Most reliable Jeep Brands
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Who is buying Jeeps, and why? Understanding various aspects like reliability and dependability of a car usually comes in handy especially if you’re planning to purchase from that manufacturer. Read on to find the most reliable jeep brands.

Jeep is among the car manufacturers that has several models under their belt. It is completely normal to get overwhelmed o even a little bit confused.

We are going to talk about Jeep models; how reliable they are and even go as far as comparing some of the popular models by this manufacturer. This should help clarify on some of the differences between the models and gain insight into what makes them so popular.

What makes a car reliable?

Before we vet Jeep as a brand and decide whether Jeep models are reliable, it is important that you understand what reports mean when they say a car is reliable. To determine reliability, you must consider frequency of damage and cost of repairs.

How often your car breaks down or how regularly it needs repairs is compared to how much this work will cost you. This comparison incorporates cost, convenience and failure rate to produce what experts call the car reliability index.

Car reliability index

The Jeep Reliability Rating is a fluid topic. Jeeps are not exactly known for their outstanding reliability index. In fact on the JD power 2019 Vehicle dependability study, Jeep is ranked in 18th out of 32 and below the industrial average for the 2019 manufacturer rankings.

The average annual repair cost for a Jeep is $583, which means it has above average ownership costs.

Top 2 Jeep models and their reliability and safety rating  

Over the years, Jeep has released several series and models of vehicles with some exceptional features. We are going to discuss two of the most popular Jeep models, their reliability and safety indexes.

Jeep Wrangler

reliable jeep brands

The wrangler is not only of the favorites in the Jeep models arsenal but also among Compact SUV models in general. This off roader is built to maneuver many terrains. Because this vehicle is tailored for off road driving, it might not be the best choice for daily use.

As much as we love the Wrangler, it doesn’t have the best track record in terms of reliability or dependability. One of its biggest shot comings is poor gas mileage. However, the Wrangler will make up for these issues with its excellent off road performance, unmatched towing capabilities and a killer engine.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The grand Cherokee is a heavy duty model that is a capable and diverse option for SUV lovers. The 2019 model is a solidly built vehicle that is backed up with tried and true Jeep driving systems. While this model has some fuel economy and noise problems, it is a well built vehicle suitable for various terrains. Not only is the Grand Cherokee versatile, it is also well rated by the NHTSA among other vehicle reviewer sites.

Common Jeep problems

We cannot discuss reliability without talking about some of Jeeps most popular problems across the models.

Fuel efficiency

The combination of the weight size and aerodynamic design of these vehicles put them on the lower end of the fuel efficiency spectrum.  Other driving factors come to play when you try to determine the fuel efficiency. It may not be the most serious problems with the Jeep, but it is one of the more common issues

Apart from poor fuel economy, there are issues with fuel overflow. There are reports that once the tank is filled, instead of turning off, it keeps pumping has out until it overflows out the filler neck or even shoot back at you in some cases. Usually, the fuel system is non respondent to the shut off mechanism.


Jeep has models equipped will all sorts of transmission types both manual and transmissions. There is therefore a variety of transmission issues commonly: rough shifting problems, disconnected linkages between gear packs and gear selector. Manual Jeep transmissions have issues with cracked clutch plates and loose gear selector levers.

Some major customer complaints include loud noises when driving and or shifting. Issues with your transmission create dangerous driving situations. Issues especially with shifting put you and other drivers at risk.


Simply put, the Jeep deathwobble is when your steering begins to rapidly oscillate and the result is a side to side movement in some of your car parts. If you’ve driven a Jeep for a considerable amount of time, then you have most likely been victim to the intense shaking and well, wobbling that is the deathwobble.

It may seem that it is your typical shaking or vibrating parts, but the wobble is a more violent force. It is important to always have your Jeep tires balanced and aligned. Otherwise, issues with your tires including misaligned or unbalanced tires will greatly contribute to both general shaking and several other issues with your vehicle.

AC issues on Jeeps

air conditioning problems

While some Jeep owners prefer to take out the doors and windows or their rides, and avoid using the AC system all together, other owners are reliant on the AC for cool air on hot days.

Many owners across the board have reported issues with Jeep AC systems. AC affiliated issues like water leaks from clogged AC drains are also common but not as serious as failed AC system in Jeep.

Exhaust leaks

When a component within this system develops an issue, or inhibits proper functioning of the exhaust system, then poisonous gases may travel into the cabin and put you and passengers at risk.

Some Jeep engines have the tendency to develop leaks and some specific models are even known for this particular issue. In addition to these problems, cracks in the exhaust manifold develop after endless cycles of heating and cooling.

You might notice a ticking sound from your engine bay or a reduction in your regular gas mileage. The best way to deal with an exhaust leak is a replacement.

Clogged fuel injectors

Fuel injectors are responsible for spraying the correct amount of fuel into the cylinders prior to combustion. Issues with the fuel injectors cause overall decline in performance given the inhibition in fuel dispersion. Some Jeep models have issues with build up in the fuel injectors that actively interfere with their functioning. Clogged fuel injectors can manifest in different ways on your Jeep. Here are some common symptoms of this issue.

  • Loss of power

You might notice your Jeep developing trouble climbing up hills or powering trough terrains and obstacles that were previously easy to overcome.

  • Check engine light

Some Jeep models are made to trigger the check engine lights that come on when you have issues with the injectors. These lights stem from a Diagnostic Test Code system that uses the computer system in your vehicle to monitor your vehicle and assign codes to indicate a specific issue.

  • Leaks

If you smell fuel in the engine compartment then it might be a sign for worry. Damaged or loosely attached injectors may leak gas, a serious occurrence that requires immediate attention.

PRO TIP: Technical service bulletins are manufacturer recommended procedures to repairing your vehicle. They are basically diagnosis sheets from the manufacturer for anticipated problems. Drivers must learn to access and use these bulletins to their advantage.

Who is Buying Jeeps and why?

Apart from a long standing record as a favorite in off-road vehicle options, Jeep models have perks that make their purchase worthwhile.

Jeeps are sturdily built vehicles that can be quite versatile especially for the off road adventurers. These cars have their shortcomings but they are modeled to deliver power on all sorts of terrains against all types of weather.

One of the biggest perks of Jeeps is their slow depreciation rates. Well that, and the option to drive doorless. This is great news especially if you plan on selling your car later on or buying a used Jeep.

Jeeps for Families Vs Teens

Drivers with families might be disappointed to know that jeeps are not built exactly to be family cars; especially families with babies or small children who must be secured on a car seat. While the seats might not accommodate a child’s car seats, they have no problem securing young adults or teenagers during trips.

Sadly, jeep models do not exactly have the best aesthetics for teenage drivers to drive themselves and other passengers around safely, at least statistically they don’t.

According to the road statistics, teenagers and cars are not exactly the best combination. In addition to the risky driving behavior teenagers’ display, it wouldn’t be the best option for a teenager’s first car.

Final Word

We cannot certainly say Jeeps are reliable or unreliable. Because of the differences between models, some Jeeps are quite reliable while others aren’t. Depending on the performance of each model, customer reports, and statistics and rankings, each model’s reliability will vary.

However, we can conclude that Jeeps are generally great vehicles. Sure they may have their problems but they are a worthwhile purchase for anyone who appreciates a solidly built, well equipped car.