Foxwell NT614 vs. NT624
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Taking care of your car is not the easiest thing to achieve without the necessary tools. Luckily, identifying a particular problem can be achieved using a suitable scanning tool. This, however, requires you to make comparisons such as the Foxwell NT614 vs. NT624.

I’m a huge fan of cars and how they work. When I got my first ride, an SUV, I was excited about the possibilities of exploring the limits. I soon realized that taking care of a vehicle is more important than any enhancements you might want to make. I needed a tool that could identify specific errors within the vehicular programming, which lead me to look at the various Foxwell alternatives in the market. After a thorough search of the available possibilities, I finally settled on the Foxwell NT614 vs. NT624. Both choices seemed to offer the requirements I needed, but I took a closer look just to make sure.

NT614 vs. NT624 – A Foxwell Comparison

Model Foxwell NT614 Foxwell NT624
Display 4.3” 4.3”
Electronic parking brake Yes Yes
Vehicle system coverage Engine, ABS, Airbags, AT Engine, ABS, Immobilizer, Airbags, Power steering, Climate control, ABS
Printing Capabilities Yes Yes
Check price Check price

Comparing the Foxwell NT614 vs. NT624

So, what do these scanners offer?

Visible Display

One of the most important things about any diagnostic tool is the ability to read the results after they have been presented. This is not always so easy, with models featuring very small screens and non-clear display almost requiring 20/20 vision to grasp. Luckily, both models offer a 4.3” screen which presents an adequately visible model for those who don’t need additional enhancements for their issues. Unlike various options offering 2.8” screens, with some even being smaller, these wide screen scanners live up to the display expectations. The scanners also present very detailed output, ranging from graphical data to live and freeze frame findings. Their display quality enhances the ease of assessment, with the visible and clear output allowing you to find errors without straining to point them out. These screens are also coated to prevent scratches, which will enhance durability and support a distinctly clear display throughout the scanner’s lifespan. Both options can be connected to your Windows XP/7/8/10 computer for printing or assessing your recorded data.


Another important element about any scanner you might be interested in is how long it would last after its purchase. Vehicle mechanics is not always easy work and could possibly expose tools to a variety of rough conditions. This means you need a solution that can support your ambitions in a variety of circumstances. Both Foxwell models offer a sturdy design that has been structured to resist possible destructive elements in the environment. Both models have been covered with a rubber encasement that has been designed to reduce any shock experienced by the scanner upon impact. They also feature a tough frame and coated screen, which enhance their life spans. These scanners are sturdy and will resist any damage or scratching which could affect the quality of output. The NT614 is a handheld scanner that will not slip from your grip, ensuring added durability in its use. The NT624, even with its modernized 2019 design, is still protected against any damage thanks to a stylish yet ergonomic finish. Users have also praised the durability of the keys, which points to great quality and an impressive overall layout.

Simplistic Interface

A diagnostic tool is no good if a particular group of experienced people can only use it. The menu functions of the NT624 and NT614 have been designed to present simple procedures for straightforward objectives. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a simple amateur looking to sort out some issues with your car – you can arrive at an understandable conclusion using a Foxwell scanner. Both packages also come with a user manual that is designed to ease the difficulty involved with understanding the device. While this may be challenging for users with no experience, you can also access guides through the internet to help you understand how to use your Foxwell scanner. These options feature a very user friendly menu, with different guides offering the breakdown for various types of services. Thanks to the simple interface, you will not have any problem recording, deciphering and clearing any problems that your vehicle may be carrying.

Diagnostic Coverage

Different vehicles may have a variety of issues to consider depending on their build. An essential part of the overall checkup involves the kind of diagnostics engaged with a specific model. This simply has to do with the kind of diagnostic capabilities available. The NT624 and NT614 scanners offer versatile services, making both options ideal for certain needs. The NT614 unit will explore and address engine, ABS, transmission, SRS, EPB and offer oil reset services. It will also support all full OBD2 testing modules, as well as reading and erasing of codes. This scanner will offer specialized error checks, allowing for a quick I/M readiness test supported by colored lighting for easier diagnosis. The NT624 is a versatile option that offers special functions as well as the full OBD2 module list. It will support ABS, SRS, engine and transmission services, as well as EPB, oil reset, DPF regeneration, TPMS, battery registration and SAS calibration. It also offers bidirectional testing, which makes it a thorough scanning device that could even be well suited for professional services. As a result, the NT624 tops the NT614 over the versatility of services offered. That said, both scanners will be well suited for general vehicle assessment needs.

Operation and functions

The manuals provided by both brands can be somewhat confusing to new users. However, these plug and play scanners will tend to be easy to learn to use over time. They are compatible with a lot of vehicles, and work immediately when they are plugged into your vehicle. Some features offered may be limited to certain brands, which may require some research before buying them for a specific need. However, the enhanced 2019 NT624 elite will offer greater compatibility than the NT614 scanner for these services. Still, both models offer an active scanner, which is designed to address some missed services. Both models feature a wide screen and user friendly menu, and are very easy to update. They are very easy to understand once you get used to them, and feature enough guide to help beginners set out. The easily accessible free lifetime software update will continue to enhance the compatibility of these scanners. Both options are very easy to use, and may be great additions to your garage.

Foxwell NT614 vs. NT624 – Product Review

Foxwell NT614

If you happen to be an amateur with a serious interest in the subject of vehicle mechanics, then the Foxwell NT614 might be the answer to your cravings. Instead of taking your ride to an official checkup every time the check engine light is on, you can handle it by yourself. This is easily accomplished by implementing the Foxwell NT614 scanner – a device designed for both amateurs and professionals. Its range of codes covers a variety of areas, starting from the engine to the gearbox, to the airbags. The 2019 update ensures that this scanner will handle a large selection of vehicles, covering even some of the more recent releases too.

The versatile NT614 is a great choice for different needs, with this scanner supporting a large number of vehicles. It also offers additional special services, including reading and clearing error codes which ensures your engine light can be addressed at any time. The scanner is designed to handle EPB, DTC, ABS, SRS and SAS services, which makes it a value pick for thorough vehicle assessment. It is a lightweight unit that is also very well built, with the exterior hardened coating ensuring an increased lifespan. This model will feature a 1-year warranty as well, ensuring protection against any drawbacks you may experience.


  • Sturdy build will withstand impact
  • Wide screen with in depth display
  • Very versatile scanner for thorough assessment
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Includes an 8GB SD card.


• Has a limited number of resources.

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Foxwell NT624

If you happen to have a car manufactured between 1996 and over, then the NT624 might be the best answer for your scanning needs. Apart from supporting over 58 brands of vehicles, this scanner has been devised to handle a variety of different diagnostic functionalities. The live data collected can be presented in text and graph format, allowing the user a choice according to their particular preferences. Any symptom-specific parameters can be identified using the live vehicle sensor programs incorporated into their system. In addition to the high end display, this scanner can also support recording and easy PC connectivity, which enhances your ability to store data for professional use or future comparison.

The highly attractive build of the NT624 is a big pull, coupled with the range of services on offer. Its left-to-right setup supports the wide screen output, with ergonomic button placement for a great finish. The scanner is very easy to set up and use, thanks to access to unlimited free software updates and a very user friendly menu. This 2019 model offers efficient, accurate and quick diagnosis, making it a great choice for your garage. As an added benefit, the model will also work with OBD1 options. It supports a single click checkup, which makes it easy to use even for those with only minor experiences with scanners.


  • Widescreen for easier visibility.
  • Enhanced provisions within its solutions roster.
  • Very attractive build and finish
  • Compatible with a lot of vehicles for different services
  • Durable and diverse scanner


  • Can only be updated on Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Can be tough for people with no prior experience


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My Verdict

Both scanners in the Foxwell NT614 vs NT624 comparison offer great value for different aspects of vehicle maintenance. They are diverse, offering more services than just the standard 10 OBD2 modules. These scanners are also well built for increased durability, and are very easy to use over time. They support multiple vehicle options, with added perks such as enhanced PC connectivity and printing, as well as a very user friendly menu. After a close look at both options, I finally settled on the Foxwell NT624 due to the additional features consisted with its attributes. The well designed model is hard to beat, with an attractive ergonomic finish in addition to the versatile range of services on offer. However, the NT614 is still an excellent option for those looking for straightforward answers, with this high end model offering great assessment services. Like other handy Foxwell scanners, the NT614 is also well built, very easy to use for those with some experience, and designed for increased durability. While it falls short to the NT624, it is a great scanner for your car, SUV or small truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the importance of compatibility?

The compatibility of a particular scanner to your vehicle has to do with whether it can perform any diagnostic functions on the tech involved. You need to get a model that can work with your needs.

Are updates important?

Yes, they are. Updates involve all the added extensions that might be involved with the introduction of new technology in cars. Luckily you can get free updates by registering with a Foxwell product.

How can I get free updates?

Once you have bought a Foxwell gadget, you need to register it with the company’s website. Once this is done, you don’t have to worry about any future issues as you can acquire free updates with the registration number provided for a lifetime.

How do I get my updates?

You just have to log in to the Foxwell website with the needed requirements and simply opt for the Update button. Make sure your SD card is connected to the PC when trying to update your program.

Does my update guarantee extend to other devices?

Unless you contact the company with special circumstances, I’m afraid that is not true. But the good news is once you get a scanner you can update it whenever you want – as long as you have registered with the company.


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