Foxwell NT650 vs Foxwell NT624

Foxwell NT650 vs Foxwell NT624 Scanner Tools

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Are you looking for an on board diagnostics scanner that features easy to use controls and a wide display?

The two plug-and-play options featured in Foxwell NT650 vs 624 both offer enhanced ease of use and vivid data presentation.

I have been living and working abroad since I was younger. In the Netherlands, everyone rides a bike everywhere. Since I did not need to move about, I never owned a car. When I moved back home, I bought a light duty truck. Even though I am good with my hands, I could not quite get the repairs right. I tried looking online for a solution because the cost of fixing it was becoming too high. My search led me to this Foxwell NT650 vs NT624 comparison which helped me understand how to improve the accuracy of my diagnosis and vehicle management efforts.

What are the differences between Foxwell NT650 and 624?

Foxwell NT 650


Foxwell NT 624


Both models offer OBD1 and OBD2 diagnostics. The Foxwell Nt60 scanner might be limited in its ability to work on certain electronic systems, but it offers advanced diagnostic features that include SAS, odometer calibration, TPMS, gear learning, ABS, CVT, injector coding, DPF reset, oil light reset, TPS/TBA, SRS and BRT, which the NT624 does not offer. If you are looking for a complex scanner that can also provide additional features, the NT650 could be an ideal pick. It carries out ABS reading and resetting, as well as similarly offering the same value for SAS, SRS, EPB and DPF functions. The NT650 will also offer fuel injector resetting, CVT transmission statistics, TPMS, TBA/TPS resetting and battery registration to keep your scanner protected. On paper, the NT650 is your ideal choice for the versatile range of services on offer. That said, either scanner will be well suited for the basic diagnostics tests, with their superior coding allowing for high quality output for most vehicle models. If you can already handle the range of tests on your scanner, the range of options on the NT624 will come in handy as well. This all-system scanner might lack the capacity of the NT650, but it offers sufficient features to make sure your vehicle is diagnosed from top to bottom. This will make the NT650 a better scanner for professional use, but the NT624 will be more ideally suited for DIY diagnosis and amateur enthusiasts.

Special diagnostics

The NT624 might not deliver as much as higher end OBD2 scanners with top level effects, but it will live up to certain special diagnostic effects. With this scanner, you cam reset your oil service, ABS light AMD EBB service. The scanner is faster and better for diagnostics, even without some of the detailed effects for checking out your vehicle. On the other hand, the NT650 offers in depth assessment for your vehicle with a range of special diagnostics. That ranges from ABS and SRS diagnostics, to SAS calibration, with EPB service in between. The NT650 scanner works well with battery replacement, fuel injector services and throttle body alignment. The range of services offered under each test make the scanner well suited for the task. For instance, under ABS and SRS diagnostics, the scanner allows for full and version tests, as well as actuator and auto bleeding checks. Alongside reading and clearing codes, the NT650 allows you to work with live sensor data and freeze frame info. The scanner will be well built for your immobilizer and odometer, and may be just what you need to get tougher parts of your vehicle into top shape. This guarantees full diagnostics for any flaw within this frame for a well functioning car. The NT650 will outperform the NT624 in general when it comes to the details of these highly detailed features .While that could be a great option for professionals and experienced DIYers, it can be too much for people looking to get lighter solutions addressed quickly. If you are not looking too greatly at the detail, the NT624 could be better suited for your needs.


Both models are compatible with vehicles built after 1996. The range of international models for the NT624 is larger than that of the NT650. The NT650 is only compatible with EU-based models built after 2001 and Asia-based models built after 2003. For international users, the NT624 could be more likely compatible with your vehicle than the NT650. This makes it a better fit for your diagnostics, especially if you have a minivan, SUV, light-duty vehicle or most other OBD2-compatible models. The NT624 scanner is also available as a high function elite option with a 4.3” screen that offers an enhanced ergonomic build for convenient in-car installation. Even though both models deliver within their diagnostic expectations, the NT624 will also offer some special features for value added benefit to car owners looking for a rounded performance. It will work well for enthusiasts interested in compounding and resetting ABS light, EPS service and oil service lighting, which makes it a great all rounder. These scanners will work well for most vehicle models, with options such as Jaguars, Mercedes Benzes, Land rovers, Chryslers, Fords , Alfa Romeos and other brands working ideally when diagnosed. With the latest updates, models made as late as yesterday could work well with either diagnostics tool. That said, they are connected through a working cable, which may limit their capacity on engines that could go off during scanning.

Design and interface

These models feature a large display for increased clarity. The 4.3” display on each of these scanners and the easy to use interface make either scanner a great tool for use both professionally and for personal diagnostics. They are very sturdy but lightweight, allowing for convenient handling and storage. These scanners also feature impact protection, which facilitates their increased longevity. Foxwell reports that their scanners’ protection lasts for falls from up to 15 feet high. Both units feature a hardened rubber coat to make this impact absorption over high distances seamless. Both scanners also feature an adaptable button arrangement, with either option ergonomically featuring all the necessary keys arranged across the surface. If you are looking for a technical built in option for your vehicle, the NT624 elite will make a great pick for your car. With only 0.05 pounds between the scanner, there is hardly any difference in build to set one over the other. With the NT650 being slightly lighter than the older model, opting for the new choice could be the way to go. Both 12Volt scanners feature a hardy carrying case, which should ensure prolonged life in addition to the hardy rubber lining around their build. We like the scanners’ build and their software interface, and either option

Foxwell NT650 vs 624 comparison review

Foxwell NT650 features and specs

Alongside its multilingual support, Foxwell NT650 scanner is compatible with a range of local and imported vehicle models manufactured post 1996. It will provide a comprehensive range of OBD2 services, as well as additional diagnostic features to help you assess and maintain your vehicle seamlessly. It is updatable through the internet, with users able to access lifetime free upgrades. The NT650 can detect and clear different types of error codes, as well as provide additional beneficial services such as battery registration. It has a large LCD display for top of the line data presentation, through which it offers both textual and graphical data. The NT650 is protected from damage through a thick rubberized coat and a sturdy design. It features additional LED lighting to enable easier and more efficient diagnostics.

If you are looking for a scanner with an ideal protective case, then the NT650 will be a great choice. It offers immersive protection, which increases the protection capacity beyond the 15 feet offered by the hardy rubber lining. The model, weighing in at 3.15 pounds, will be what you need for TPS, injection, ABS bleeding, Gear services, SAS, TPMS, EPB and DFP function lists from a range of options provided for a hassle free process. While it is not compatible with MAC updates, this lifetime updatable option will be what you need to get even your latest vehicle in top shape.


  • A wide array of diagnostic services
  • User friendly interface
  • Ergonomic design and rubberized coat for increased durability
  • Offers battery registration
  • Compatible with PC printing


  • Not compatible with MAC PC updates


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Foxwell NT624 features and specs

This OBD2 scanner is easy to store and use. It is very lightweight, and features an ergonomic design that facilitates its longevity. The Foxwell NT624 scanner features a rubberized coat for impact protection. It is small enough to fit in your glove compartment, allowing for convenient diagnostics whenever you need the services. The model is compatible with a variety of vehicles built after 1996, and offers a comprehensive range of OBD2 services. It also has a large color LCD display, and offers different display options for more accurate diagnosis. Whether as textual or graphical data, this model will offer sufficient variety to assess your vehicle. The Foxwell NT624 is available in a variety of languages, which makes it ideal for use in the international market as well.

The NT624 is a bit more dated than the NT650, but it lives up to your diagnostic expectations. The model works well for a variety of OBD2 functions on a range of vehicles, though you will need to get it up to date for some of the most recent releases. This scanner is compact and comfortable, weighing in at 3.2 pounds and featuring the brand’s high quality rubber lining for added protection. It is a great choice for a range of vehicles, which makes it a top pick for most brands. If you are looking for an easy to use scanner with a variety of features on offer, the NT624 could be just what you need.


  • User friendly UI and interface
  • Large color display for accurate assessment
  • Ergonomic design for increased ease of use
  • Compatible with a variety of vehicles
  • No additional batteries required


  • Might be difficult to register
  • Will not support 24Volt car use


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My verdict

Thanks to Foxwell, I no longer have any problems when looking into my vehicle. I have enjoyed convenient maintenance of my truck ever since I discovered this Foxwell NT650 vs 624 comparison. It helped me find two great products that are suited to my on board diagnostics needs. Both are really well designed and can fit in my glove box, and are very easy to use. They feature a great LCD display, as well as comprehensive data presentation for accurate diagnosis. I prefer the NT624 because it offers more additional services outside the 10 OBD2 service modes. Since I took it up, I have been able to manage my light duty truck without incurring high expenses. The model is easier to manage as well, and is very fitting for on board diagnostics when I am travelling for longer distances. Like the NT650, my NT624 scanner is sturdy and covered with hardened rubber that offers impact protection against heights. I will be working on my current and next vehicles with this handy Foxwell scanner!


What do the codes on my OBD2 scanner mean?

The error codes can be used to identify faults in your engine. The first letter represents the problematic system, the second defines whether the code is enhanced or generic while the third to fifth digits identify the subsystem and offer precise diagnostics.

Can I address the faults displayed by my scanner?

If you have experience with auto repairs, you may be able to address the faults identified through diagnosis.

Will my diagnostic scanner harm my vehicle?

A diagnostic scanner can not in any way harm your car. If your battery level is low, it may cause some hiccups while starting because the scanner also drains some of the battery voltage, especially if it does not have a backup battery, but there is no harm to be expected aside from that momentary discomfort.

Can I reset my check engine light without an OBD2 scanner?

It could be as simple as undertaking a battery reset. However, this is not recommended because it is designed as a warning tool for potentially dangerous faults in your engine.

Is OBD2 beneficial for my vehicle?

You need to carry out OBD2 checks to ensure your vehicle emissions are not dangerously high. OBD2 scanners will offer an early emissions warning that will increase its longevity and protect the environment.


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