Foxwell NT614 vs. NT630 – Identifying a suitable scanner for your car

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Finding a scanning solution for your vehicle requires you to scour the market for an appropriate option. There are a variety of alternatives available in the market, and two popular choices include the Foxwell NT614 vs. NT630.

I was super excited when I got my first car, which was an old rundown sedan I inherited from my grandfather. Though the European vehicle was old (it was manufactured in 2006), it proved to be a lifesaver on numerous occasions when I needed a reliable option to get from point A to B. I soon discovered that the best way to enhance the maintenance of my vehicle was through getting a car tool scanner. After looking through a variety of alternatives in the market, I finally settled on the Foxwell NT614 vs. NT630 as the two most suitable choices. This led me to seek more information regarding these two devices.

Foxwell NT614 vs. NT630 – How do they differ?

Model Foxwell NT614 Foxwell NT630
Weight 2.95 pounds 2.65 pounds
EPB service Yes No
SAS calibration No Yes
ABS Bleeding No Yes
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The Foxwell NT614 vs. NT630 – how do they compare?

ABS Bleeding Function

ABS bleeding involves the release of air from the braking system that has accumulated as a result of various activities, such as opening it to replace a component. To maintain a firm brake pedal, the air has to be released from the system. Accumulation of air in areas such as the wheel cylinders, lines, or calipers can result in the pedal acquiring a soft or spongy feel for the user. This release can be achieved with the implementation of the ABS bleeding function available only in the Foxwell NT630 scanner. While the older NT614 models were challenged in this aspect for a lot of vehicle options, the enhanced 2019 scanner will offer ABS fault detection for an effectively operating system. The NT630 is a better fit for users looking for the ABS bleeding aspect, but both models can still live up to huge expectations with other diagnostic features.

Electronic Parking Brake and bidirectional services

Another valuable function affecting your vehicle’s brake system is the EPB functions that come with the NT614. This service allows you to implement a variety of actions including, the activation or deactivation of the brake control system, brake resets, opening and closing brake pads, as well as bleeding brake fluid to name a few. It’s a great option to ensure the efficiency of your braking system, enhancing the overall safety you can enjoy with your rides in the process. Unfortunately, this function is not available with the Foxwell NT630. The unit makes up for that by offering bidirectional testing, which the NT614 does not support. With the NT630, you can carry out ABS manual control and motor tests, Actuator test and Autobleed testing. The feature also supports Automated, Brake bleed, Function, Preparation, Relief, Idle up manual, Lamp, and Gear Tension which ensures thorough assessment of your vehicle’s systems. The bidirectional testing offers great value for the NT630, by making it a handy addition for these tough to catch tests.

SAS Calibration and SRS

SAS functionality is a great element for enhancing the levels of control you can enjoy with your car. This system has been designed to measure the positioning and turning rate of the steering as a means of monitoring a drivers input. It functions within a network of systems that carry out multiple operations including tracking wheel speed, vehicle roll, and lateral forces to name a few. These measurements are combined with the data provided by a SAS system to assist a number of driver-assist functionalities, such as active and electric power steering, as well as electronic stability control. This function is available with the Foxwell NT630, but unfortunately, it’s not found with its NT614 counterpart. Like the NT630, the NT614 will support the SRS system. The more modern scanner tops the 2019 enhanced unit by packing both of these features.

Data Display and Presentation

The Foxwell NT630 and NT614 present their data in both table and graph format, allowing you to easily understand the information on display. These scanners also have two parameter graphing capabilities, enabling you to view more than one graph at the same time. You can also merge two graphs into one coordinate, helping you to understand how they relate to one another. This form of presentation is ideal in situations where you might be looking to identify a particular problem that is proving difficult to pinpoint. It also lessens the effort needed in incorporating the data acquired from the live sensors during a scan. These scanners allow for recording, which enhances your use of the data. They also support great pc connectivity, allowing you to store and share your findings as appropriate.

Durability and ease of use

Foxwell scanners are well known for their durability, thanks to the brand’s focus on certain aspects. While these options are very different, they are both designed to last. They feature a coated screen, reducing the risk of scratches which may affect your ability to read the display. They are also fortified with hardened rubber. These models will fit in your grip, making them very easy to use. The new NT614 build is enhanced for an attractive finish and visible display. That said, these units feature tough cases for even more durability and convenience for use away from home. These scanners are easy to use, with various guides available on the web. They offer increased user friendliness in their menus, with a colored light system enhancing the scanning process. They feature a very easy update process, and have access to a lifetime of free access to this perk.

Foxwell NT614 vs. NT630 – Product Review

Foxwell NT614

The Foxwell NT614 is a great solution for people looking for a reliable scanning tool for their car. The four-system design of this diagnostic tool enables the user to perform a variety of activities, including reading a variety of transmission codes as well as determining the reason behind various warning lights. It’s compatible with OBDII systems and also offers special functions, which enhances your diagnostic capabilities. Its graphing features allow you to merge two parameter graphs into one coordinate for better understanding, as well as transfer the data to a text format. It’s very popular for its design and build, with its user friendly interface combining to make it easier to carry around and use. As an added advantage, the scanner will also support convenient PC connectivity, making it very easy to store and send data.

The enhanced 2019 Foxwell NT614 offers full OBD1 &2 functions, which makes it a very handy addition to your garage. It features the brand’s new build, which offers an attractive and ergonomically designed scanner. This model will offer a wide variety of services, making it a suitable addition to your garage. It is very easy to set up, use and store, with its tough build offering an increased lifespan. The multilingual scanner is designed for a better user experience, with various one-key functions enhancing the quality of service. It also offers impressive compatibility with vehicle brands, thanks to the brand’s work on the model. The unit also offers full OBD2 functionality, ensuring you can stay ahead of your vehicle’s needs. From omissions-related trouble codes to obtaining unique system data, the NT614 will be well suited for your vehicle’s assessment.


  • Offers a variety of special assessment features
  • Very easy to use and store
  • 2019 enhanced unit features very ergonomic and attractive build
  • Boasts an extensive coverage of over 52 different vehicle manufacturers.
  • Impressive display for thorough assessment


  • Only compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Can be challenging for first time users


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Foxwell NT630

The Foxwell NT630 is an ideal solution for people looking for a reliable scanner for personal use. Featuring a much coveted SAS calibration function, this car tool is the ideal partner in the maintenance of a large variety of vehicles. This device is compatible with both OBDI and OBDII systems, making it an excellent option for people with cars manufactured before 1995. It supports all ten testing modules of OBDII and can retrieve your VIN code automatically when plugged into the vehicle to identify what model it’s working on. Its diagnostic functions are carried out in a swift and accurate manner that allows you to get results in the shortest time possible. The scanner offers an impressive build and a very user friendly interface for increased value. This model is well suited for a variety of services.

The high quality construction combines with the range of features to make this model a great choice for technicians, DIYers and mechanics. Even though it does not support OBD1 vehicles, it is a popular scanner because it offers great value and diverse services. The hardy unit features a tough build, thanks to the brand’s hardened rubber coat. It also features a protected screen for minimal risk of scratching. The grip-fitting scanner delivers live and freeze frame data, making it a great choice for in depth output when looking into your vehicle. It is well designed to fit into very compact spaces, making it an ideal choice for use at home or on the road. The NT630 is an accurate and highly reliable addition to your garage. It offers precise readings, which makes it a common choice for professional use. While it will only work on Windows, the scanner offers access to a lifetime of free software updates.


  • Operates as a standalone device, meaning you don’t have to connect it to computer to function.
  • Offers high levels of accuracy and speed.
  • Very efficient and user friendly setup
  • Great compatibility with OBD2 vehicles
  • Can access lifetime free updates easily


  • Not OBD1 compatible
  • Can only be updated through Windows XP/7/8/10 PCs


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My Verdict

The NT614 vs NT630 comparison helped me explore two great options by a leading diagnostic tool brand. Both models are well designed, even though the NT630 lacks the elegance of the enhanced NT614. They are versatile, and very easy to use. These models also offer very in depth information, which increases accuracy during assessment. After a careful look at both options, I finally settled on the Foxwell NT614 as my final decision due to its enhanced design and compatibility with my vehicle’s needs. This handheld scanner compares well with modern options, and offers the specific special functions I was interested in. It is also compatible with a lot of vehicles, in case I need to update my garage. Unlike the NT630, it is also compatible with both OBDI and OBDII systems, which can come in handy in case I buy an older model. The Foxwell NT630 is a great option for those looking for a professional level scanner that offers a wide selection of services. It is a great all round unit, but I felt that the NT614 was a better fit for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my scanner with my car turned off?

No. The scanner uses your vehicle’s battery as its main source of power – meaning it cannot operate when the engine is off.

Can I update my scanner on a MAC computer?

No. Unfortunately, the device’s system has only been designed to be incorporated to a Windows XP/7/8/10 unit.

How do I update my scanner?

Simply connect the scanner’s SD card to your PC and visit the company website for free updates.

How do I know a scanner is compatible with my vehicle?

All scanners have a list of the cars that they’re compatible with. It’s important to ensure your vehicle is on the list of a particular option before making a final decision.

Can OBDII scanners work with an OBDI system?

Only some scanners are compatible with this request. You will need to explore different options to find a scanner that is compatible with OBDI and II systems.


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