Wix Air Filter Review


The care and maintenance of your vehicle involve a variety of issues that you might not be familiar with at the beginning of your ownership.

Learning about the multiple inner workings of your car is essential when looking to identify any potential issues you might face in the future.

Choosing the right air filter, for example, requires you to understand the specific qualities entailed with this requirement. Wix air filters have come to the forefront of this sector due to the reliability that can be enjoyed with their use.

Air is an essential component of the combustion process in your engine, and your vehicle runs smoothly when operating with a clean air filter as compared to the alternative.

This means that changing your air filter as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer (usually between 15,000 – 30,000 miles) is a requirement that should not be ignored. However, there are a variety of options available in the market – and making the right choice is crucial to successful integration.

Wix air filters offer a stable solution for those looking to change their old filters for a new one. With an extensive collection of alternatives available from their stock of filters – the manufacturers ensure that all types of vehicles have been catered for in this product line.

Wix Air Filters

Wix Filters is an established brand with decades of experience in the filter industry. Their automotive filters have long stood out against fellow competitors due to the finesse and detail applied to their designs.

The stability and longevity of their products have been created with the recognition that about 10 000 gallons of air is filtrated by an engine for every one gallon of fuel consumed.

This is not a ratio that some manufacturers take seriously in their design, resulting in the production of lower quality filters. Wix filters have also been designed to accommodate both automotive and light-truck models with their range of products, ensuring they offer a viable solution for a majority of PSV vehicles on the road.

Taking a deeper look into the qualities exhibited by these filters can help one gain further insight regarding the suitability of this brand for their vehicle. Some of the elements that stand out when looking at Wix air filters include:


One of the main benefits of opting for Wix air filters is the variety available to potential consumers. The company offers two main alternatives when it comes to this particular brand, they include panel and radial air filters.

As you might be able to tell by the name, panel air filters are shaped like a rectangle while the radial alternatives come in a circular shape. The particular option suitable for your needs will depend on the specific model you are driving.

Older vehicles tend to implement the radial option with their filtration system, while newer models have been designed to accommodate the panel alternative.

Quality Design

Wix’s radial filters feature a mesh screen on the inside and outside of its walls to enhance the media protection and element strength enjoyed by the device.

The pleats are held by a heat resistant liquid plasticizer and supported by an adhesive seal at the ends. Panel filters, on the other hand, have been designed to offer a straight path and low restriction to the passing air.

Their media contain special pocket pleats that have been held together by a special adhesive formulated by the company. The media is also surrounded by a soft sealing gasket made from urethane.

In some cases, a mesh screen is applied to provide additional support. This is molded into place with the filter to enhance the stability enjoyed with the construction.

The integration of nine pleats applied per inch within both radial and panel filters enhance their capacity with regard to the capture of engine contaminants, as well as lengthens the potential longevity enjoyed from the product.

Easy Installation

Another major advantage that comes with Wix air filters is the simple design entailed in its production, which guarantees a straightforward installation process. As mentioned earlier, your vehicle’s air filter will need replacing after a number of miles to maintain the capacity of its operations.

Learning how to do this by yourself can save on money that would have otherwise gone to an auto repair shop. The simple instructions related to Wix air filters ensure that you can easily grasp the key directions needed to accomplish this objective.

It should be noted, however, that the particular guidelines implemented when performing this task will depend on the particular make and model involved. Luckily, these directives can be easily attained from the vehicle manufacturer’s manual.

Fireproof Capacity

The workings of a vehicle’s engine produce a great amount of heat as combustion takes place. With this in mind, it can be argued that any paper pleats implemented into a filter’s design will need the capacity to withstand such high levels of heat in order to function properly.

This, however, can be easier said than done. The media implemented with Wix air filters have been designed to ensure that flames cannot spread should such a development emerge.

Instead, they have been integrated with a self-extinguishing element to deter such problems from taking place. As a result, drivers and passengers of a vehicle are protected from sudden fires that might occur with potential malfunctions to the engine’s operations.

Airtight Seals

One of the primary elements that help Wix filters stand out from the competition is the level of durability enjoyed with their products. This is mainly due to the high-quality designs implemented with the filter seals produced for the product.

The manufacturer implements a polyurethane formulation that not only exhibits vital resistance to high temperatures, but also demonstrates a high level of elasticity that ensures the seals are not overstretched when operating in high-pressure environments.

High Filtration Efficiency

Wix implements modern filters with their solutions to ensure high-level filtration rates that range around the 99% mark. The media has been designed to capture the smallest particles, even microns in size – to ensure that no dangerous element makes its way to the engine.

It should be noted that different filters contain different types of media – with each option developed according to the particular needs of its operations, and the environment it has been designed to work in.


The one drawback of the Wix air filter is that it happens to be a bit more expensive than some other alternatives available in the market.

However, their prices are justified by the level of quality enjoyed – ensuring consumers can enjoy good value for money with their purchases. With this in mind, spending a little more cash on this investment is arguably a wise strategy when looking to save money in the long term.

Wix is a great solution for individuals looking to replace their air filters no matter the make and model entailed. It’s crucial that you choose this product from an official distributor, however, to ensure that you are receiving an original item.

These distributors can be identified via the manufacturer’s website. You can also choose to purchase these filters directly from the producer’s platform if you’re not too sure about the other options available. It is also important to ensure that you buy the right choice for the particular make and model of your vehicle.


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