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Autel MD802 vs. Launch CRP129- Saving money with the right multifunctional all systems OBD II scanner

Autel MD802 vs. Launch CRP129

Need a reliable tool that will update you on your vehicles diagnostics before sending it to the repair shop? Well, look no further than this Autel MD802 (Maxidiag Elite) vs. Launch CRP129 comparison review.

My family owns three vehicles, that is, one BMW, one 2003 Nissan, and one Volvo. Owning three cars does not come cheap, especially when it comes to that annual guilt fueled service and maintenance check. So, to cut costs, I begun using scanning tools to carry out all system checks on our vehicles. I came across several OBD II scanners that let me down before I settled on more reliable code readers and I cannot stress enough the peace of mind I get from using a diagnostic OBD II tool that does exactly what it says it will do. The Autel MD802 (Maxidiag Elite) and Launch CRP129 are both quality scanners that deliver services precisely as advertised, making them a must-have for professionals and car enthusiasts alike.

Autel MD802 vs. Launch CRP129 SPECS Comparison Table

Autel MD802
Launch CRP129
TFT Color
4.0-inch TFT LCD Color
Basic diagnostic functions
Record, save and playback live data
Input voltage range
12-18 volts
9-18 volts

Autel MD802 vs. Launch CRP129-What are some of the technical specifications?


Both the Autel MD802 and Launch CRP129 can run basic diagnostic functions such as reading/clearing trouble codes and displaying live PID data for the ABS, airbag, automatic transmission, and engine systems.

The main difference in features between these two would be the Launch CRP129 special reset functions. This bad boy will not only reset your check engine light, but it can also reset your oil light, steering angle sensor, and EPB systems. The Autel MD802 can only pull data from the systems mentioned above and turn off ABS, airbag, oil and check engine lights. Additionally, both tools can perform full OBD II functions.


Here I will touch on the compatibility of these devices to iOS devices and OBD II vehicles. The Autel MD802 is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices, which means it that it can be updated on either operating system. The Launch CRP129 is only compatible with Windows in comparison, and this poses a setback to iOS and Android users.

Both the Autel MD802 and Launch CRP129 boast their compatibility to ALL 1996 and newer American, Asian and European vehicles, however not all functions will be supported in all OBD II vehicles. Making it necessary to counter check your car’s compatibility with the diagnostic tool manufacturer before purchase. The Launch CRP129 especially has better compatibility with vehicles manufactured from 2006.

Multilingual Menu

The Launch CRP129 is one of the very few scanners that can actually boast a multilingual menu with over six available pre-programmed menu languages. The Autel MD802, on the other hand, boasts a multilingual menu but has English as the default language and use of any different language requires authorization and programming from the Autel support team.

Autel MD802 vs. Launch CRP129 Product Review

Autel MD802


The Autel MD802, specifically the Maxidiag Elite code reader, can read and clear trouble codes on all systems including the four major systems, which include engine, transmission, ABS and airbag. This easy to use device will let you view live data streams and freeze frame data for ECU reference. Another cool feature is its OBD II code tips guide which allows the user to quickly identify the cause of the trouble code.


• Its packaged with a detailed user manual which comes in handy for beginners

• Has a sturdy build quality that protects it from dings and scratches

• It comes with a one-year free software update, giving you access to all the latest bug fixes and upgrades


• Needs to be registered and updated before use after purchasing

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Launch CRP129


The launch CRP129 has excellent response time when it comes to reading error codes and displaying live data making it an ideal choice for busy mechanics. Other than its special reset functions, the CRP129 supports all 10OBD II test modes, including the carbon canister test, O2 sensor test, I/M readiness and much more. This device also comes with a long cable that lets you get the scanner outside the vehicle onto the windshield of the car you are working on.


• It has an inbuilt DTC and abbreviation library that allows you to define codes for accurate diagnosis

• It offers its users a multilingual menu

• You can purchase an adapter that will enable it to connect to a 38 or 20 pin port on some foreign vehicles


• Some of its functions are not supported on specific vehicle models; for example, the ABS and airbag functions are not supported on Chevrolet vehicles.

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Final Verdict

Both the Autel MD802 and Launch CRP129 have similar functions in regards to their ability to diagnose basic and all system units. The Launch CRP129, however, offers its users much needed special reset features and free lifetime software updates in comparison to the Autels’ one-year free software update. I prefer the Launch CRP129 over the Autel MD802 based on functionality alone; it may, however, not be the best tool for you if you plan to use it on vehicles manufactured before 2006.


Do I need to register the Launch CRP129 before using it?

No, unlike the Autel MD802, the Launch CRP129 does not need to be registered and or updated before use. The launch CRP129 also comes with free lifetime software updates.

What accessories do the Autel MD802 and Launch CRP129 come with?

Both scanners come with a user manual, 1 USB Cable, 1 SD card, 1 OBD II plug and a USB stick. The Autel MD802 additionally comes with an Android OBD device that allows the device to be used on a smartphone.

Does the Launch CRP129 come with an internal battery?

No, the Launch CRP129, like most OBD II code readers, doesn’t come with its own battery and relies on the car battery. This is a good thing because an internal battery is likely to ‘die’ if you are working on a large number of vehicles requiring you to change batteries to get it to operate.

Can the Launch CRP129 be used on non 16 pin OBD II vehicles?

Yes, you can purchase an adapter that will let you connect your device to a 32 Mercedes Benz and 20 BMW pin port.

Are the MD802 and Launch CRP129 devices OBD I compatible?

No, both devices are only compatible with OBD II vehicles.




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