Edelbrock (1406 Performer) Electric Choke Carburetor Review

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The Edelbrock 1406 Performer 600 CFM (Square Bore 4-Barrel Air Valve Secondary) Electric Choke Carbureto is a durable, sturdy, finely-tuned carburetor that is, pound-for-pound, able to handle the rigors of daily driving while delivering reliable performance from day to day.

Perhaps you are looking to replace your old, beat up carb with something new. Or maybe you want to upgrade your present one with a more stable and fuel efficient carburator.

Whichever your need, you may find the the The Edelbrock 1406 Performer 600 CFM (Square Bore 4-Barrel Air Valve Secondary) Electric Choke Carburetor to be a decent option for your car engines.

It’s been a popular release especially with the more perfomance-oriented vehicle owners, for whom responsible for mixing air-gas mixing is important.

Hot Specs of the Edelbrock 1406 Performer 600 CFM Electric Choke Carburetor

Edelbrock 1406 Performer 600...
  • Designed and calibrated for optimum marine performance
  • Single feed fuel inlet with air valve secondary type
  • Shiny silver finish and calibrated for gasoline


The Edelbrock main system has two modes—light load (cruise) and heavy load (power), an all-aluminum construction for cooler operating temperatures and less warping.

There are no gaskets below the fuel bowl level, no plastic parts or power valves to blow out. The carbs use easily changed metering rods for precise tuning (primary: .098, secondary: .095) and non-adjustable secondary air valves.

This, coupled with the primary venturi booster is a bottom-feed design for smoother acceleration and better drivability.


Various combinations of metering rods and jets used to adjust the air/fuel ratios in both cruise and power modes in this version. Specifically, its electric choke with 4-barrel square bores plus a single feed fuel inlet with air valve secondary type.

What benefit do you reap from this intricate addition? The overall calibration of the carb stays consistent and unchanged, so you can pretty much always expect optimum performance while driving.


This is where the Edelbrock sets itself apart. Here, the carburetor is unaffected by engine backfires, which means that there are no power valves to blow out, and the rods can be changed in seconds without carburetor removal or fuel draining.

Plus, the carburetor has the unique ability to “hold a tune”, so once it is tuned, the carburetor stays tuned. The lightweight all-aluminum device features a shimmering silver finish and a two-piece body that resists warping and is compatible with gasohol and blended fuels.

The simple tub-type bowls and rear-pivot floats all contribute to a carburetor that’s reliable, user-friendly and is easily tunable for miles and miles of travel.

Overall, the Edelbrock 600 seems to excel at striking the balance between compactness and durability, with just a few drawbacks. Here’s a brief summary of what we found to be its pros and cons:


·         Easy to install and tune

·         It’s designed for fuel effiency

·         It demands little to no maintenance

·         Sturdy (Can absorb a decent amount of physical shock during travel.)



·         Has little effect on horse power

·         Susceptible to overheating




The Edelbrock (1406 Performer 600 CFM Square Bore 4-Barrel Air Valve Secondary) Electric Choke Carburetor may be a bit pricey for the average soccer mom, true, but given that the likelihood that it’ll be a long while before you need another one, it’s a hard one to beat.

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