s solo provision. This is a huge advantage when it comes to issues such as the ease of morning and bedtime routines for each individual.


Elements such as the particular shape and structure of the tents can also play a significant role in determining their suitable environment. Both Lone Rider and Redverz alternatives implement a non-freestanding structure – meaning their poles must be pierced into the ground. The most suitable shape of a tent when upright can also be influenced by the specific environment intended. The Lone Rider, for instance, offers a tunnel-shaped architecture that is best implemented on flat or near-flat surfaces for viable support. The Redverz design, on the other hand, integrates a hooped design, which enhances its stability when pitched on uneven grounds.


Another major element to consider is the construction of the particular alternative on offer, with regard to safety and comfort enhancements. Camping involves being exposed to a variety of elements that might require suitable preventative measures to keep them at bay. Issues such as sudden downpours or potential dangerous fires are aspects that one should keep in mind when considering a tent’s safety levels. With this in mind, the material involved with the tent’s construction is not an issue that can be ignored.

Lone Rider puts much more thought into this aspect as compared to their Redverz counterparts. Their fabric includes a variety of enviable features such as ultra-light density, rip-stop design, waterproof coating, and fire retardant elements. This design ensures the tent is capable of withstanding a variety of harsh external conditions without suffering a drop in performance. Redverz’s 3-person alternative also offers a rip-stop design incorporated with waterproof coating and featuring quality nylon. Its fire retardant elements, however, are less dependable when compared to the Lone Rider options available in the market.

Lone Rider vs. Redverz Tent Review: Pros and Cons

Lone Rider

If you’re looking for a romantic or personalized setting with your camping environment, then opting for the Lone Rider Mototent is an excellent solution for your needs. This two-person camping site is integrated with a motorcycle bay that ensures that both you and your bike enjoy sufficient cover. The external region features a spacious patio area where you can lounge with your companion, or work on your motorbike without bumping into things every time you turn around. Its two vestibules also allow for ample room where you can store your motorcycle gear and related equipment, thus enhancing the space available within the tent.

The poles are provided in a color-coded format that supports the ease with which you can grasp the setup process. This aspect makes it great for first-time campers who may be worried about needing an architectural degree to work out their tent’s instructions. The inner tent can also be detached when you and your campmate need a larger space to work on your bikes, converting the interior into an extensive garage space. The detachment and reattachment processes are pretty straightforward, allowing you to make the changes in a matter of minutes.


  • Two vestibules, allowing for additional room that can be utilized as potential exits and entrances, or storage space.
  • Has ample patio room in the outer-section that can act as a communal setting for the campers or garage space for repair and maintenance work.
  • Color-coded poles to simplify the setup instructions included with the tent.
  • Has ample ceiling height that can support standing space of up to six feet.


  • It’s designed only to accommodate a comfortable maximum capacity of two people.
  • Bigger bikes may not enjoy a comfortable fit with regard to the motorcycle bay.


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The Redverz is a great option when you’re looking to go camping as a group of three to four people. Its official capacity stands as three, but couples may be able to take advantage of that number by sharing the space as groups of two. The additional space available doesn’t come at a high cost either, as the minimal weight of this camping gear stands at 14 lbs, which is just a pound heavier than its alternative. The dimensions involved also offer a more practical package when it comes to the space needed to carry it on your bike.

The motorcycle bay is not as spacious as its Mototent counterpart due to the fact that it’s designed to accommodate a larger amount of people, but it’s still suitable for a variety of bikes in the market. The latest version comes equipped with mosquito netting, as well as a 10-inch bathtub floor.


  • Four doors, ensuring an adequate number of exit and entrance options.
  • Larger capacity for accommodation.
  • The implementation of a stable hoop design for uneven surfaces.


  • Only one vestibule catering to the provision of additional space or entrance points.
  • It’s a bit heavier than its counterpart.


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The Final Verdict

Though the Redverz alternative may offer more space with regard to its potential accommodation capacity, the Lone Rider represents the better option if you’re planning a solo trip or a party of just two to three people. This Mototent alternative comes with two vestibules and four doors, as well as a generous motorcycle bay that can be extended by detaching the inner section of the tent. It also represents a lighter package in terms of weight. The Redverz alternative, on the other hand, features a more practical shape when packed for transportation.