Foxwell NT630 vs. NT624 – Choosing the best scanner for your needs

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Taking care of your car is not always as easy as you might think. Staying on top of different issues requires a reliable scanner – which means you have to choose between various choices available in the market, such as Foxwell nt630 vs. nt624.

I remember getting my first car as if it was just yesterday. Although it was old, it served its purpose and rarely let me down when I needed it. Taking the old sedan for regular checkups was not always financially possible, so I needed a solution that would ensure I knew the status of my vehicle before any foul surprises emerged. Looking through different scanners was my best hope of accomplishing this objective. I finally settled on two options, namely, the Foxwell NT630 and the Foxwell NT624. However, I needed to garner more information about both options before I could make a final decision.

Foxwell NT630 vs. NT624 – What are the differences?

Model Foxwell NT630 Foxwell NT624
Display DTC definitions, Unit screen Backlit color screen, TFT
Modes 6 10
Reads/Stores data Yes Yes
SAS calibration Yes No
Check price Check price

Foxwell NT630 vs. NT624 – How do the scanners compare?

Look and feel

Reading the data on your screen is a crucial element with any scanning device. How easily you can see the information that pops up after a diagnosis can influence the length of time taken to complete a particular objective. The Foxwell nt630 comes with a unit screen that’s 4.3” wide with DTC definitions. The nt624 comes with a TFT backlit color screen that offers similar ease when reading, boasting 480*272 dimensions. The backlight can serve as an additional benefit when trying to read some data in dark conditions. The NT630 is on average slightly better than the NT624, thanks to a marginally better overall design. The models both feature an impressive button arrangement, but the NT630 offers better grip and overall device protection. While both models are designed with a solid look and rubber protection , the NT630 also combines this with a more ergonomic button arrangement for a great feel and comfortable touch. You will be guaranteed comfortable display and a better arrangement with the newer model while scanning.


Both models offer a wide range of compatibility when it comes to working with different vehicles. This can be a crucial element if you’re looking for a solution for your garage or might change cars in the near future. The Foxwell NT630 matches with vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Bugatti, Audi, and BMW to name a few, while the NT624 can also work with Hyundai, Suzuki, Toyota, Scion, VW and many more. In most instances, your vehicle’s model is likely incorporated into the scanner. That said, the Foxwell NT630 scanner offers better compatibility with a larger range of vehicle options, which means it might be a preferable option for people with certain cars.

Ease of use

You don’t need to be a qualified expert to use the Foxwell NT630 or NT624 thanks to the user-friendly interface integrated to the device. All of the data shown on the screen is presented in a manner that is concise and easily understandable – so no additional lessons are needed to operate these models. The scanners also come with a user manual with any information you might need regarding the device. More knowledge can also be garnered from a variety of online sources. The NT630 is easier to use than the NT624, thanks to an ergonomic design and compatibility with more vehicles. It works on American models built from 1996, Asian models from 2001 and European options from 2003, with fewer rejections than the NT624. If you are looking for a well made and more convenient option without having to first check your vehicle, the NT630 could be a better fit.

Free Updates

One of the great things about using Foxwell scanners is that once you purchase the device, you won’t have to worry about upgrade fees with the software. This means you don’t have to buy a new scanner when the vehicle industry emerges with new developments. Once you have bought your scanner, simply register the device with the company to enjoy free software updates for a lifetime. This can be accomplished by logging onto the company’s website with the product’s SD card. It’s crucial that you maintain these updates on a regular basis to ensure you have the latest technology available. That said, the Foxwell NT630 will be a better choice for more vehicle options than the NT624, which makes it the go to scanner for your needs. The model is very easy to update, offers compatibility with a larger range of vehicles and works seamlessly h makes it a leading pick for drivers.


The high end Foxwell scanners both connect with your vehicle through a wired cable. They will both need to be connected to your engine to offer functionality and assistance, although this cable can be easily removed and stored for easier OBD2 device management. Both the Foxwell NT630 and NT624 will only work with this cabled connection, with either model requiring to be reconnected in case your engine shuts off during live data connection. This may make it more challenging to collect accurate live data findings on a unit that is constantly switching off, but their versatile application will help you find the right means to address your engine for effective results. Even with that in mind, the NT630 is a better scanner because it offers easier connection to multiple brands of vehicles. If your vehicle connects well with the NT624, you should be able to pair it up and scan it for effective diagnosis.


Both models offer great value for their use, but the NT624 lacks the efficiency and compatibility of the NT630. The NT630 will work on OBD2 and CAN models, offering great value for some brands that the NT624 might not work as well with. It also offers freeze frame data, as well as engine light checking and error code deletion, which makes it an ideal scanner. It also reads and deletes error codes, controls ABS anc component systems, as well as provides life long free updates. The NT624 might compete with the NT630 by supporting all 10 OBD2 tests, but it is very limited In its compatibility. It can read and clear error codes while recording live information, display freeze frame data and check engine codes, but this is limited due to its compatibility problems with some models. If it works well for your vehicle, then the NT624 can be an ideal choice for your needs. Both models offer great value for DIY and professional use, but the older scanner is more limited in the quality of cars in which it will work well under.

Overall value

The Foxwell NT630 and NT624 scanners offer great value for money for some buyers. They are both high end scanning tools that will help you stay ahead of your car’s problems. These tools are well designed, compatible with a large number of vehicles and overall easy to use. Neither option is compatible with a MAC system, with each scanner only allowing improvements on windows platforms. Neither the NT630 nor the NT624 offers any programming or built in power source, which limits their capacity. With the right NT software, both options can be updated for maximum value. The NT630 offers easier navigation and relevant value on modern vehicles, which makes it a great pick for DIY enthusiasts. While the NT624 doesn’t offer similarly impressive capacity, it is also a great value for money for self enthusiasts and professional users. Both models will work well with ABS, heating, EPS, transmission, engine, air and parking brake problems, alongside any other faults that your vehicle may experience. When compared with other models on the market, the NT624 may lack the capacity of the NT630 in providing market value for money.

Foxwell NT630 vs. NT624 – Product Review

Foxwell NT630

The Foxwell NT630 is a great solution for working with a variety of cars as it’s compatible with different models from over 50 vehicle manufacturers. Its compact design comes with a color LCD that makes it easy to navigate and read. The scanner has been designed to not only project durability, but conform to a practical shape as well. This means that you can easily fit it into tight spaces when needed. The user interface of the device is also available in English and Spanish to enhance user preferences.

The Foxwell NT630 offers some challenges connecting with a few vehicle brands, but it is very competitive in this aspect. It is a well designed scanner with multiple control options that make it ideal for various uses for your vehicle. This scanner lacks a power source, which means an engine connection must be established and maintained to take advantage of any live data reading. Despite the lack of programming, this model connects with a large number of vehicles. It is a great model for a hassle free connection with American mood built after 2001, Asian models made from 2001 and European models made post 2003.


  • Large screen providing crystal clear display.
  • Compatible with a variety of vehicles.
  • Very easy to set up and use on compatible models
  • High overall quality of build
  • Great convenience on price


  • Cannot function on a MAC system.
  • Not the best battery planning


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Foxwell NT624

The Foxwell NT624 is a vehicle scanning solution for those looking for a lightweight but reliable alternative. The device is compatible with most OBD2 cars and offers a simple interface that is easy for beginners to understand. It comes surrounded with a rubber encasement for additional protection and features dustproof elements as well. The fact that the code reader functions on a standalone capacity is beneficial for those who would like to travel light when packing their tools. The software can be easily updated online, meaning you don’t have to buy a new device every time vehicle manufacturers upgrade their technology.

While the Foxwell NT624 is a reliable scanner, it may offer some challenges with connectivity. The scanner will require some research into compatibility with your vehicle before purchase. That said, it is a great diagnostic tool for DIY and professional users. This protected scanner features a large diagnostic screen, different codes and regular easy to install updates for consistency with your new vehicle.


  • The scanner performs a wide range of diagnostic functions.
  • Comes with a lifetime of free updates upon registration.
  • Very easy to use for versatile car diagnostics
  • Relevant and intuitive button arrangement


  • Cannot be used to program your vehicle’s settings.
  • Not the best model for some brands


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My Verdict

Upon an in-depth review of both alternatives, I finally settled on the NT630 as my preferable option due to its ergonomic grip and SAS calibration capabilities. This scanner is lightweight, effective at running diagnostics and very easy to use. It offers a wider variety of functions than the NT624, which was in line with what I was looking for. The scanner is upgradeable, and will handle my future needs should I change my vehicle for a newer model. I like the NT630 because it meets my diagnostic expectations for different services, which is exactly what my car needed. The NT624, however, still represents a great option for those looking to deal with a variety of OBD2 cars. If you are looking for versatile and in-depth assessment, the older model might be an ideal choice for your vehicle. It can be tougher to use than the NT630, but it is a great model too for diagnostics that will ensure your vehicle remains in great shape at all times. For me, the NT630 had everything I needed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the lifetime of free updates guaranteed with my purchase?

Yes. But it’s important to note that you can only enjoy this benefit if you register your scanner on the Foxwell website.

How do I update my scanner?

Simply plug in the device’s SD card into a compatible slot connected to your PC and open the settings. From there all you have to do is click the update button to get going.

How can I tell if my car is compatible with a particular scanner?

The best way to find a compatible scanner for your vehicle is by double-checking the listings provided with each model to ensure your needs are contained within it. Most scanners in this sector are compatible with a large number of cars so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that suits your requirements.

Do I need lessons to operate this device?

Not really. If it’s your first time using a scanner, you can go through the user manual that is provided with the device before operating it. However, these scanners have been designed to be easily understood by both amateurs and professionals.

Do all scanners have the same provisions?

No, different models offer a variety of provisions and diagnostic services. If you’re looking for something in particular, you need to ensure that the service is listed in the specs before making a purchase.


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