Foxwell NT520 vs. NT630 – Choosing a scanning solution

Taking care of your car may not be as easy as it seems. Regular checkups from a garage shop may prove a bit expensive, and finding a suitable scanner requires you to go through a variety of established options, such as the Foxwell NT520 vs. NT630.

My first car was not as glorious as I expected, but it still provided a means of transport that saved me more than a thousand times. The age of my vehicular transport meant that I could not relax when it came to its maintenance – as one problem could lead to a thousand others in a second. I needed a solution that would not lead me to the garage every time the check engine light was on, and this led me to the Foxwell line of scanners. After a thorough search, I finally landed on the Foxwell NT520 vs. NT630 as my two preferred options. An in-depth study of both options unveiled some interesting data in my search for a suitable alternative.

Foxwell NT520 vs NT630 – A basic comparison

Model Foxwell NT520 Foxwell NT630
Weight 0.8 kg 1.5 kg
Dimensions 22cm*17cm*8cm 33cm*22cm*7.5cm
SAS Calibration No Yes
Multiple language support Yes Yes
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The Foxwell NT520 vs. NT630 – A comparison of their features

Practicality and Design

One of the main things about a scanner is how often you can use it under different circumstances without worrying about issues such as reliability and functionality. The NT520 and NT630 both possess a structural build that is designed to withstand harsh environments. Some instances might require you to place your device in somewhat tight circumstances, and this is where the structural design comes to play. Many drops and scratches may diminish the capacity of other scanners, but the Foxwell standard maintains a premium level that cannot be replicated.

Software Updates

Technology is an ever-changing world, meaning that even the vehicle industry is subject to change when it comes to the IT aspects of its operations. Buying a scanning tool may not be the best solution if you have to keep getting a new one every time the motor industry discovers some new technology. Fortunately, acquiring a Foxwell scanning tool gives you access to lifetime-free updates concerning recent upgrades. These updates are free of charge as long as you register with the company. They can be acquired via online means, enhancing the ease of their access.

Multilingual Support

Vehicles are a product that are used all over the world. Whether it’s the USA, UK, or Bangladesh – all cars function the same. However, using the same language with every interface may prove to be a problem when reaching a global market. This issue has been addressed by the multilingual capacity afforded with both the NT520 and NT630. Both models support a variety of languages, including, English, French, Spanish, and German. This gives the user a variety of options when it comes to the manipulation of the device – despite their personal language preferences.


One of the more important issues that a lot of people don’t take into consideration is the compatibility of a scanner with the particular vehicles you have. A major issue that should be considered when it comes to compatibility is the OBD type involved with a car. Cars that have been manufactured from 1995 and behind most likely consist of an OBDI system. Vehicles that have been produced from 1996 and after would most likely possess an OBDII system. The NT520 is compatible with both the OBDI and OBDII algorithms, while the NT630 only accommodates OBDII system functionalities. If you’re not sure about your car-type, then getting the NT520 is probably a safe bet regarding system applications.

Foxwell NT520 vs NT630 – A basic product review

Foxwell NT520

The Foxwell NT520 is an awesome solution for people dealing with multiple cars from various generations. It’s also an excellent answer for those looking to maintain their classic preserves – in cases where they’re blessed with such providence. In short, if you happen to have an old school car – then this is the kind of scanner you need. This device incorporates both OBDI and II systems, making it an excellent solution for varying diagnosis. It comes with a variety of analysis functions, including, oil service reset, automatic transmission, and ABS warning light to name a few.


• Lightweight design for easier handling.

• Compatible with both OBDI and OBDII vehicle systems.


• Offers fewer diagnostic solutions as compared to some other alternatives.

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Foxwell NT630

The Foxwell NT630 is the best answer for modern cars looking for a reliable diagnostic scanning system in a technological world. Its 6 functionality mode system is incorporated with a DTC unit display, making it one of the most reliable vehicle diagnostic systems available in the market. The rubber encasement on its design decreases the shock experienced with sudden impact, while its compatibility covers a range of over 50 vehicle manufacturers. This scanner represents the best answer for those looking for a modern motorized online solution, as well as a simple upgrade system.


• Simplistic interface with menu-driven options.

• Live data graphing for excellent info provision.


• Doesn’t function with a MAC system.

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My Verdict

After a close look at both options, I finally settled on the Foxwell NT630 due to the enhanced provisions included with its aspects. The NT520, however, still remains an excellent option – especially for people looking to work with both OBDI and OBDII systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a major difference between OBDI and OBDII systems?

Yes. OBDI systems mostly consist of vehicles made from 1995 and behind, while OBDII systems represent vehicles made from 1996 and afterward. Looking for a scanning tool requires you to look through your options according to your particular needs.

How can I update my device?

Updating your device involves upgrading the software when available, which can be achieved via an online connection.

Do I have to pay for my updates?

The best thing about acquiring a Foxwell scanner is that you don’t have to worry about any future or hidden expenses. Once you register your device with the company, you’ll be liable to a lifetime supply of free updates.

How do I get my updates?

Once you have registered your device with the organization, you can just connect the device’s SD card to a PC connection and search for the update function featured in its presentation.

How do I register with the company?

Registering with the company is not a long process as you just have to log onto the company’s website and follow the instructions provided with the relevant regulations.