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 This Caltric stator review explores the working of the Caltric stator and its role in generating electricity in a car’s alternator. Alternator problems lead to problems starting your vehicle.

Hi, my name is Derrick.

I know owning a car is the dream of many. But, what happens when your car starts having battery problems a few years after purchase? A car in good condition should start easy and the battery run all the electrical components.

I own Ford ranger – great truck for off-road trips. The truck had no problems when I purchased it four years ago. It is when I installed a subwoofer and extra speakers that I started experiencing electrical problems whenever I started the car.

I would fire up the engine, and after a few minutes, my radio would start acting up. When I switch on the heater, the dashboard lights will start going on and off. It got so worse that the wipers could not remove the frost on the windshield and I almost crashed into an oncoming car. Finally, the radio, wipers, and heater stopped working all together.

A quick trip to my mechanic revealed that I needed to change my alternator – especially the stator. The OEM worked just fine, and I was unsure of changing it – since this is what the truck’s manufacturers had installed.

My mechanic was of the view that I should try out a Caltric stator review. Traveling with an alternator that does not adequately supply power to all the car’s components can be dangerous – especially when you are traveling at night, and there is no person to help you jumpstart the car.

Your mechanic can identify an alternator that supplies enough power to your car without burnout. Inside the alternator is a component called the stator, which helps to generate electromagnetic signals. The alternator will constantly charge your battery when the car is on the move. This ensures that your battery is fully charged at all times.

Caltric Stator Products Review

Generator Stator Polaris

This is a stator that is meant for direct replacement. It is made from high-grade copper windings and can handle over 200 degrees Celsius. This enables you to run most of your electrical components without the need to fear that the alternator will overheat and destroy your car accessories.

All the components in the generator stator Polaris have been laminated. You also get a one year warranty with every purchase. RaceTech Electric produces the Generator stator Polaris. It weighs 2.4 pounds.

You will be forced to reuse your OEM plugs because some may not match with your machine. You will also need to consult your mechanic when it comes to installation because it does not come with an instruction manual.


  • Quality copper windings
  • Laminated cables
  • Can withstand high temperatures


Some connector components may not fit with your equipment

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ElectroSPort ESG158

ElectroSport ESG158 Stator...
  • Better than OEM replacement Stator
  • Plug in replacement stator complete with connectors and...
  • Optimized winding configuration for superior output across...

The stator comes with connectors and seals which makes it easier to connect the electroSport to other car components. What stands out with this stator is that it produces great output without overheating.

The stator is made from high-grade materials that makes it long lasting. With a full one year warranty, you are covered in case of any manufacturer problems. The installation of the copper windings has been meticulously crafted to maximize performance.


  • High-quality copper windings
  • High output with low RPMs
  • One year warranty
  • Easy to install


A bit expensive when compared with similar models

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Caltric Stator and regulator rectifier – Polaris Sportsman 500

The Caltric stator comes with a regulator rectifier and connecting cables. This makes this stator easy to install. While you do not have manual for this, your mechanic should easily make the connections for you should you experience challenges.

The copper windings are durable and of high quality. Expect to use the Caltric stator for the next thousands of miles with no alternator problems.

Caltric stators often work better than the OEM and produce great power output. You can find Caltric stators for your SUV, truck, snowmobile, motorbike among others. Before making a purchase ensure that you have the right car year – this ensures that the right amount of power is supplied in the car.


  • High-quality copper windings
  • Great value for money
  • Comes with regulator rectifier
  • Easy to install


You will need to rewire things, and there is no manual for this

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What is the difference between Stator and Alternator?

A car electrical system consists of the rechargeable battery, alternator, and the voltage regulator. The alternator will often be found near at the front of the engine and are driven by the crankshaft. The alternator (alternative current) will work with the car’s battery to supply power to the car’s electrical components.

When you start experiencing dim lights, problems starting the car or lack of enough power to operate the wipers or radio then you need to have your alternator checked.

The alternator produces electromagnetic current when the rotor revolves around the stator. This Caltric stator review explores ways to change your OEM stator with a new one. The produced electricity is supplied to the car electrical system with some of it been used to recharge the car’s battery.

To protect the alternator outer body from magnetizing it is often constructed from aluminum. The aluminum has the added benefit of dissipating the extra energy produced. A close inspection of the alternator will find additional vents to dissipate heat.

So how do the stator and rotor produce electricity?

When the car is in motion, the crankshaft will move the drive belt attached on the front of the alternator. This produces mechanical energy which is converted by the rotor and Caltric banshee stator into electrical power.

You will often find a voltage regulator that regulates electric currents being produced by the alternator. The stator is circular with copper wirings and wraps around the iron core of the rotor. The rotor is what spins when the car is in motion. It does this without touching the stator walls.

Electricity produced by the rotor and stator is through magnetism

How to Choose an Alternator

Car owners start experiencing problems with their alternators the moment they upgrade their sound surround systems. The factory made alternator that comes with the car may be unable to handle all the power output, and you may often experience problems starting the car or have dim lights at night.

You can replace your OEM alternator with a more powerful one without damaging any of the car’s electrical components.

Determine power output

Before you go with a more powerful Caltric banshee stator, you need to first determine your car’s power output. If your car’s total power input is 200A then for safety purposes go with an alternator that can supply over 300A.

You do not need to worry the extra power because the car will only utilize it when needed. Make modifications to your surround system cables to prevent burnouts from the extra power.

Note that the alternator will only produce the power that is needed. If all your car’s electrical components require 100A, then the alternator will only produce 100A and not 300A.

Modifications to ground straps

The Caltric Stator review shows you how to change your OEM with a new alternator. The factory installed ground cables may not be able to handle the extra power from your new alternator. A high power alternator will not damage your electrical components, but it will damage your ground straps and alternator power lead.

Once you have selected a new alternator with Caltric banshee stator, you will need to ask your mechanic to change the ground straps and power cables that run from your battery to your alternator with heavy duty ones.  This should be the case if you choose to go with the more powerful 300A alternator.


Having trouble with your alternator can be stressing. Imagine being stuck on the road on a rainy night with the next service stations miles away. The OEM stator with time becomes dysfunctional and cannot support all the electrical components in the car.

This is where a Caltric stator comes in handy. Caltric has over the years built themselves a solid reputation of producing quality car components. You can use a Caltric stator for your snowmobile, truck, SUV or an old car model. Ensure that you get your car model before purchasing a new stator.

Installing a stator to your alternator is simple and easy. While most of the stator models do not come with instruction manuals, it is something you can do yourself. Ensure that you purchase stators that come with warranties. This will help you save money should you experience problems with the stator.

The alternator plays a key role in supplying electricity to the car electrical components. You should change your alternator to a more powerful model when you upgrade your surround system – tends to be the biggest electricity consumer in the car.

Changing a car’s OEM stator should not be a cause of concern when you own a car. To prevent you from the embarrassment of always using jumper cables when starting your car invest in a quality Caltric stator.

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