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The Reliability of BMW vehicles

Reliability of BMW vehicles

BMW is definitely one of the world’s most desired premium car brands today. The vehicle consists of blending power and high performance with a sporty design. These vehicles are highly developed and they have such a classy appearance. The car is designed with pretty much everything you’d have ever wanted in a car. However, there is only one definitive factor that goes against the vehicle’s stature, and this is BMW’s unreliability.

For a large number of years, BMWs have continued to maintain a high position when it comes to listing the most ideal luxury car brands in the industry. BMW has a ton of luxurious vehicles in their list; however, the big question remains, are these cars reliable? Which BMW model should you choose when looking for the most ideal and reliable vehicle?

As we all know, BMW cars are quite expensive. Unfortunately, comfort, luxury and the high cost of a car do not necessarily translate into a reliable car. You will still have to be very careful if you are looking to maintain the condition of your car and you are planning to drive your BMW without a lot of hassle for a number of years.

When looking at the BMW cars, you should remember that so many different vehicles are designed and manufactured very differently from one another. The design of a car is basically built depending on who the targeted buyer is. BMW cars are designed to look a lot like luxurious vehicles. This means that these cars will feature many more complex electronics, bells, whistles, and high-costing parts.

The new BMW models are designed with a number of switches, sensors and a ton of on-board controls and parts. These parts make the car look more like a supercomputer than a vehicle. The BMW is designed like this with the aim of making the car more user-friendly and quite comfortable. Unfortunately, the downside to this whole design is that the reliability of the brand has continued to decrease. In time, each additional whistle and bell that has been included in the vehicle is just another part that will eventually malfunction. For years the brand has tried to shake off the unreliability factor that continues to surround the brand, but unfortunately, the unreliability of the vehicles has continued to haunt the well-known brand.

If you are out in the market looking to purchase a brand-new vehicle, one of the most important factors that you should put into consideration is the reliability of your car. If your car is not reliable, then you are assured that the vehicle will definitely give you a ton of problems. At the end of the day, you will realize that these problems will definitely make you spend a large amount of money. In this review, we take a look at the BMW brand. We find out whether the vehicle is an ideal choice especially for those who really factor in reliability when it comes to purchasing a car.

BMW and its Reliability according to Reports

Since the year 2007, the BMW vehicle has not managed to earn a score that is above average with all of the Reports that have been released. In the year 2012, the BMW 3 series convertible vehicle topped in the list of the five least reliable cars in the market. The BMW 5 series was the third in that list. According to research, the BMW vehicles that are aged between four to eight years old are probably not even able to function on the road. The 3 series is probably the only BMW car model that is most likely to still be on the road.

In the year 2010, extensive research on the Best Cars reports placed the BMW in the list of one of the least dependable vehicles in a number of their classes and categories. As you can tell, according to all of these reports, the BMW is not really reliable. However, these reports were released years back and a number of potential buyers must be inquiring about the reliability of the BMW today.

Well, as claimed by the J.D Power report, the reliability of the BMW car is still quite average. The only group where the car was positioned as being above average was the Body and Interior Reliability. In 2015, J.D Power released the U/S Vehicle Dependability Study. In this study, the BMW is said to have 146 issues per 100 vehicles. This places the car above the average position.

Reasons Why BMW is Considered Unreliable

According to extensive research and a ton of reports, it has been established that BMW is really unreliable. However, we need to break down some of the reasons why this vehicle is considered unreliable.

According to a number of experts, brands such as the BMW and other German brands pull a lot of their attention on dealing with the performance of a car. Unfortunately, this decision actually comes at a price manipulating the reliability of a car. When car manufacturers decide to focus more on the performance of the car and pay less attention to the reliability, such industries tend to cut costs in other areas hoping that the buyer will not realize. There are instances where manufacturers design the car with suppliers that will deliver sometimes, and other times the suppliers will not deliver.

Experts mention that a very common complaint that consumers have with the BMW is that the brand has been found guilty of using plastic material in the car, instead of making use of more reliable materials. Another regular complaint from consumers is that the intricate electronics that BMW uses in their car models are quite delicate and could break down easily. Consumers mention that the brand should work on expanding such multiplex electronics. BMW engines are manufactured quite well and drivers are guaranteed that they will drive a problem-free vehicle, however, the vehicle’s electronics present users with a number of problems.

Other common irritating problems include the door handle of the driver’s side, the window regulators and the door locks. In previous years, all of these problems have been mentioned by frustrated BMW drivers.

However, the big question remains, “Are BMWs actually unreliable, or do we just need to constantly maintain this vehicle in a suitable manner?” A number of people will mention that BMW is a luxurious vehicle and it requires the most ideal maintenance. This means that as a BMW owner, it is important that you maintain proper care of the vehicle as if it was your own child.

With the BMW, you have to change the oil of your car at a specific period of time and you must also make use of the proper oil. If you don’t do this, a number of things can go wrong, however, if you work on properly maintaining your car, the BMW can last for a very long time, maybe even forever.

The engine of a BMW has a very powerful, long-lasting design but as we have mentioned it is the car parts of the BMW that compromises the reliability of the car. The unreliability of certain car parts can really frustrate consumers and will definitely add to the bad reputation of the vehicle as an unreliable car. The good news is that, if you continue to properly maintain your BMW, other problems will not cost you too much money.

How to Select the Most Reliable BMW Model

There is a really easy way to ensure that you can select the most reliable car. First of all, it is important that you keep away from vehicles that are designed with a very complex system. If reliability is a big deal for you, then it is advisable to avoid features such as active suspensions, advanced SMG transmissions as well as turbo engines.

Vehicles that have really a really complex mechanical system and high-end technology are more likely to fail as compared to their simpler equals. This is because highly advanced and complex vehicle components are quite delicate and could break easily. Consumers could end up spending a lot of money just to repair and maintain such components. This is a proven fact not only for BMW vehicles but also for any other car.

If you are looking for a really reliable car, it is advisable that you simply stick to the generic BMW model. This choice will minimize your expenses as well as your repairs. Your vehicle parts will not be hard to find and the good news is that you will get an amazing resale value.

The Most Reliable BMW Cars

The BMW models that have been listed in this section are guaranteed to serve you for several years, provided that the user properly maintains the car. The cars listed are designed with advanced features that are high-end ensuring that you are kept quite comfortable. The maintenance of this vehicle, as well as the repair costs, is not too much. This is because the vehicle is designed with fewer electronic parts and low amounts of sensors as compared to other high-end sophisticated BMW models.

Comparing the BMW 3 Series, 5 series and the 1 series

Reliability Index
Cost of Repairs Per Year
BMW 1 Series
BMW 5 Series
BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series

The new model Bimmers consist of some of the high selling BMW models. The sedan and the wagon BMW versions have been redesigned in the year 2006. However, the coupes and convertible vehicles have maintained the same design.

The BMW 3 series is very powerful, enjoyable to drive around and it is designed with a number of comfort functions. The car is made with a number of amenities such as the keyless entry, the heated mirrors, the power windows, and the automatic climate control. Purchasing this car is a wise and economical choice.

If you are looking to buy a used car, it is important that you keep away from petrol engines. These engines actually use up a lot of your fuel.

The BMW 5 Series

The 5 Series model is the most ideal for luxurious sedans. The vehicle is not the best when it comes to sporty performance, however, they provide you with amazing driving experience. The car is designed with the basic safety features, as well as a lane departure warning system and a night vision feature.

In 2011, the BMW 5 Series went through a total redesign. This means that users can get the BMW 5 Series models from the year 2010 at a bargainable price.

The BMW 1 Series

These vehicles are manufactured with a hatchback design and are actually much smaller than the BMW 3 Series model. The car is made with the same engine that you will find in the 3 series proving that the car performs perfectly and offers drivers an exciting experience. The BMW 2013 model generally has a number of great reviews.

The car is built with generic equipment. This includes cruise control, automatic headlights, a 10-speaker system, automatic climate control and so much more. Unfortunately, this model does not live up to BMW’s usual features. The interior of this car is also made of a number of plastic tools.

The 3 Series Touring

The BMW wagon class of the third generation E36, as well as the fourth-generation E46, are sold as the BMW Touring. BMW has guaranteed that they are going to continue releasing new models, however, experts advise consumers to stick to the old model BMWs especially if users are concerned about reliability. The 3 Series Touring is one of the most reliable BMW models, that integrates a lot of power with luxurious features.

The BMW E36 model is designed with an automatic transmission that is of either 5-speed or 6-speed, as well as a 4-cylinder diesel engine. The E-46 model is manufactured with a number of computer features that include LED taillights, a satellite navigation system, electronic brake force distribution and also windshield wipers that can sense the rain. These vehicles are very classy and are an economical choice.


If you are interested in owning a BMW, it is important that you ensure that you are very knowledgeable when it comes to BMWs and their features. Before you buy your car, you can make the choice of having a mechanic check out the vehicle. There are certain factors that you must look out for and you should also do some research before buying your car.

Overall, the BMW is not as reliable. This is evident when one considers the price of the vehicle’s maintenance and the number of times different vehicle components continue to malfunction and break. However, the brand has the most ideal models when it comes to the performance of the car, the design as well as the comfort of the driver and other passengers.

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