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Autel MD802 vs. MD805 – Finding the best scanner for your needs

Autel MD802 vs. MD805

One of the important elements of maintaining your vehicle is identifying and addressing any errors that might be faced by the system. To achieve this, you’ll need a suitable scanning tool for your car, which requires you to study a variety of options such as the Autel MD802 vs. MD805.

I happen to be a huge car enthusiast, making me a fan of addressing various problems I might come across with my ride. I drive a 2012 sedan, and its age has made it necessary for me to stay abreast of any issues that might arise from the vehicle’s system. To accomplish this objective, I needed a scanning tool that would suit my particular needs with regard to preferences and compatibility. Finding such an answer was not as easy as I thought, but I finally settled on the Autel MD802 vs. MD805 as my two main options. I needed to look a bit closer at both alternatives before making a final decision.

Autel MD802 vs. MD805 – A basic comparison

Autel MD802
Autel MD805
3.86 pounds
1.68 pounds
12 – 18v
Power source
1 lithium polymer battery
Powered by the vehicle’s battery or an adaptor

Autel MD802 vs. MD805 – Similarities and Differences

Durable and Sturdy Design

Both the Autel MD802 and the MD805 exhibit an excellent design when it comes to the durability of the scanner. Working in garage surroundings is not always the safest environment for electronics due to the potential accidents that can take place. Mistakes such as drops and scratches can subject your device to harsh conditions that could diminish its overall working capacity. The Autel scanning devices, however, are made from durable and sturdy material that have been designed to absorb shocks from accidental falls and bumps. It’s also shaped in a manner that allows for a more natural grip, making it easier to handle around tight spaces.

Full OBDII Compatibility

Both devices offer a full range of OBDII compatible functions, allowing you access to an impressive number of capabilities. This coverage is provided for most US, European, and Asian vehicles. The MD805 comes with an enhanced OBDII mode 6 functionality, as well as supporting all 10 test modes. Some of the functions you can achieve when working with these scanners include reading and erasing various codes, live data presentation, and component testing to name a few. These features are suitable for cars that have been manufactured from 1996 and after, making it an excellent option for today’s modern alternatives.

User-friendly Interface

Getting a car tool scanner is no good if you need the help of a professional to operate it every time you want to perform a function. The Autel MD802 and MD805 both come with a user-friendly interface that features a straightforward menu with simple directions and clear labeling. These devices also possess a multilingual system, allowing you to choose from a variety of alternatives including English, French, and Spanish to name a few. The entire package comes with an easily understandable user guide to help you navigate your way through the trickier elements of the scanner. You can also contact the company for any additional assistance you might require.

ABS Function

ABS in this context stands for Anti-lock Braking System and is a safety component that is common with many vehicles. Ensuring your ABS is functioning adequately is crucial to the levels of safety you can enjoy on the road. It works by ensuring your wheels don’t lock up during braking, thus enhancing the level of traction enjoyed. Both the Autel MD802 and MD805 comes with an ABS function that ensures this system doesn’t experience any error codes within its program. Should the warning light related to this function appear, you can adequately identify the problem using these two scanning tools.

Autel MD802 vs. MD805 – Product Review

Autel MD802


The Autel MD802 is an excellent solution for those who like to take the DIY approach when it comes to handling minor concerns with your vehicle’s system. This great scanner is OBDII compatible and offers impressive levels of accuracy and speed. The LCD screen enhances the levels of clarity you can enjoy when reading your results, and its shape and design is designed to encourage a steady one-handed grip. It’s compatible with a variety of cars in the market, allowing you to use the device on different makes and models.


• Offers advanced reset functions.

• Offers full systems diagnosis for a variety of vehicles.


• It’s a bit heavier than some of the other alternatives in the market.

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Autel MD805


The Autel MD805 has popularly been crowned as an upgrade to its counterpart due to the similarity in some of the features involved. This scanner is OBDII compatible and offers the user multiple languages to choose from. It has been designed to read and clear a variety of OEM codes that might be found in your car’s system in a fast and effective manner. It also supports all the ten test modes, as well as featuring the enhanced OBD mode 6 functionality. Its sleek design makes it easier to handle in tight spaces, with the buttons spaced in a manner to make them easy to reach in a variety of angles.


• Free software updates available upon purchase.

• Features a user-friendly interface making it easily understandable for beginners.


• The device is not compatible with a MAC.

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My Verdict

After a close look at both options, I finally settled for the Autel MD805 due to its sleeker design and use of the vehicle as a power source. The MD802 remains an excellent option for those looking to start out in this sector and in need of a user-friendly alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I print the results produced by my scanner?

Yes. You can easily do this by connecting the device to a PC with a printer. However, you should note that this device is not compatible with a MAC.

Why can’t I get the free updates I was promised?

In most cases, this problem occurs as a result of a failure to register your scanner with the company. You need to do this first so that the organization can recognize your device.

How do I register my device?

Simply visit the company’s website and fill out the relevant form according to the instructions offered by the organization.

Why can’t my device work with a MAC?

Unfortunately, all devices in this sector have currently been designed to be compatible with the Windows OS found on most PCs. The MAC functions using a different OS, thus the lack of compatibility.

Does a bigger scanner mean more functions?

No. The Autel MD805 is smaller than the MD802, for example, and yet it still features more or less the same functions possessed by its counterpart if not more.




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