Duralast Gold Battery vs Platinum Battery or a Completely Different Battery

Duralast Gold Battery vs Duralast Platinum Battery

Which One Is The Best

Batteries are probably the last things you think about when you look at your car, unless it is the rare occasion you decide to check the state of your engine, or when the battery breaks down and your car cannot function.

It does not need to be this way though, as getting the right battery is very important – and that is why we are looking into the Duralast Gold and the Platinum.

Which Is The Best Duralast Battery?

There are numerous battery brands and battery models when you come to check the car battery market, and the whole process of choosing one seems confusing because you are not sure what works and what does not.

It is important to take your time before making a decision though, as you do not want to regret spending your hard earned money on a battery, only to have it fail within a few weeks or months.

That brings us to this comparison review. The company Duralast is not the oldest, basing on its competitors in the industry, but it still holds a good reputation among many users.

It has a variety of models under it, and we will look at two of them in this article, since they seem very similar to each other; the Duralast Gold vs. the Duralast Platinum. Hopefully, you will come out of this review having a better idea of which one to select for your needs, and which one between them works best for you.

There are other types of batteries available to choose from besides Duralast. For me the WARRANTY of a battery is as important as many other aspects. Most batteries come with a 2 year battery warranty. However there are excellent batteries out there that come with a battery warranty up to 5 years. Check them out.

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What Are The Differences Between Duralast Gold and Duralast Platinum Batteries?

Duralast battery Gold Platinum
Reserve capacity 130 minutes 200 minutes
Battery Group size 24 34
Warranty 3 years 3 years
Check here Check here

Duralast Gold vs. Platinum – How these two compare

These two batteries share many similarities, which is understandable as they are from the same company. Some of these similarities include:

  • All Duralast batteries are made from recycled material
  • Replacement warranty is 3 years for both
  • You can only get them from the manufacturer’s official website and select dealers

Design of the battery

When you get to the trade of spare parts, you will notice the stark differences between AGM batteries and the standard lead-acid battery.

For the Duralast Gold, you will find that the design of the battery is of the standard lead-acid outlook, while the Duralast Platinum uses an AGM design.

You might be wondering what AGM and standard lead-acid batteries are, especially if you have not handled batteries before. AGM, which is an acronym for Absorbent Glass Mat, where a glass fiber material is filled with sulfuric acid.

This differs from the normal lead-acid battery because the battery will not contain any liquid that poses extra hazards like leaking when it breaks.

The advantages that the AGM batteries such as Duralast Platinum have are quite many. These include a low self-discharge due to low internal resistance, and it can start even after many days of not using it; unlike the standard lead-acid battery.

On the other hand, standard lead-acid batteries like the Duralast Gold are great when you want to start a car due to their high voltage spikes, although they will require additional maintenance time ad cannot go through deep discharge (unlike the AGM battery).

Capacity for Discharge

AGM batteries like the Duralast Platinum are great at preventing spillage issues, just like other deep cycle discharge brands and models. However, the capacity of discharge is slightly different for each case, as not all AGM batteries can handle deep discharge in the same way.

Deep cycle batteries have thick plates, which will allow for deeper discharge without the risk of damage. An example is the Duralast Platinum, which can only handle a maximum deep discharge of 70 to 80%; go any further than that, and you will reduce its cycle life significantly.

Because of their structure and ability for deep discharges, the Duralast Platinum comes in handy when powering plug-in accessories and electronics, as well as other applications that place a high power demand on them such as marine applications.

In addition to that, some can work as starter batteries (although these types are referred to as dual purpose), but you will need to check the CCA (cold cranking amps) of the battery to ensure it can handle that task.

On the other hand, a starter battery such as the Duralast Gold cannot handle deep discharges – or else the battery will suffer a shortened lifespan and eventual permanent damage. This is due to the thinner lead plates.

While they ensure the battery can give power surges when necessary due to faster reactions with the electrolyte, this structure limits the extent of the discharge. The maximum the Duralast Gold can go in its discharge is 10%, and even then they will need recharging to keep them well-functioning and reduce the risk of damage.

Reserve capacity

The reserve capacities are not very different from each other, as they still have roughly the same –power when you want to use them to operate your machinery or cars.

However, since the Duralast Gold is of a standard lead-acid design, it will have a higher reserve capacity that allows it to rev up your car or machinery compared to the Duralast Platinum.

Ironically, the AGM battery is usually seen to be more expensive, but in this case the Duralast Platinum is cheaper than the Duralast Gold.

Duralast Gold Battery vs Platinum Battery – A comparison review

Duralast Gold Battery – Overview and key features

This battery is meant to give you as much reserve capacity and cold cranking amps as possible, ensuring they exceed the original specifications of your car. Even if you are operating in extreme conditions, the battery will provide the power you require, as well as coming in a strong construction that promotes a long life and reliability.

Its vent cap design prevents acid leaks and losses, while the cold cranking amps are at their highest level. The other criteria that you will find in it include:

  • Durability – like starting car batteries, the durability of Duralast Gold batteries really depends on the terrain you usually drive on, since some places require the use of more durable batteries than others. The Duralast Gold is a good choice if you want a starting battery that can handle off-road driving, since it is spill-proof, strong enough and withstands the issues stemming from vibrations, and durable (at least in many cases).
  • Size – one of the many things that you need in a car battery is having it fit well inside your engine, regardless of the brand. The Group sizes (the numbers that indicate battery size in terms of height, width and length) are good for the Duralast Gold though, making it fit well inside a variety of cars and engines.
  • Power – all starting batteries will need sufficient power in order to start off the car engine and meet all the requirements of the electrical components. The good news is that the Duralast Gold has a high starting power, with a cranking power of 900 CCA, and the reserve capacity of 130 minutes is enough to handle all your car’s functioning components with ease.

Their plate design will act as a way of increasing the surface area – in fact, their surface area is about 15% more than the traditional car battery, and this lets them increase the efficiency of their operation. The greater surface area makes them hardy and strong, as well as classifying them in batteries that are heavy-duty types, in contrast to other starter batteries.

What we like

  • It has a good starting current and good CCA rating
  • Very low extent of self-discharge
  • High resource and does not need servicing

What we do not like

  • It is expensive
  • Lacks a full battery status check, and prone to overcharging
  • Is not strong enough to sustain several deep discharges

What can you see with the Duralast Gold battery?

  • SLI type of battery (Starting, Lighting, and Ignition)
  • Cranking rating of 900
  • Easy to mount, maintain, and use
  • Cannot handle deep discharging (or else it will suffer damage)

Duralast Platinum Battery – Overview and key features

As the Duralast Platinum is an AGM battery, it is a type of deep cycle battery – which makes its scope of application to be wide. You can use it to power a variety of electrical components aside you’re your car, such as solar grids and marine vessels. The other advantage it has is its relative budget-friendly price compared to other AGM batteries; for instance, many will consider it to be a budget-friendly alternative to the Optima battery.

The technology behind the AGM technology is rather recent, and so is the Duralast Platinum. The GAM technology is something from the mid-1980s, and the Duralast Platinum itself is something from the late 1990s. It is quite popular though, and many Duralast users consider it as a better fit compared to the Gold, because of the few hazards that come up when you handle it – also due to its sealed nature.

The benefit of using it is easier transportation, as the design will allow more users to mount it in a variety of positions. Its spill proof design also allows for modifications in the design, and also to let you handle it next to more sensitive equipment; something you cannot do when you use the Duralast Gold.

The battery, unlike most Duralast models, has a greater power delivery system. This is because of the inclusion of a maximum number of grids and plates, which will deliver the most power current when you start the car. In addition, the battery incorporates the use of special paste, which will boost its performance.

What we like

  • Relatively affordable, compared to other AGM batteries
  • Versatile use and application
  • You can use it to power applications for a longer time
  • Strong build and durable

What we do not like

  • Less output of specific energy
  • Not easy to use them for starting an engine

What can you see with the Duralast Platinum battery?

  • Maintenance-free design
  • Strong enough that allows for deep discharge
  • It rarely has issues with discharges of reserve power
  • A lower CCA compared to the Duralast Gold

Verdict: So what is the winner? The Duralast Gold or Platinum?

It is not easy to narrow down the choice of what is better between these two, since they are from the same manufacturer and have the same attributes in many cases. However, the Duralast Platinum edges out the Duralast Gold just by a margin, since it is more multi-purpose, and is also more affordable than the latter.

Frequently asked questions

How long can I expect my car battery to last?

The answer is not as straightforward – it really depends on several factors. These will include the frequency of use, your charging methods and frequency, the maintenance levels you use, and the temperatures your battery is in, both when the car is off and on.

Other than that, note that there are also some problems relating to batteries, probably due to parasitic voltage or bad charging issues, which result in faster draining rates.

If I own an RV, what battery type should I go for?

The answer to this, especially when comparing AGM and deep cycle ones, will lie in the power consumption you are using, the space in your engine, and the battery you can afford. The only thing to note is to avoid using regular batteries like Duralast Gold because of their short operation life and the safety concerns, since you will need to deep discharge the battery at times – unless you only want to start the engine.

Is it good to use deep cycle batteries for my car?

No. The problem of deep cycle batteries in most car applications is their tendency to draw too much voltage when they recharge, which eventually damages the alternator. As much as possible, stick to starter batteries for a regular car.

How many years can I expect my deep cycle battery to last?

This will be dependent on the type of battery you use. In the case of most AGM batteries, they will last for about 4 to 7 years, and the most durable will last a maximum of 10 years.

How you use the battery will also influence its lifespan. For instance, using the battery for light applications will help it last longer than if you deep discharge it all the time. Moreover, you will get a longer lifespan if you keep the battery charge levels above 80% (any regular use of the battery when it is below 50% will reduce the lifespan to 2 years at most).