Tesla Model 3 VS Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model 3 VS Tesla Model Y Review

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Tesla is now the name of innovation that is ruling the market with its brimming and stunning tech features. Tesla’s two youngest electric vehicles, the Model 3 and Model Y, have rapidly driven the automaker to a market cap of over $600 billion.

Both electric vehicles have some uniqueness but also share several same parts in different ways. The following is a brief introduction to both vehicles, the Model 3 and Model Y.

Elon Musk started Tesla with a simple goal of providing electric vehicles to all consumers and with the hard work of automakers Elon Musk debuted the Model 3 in mid-2017. Since then, the Model 3 is capturing the market and is known as the world’s best-selling electric vehicle. The latest price after refreshing the Model 3 in 2021 is $36490.

Model Y was announced in 2019 and its deliveries started in March 2020. According to Tesla, the Model 3 and Model Y made 89% of the company’s total vehicles sold in quarter 3 of 2020. Model Y is also the first electric vehicle of Tesla to include its own designed heat pump that enhances the range and efficiency.

Both the models share some parts in different ways and also maintain some uniqueness. But, if you are the person whose priorities include Track mode then your choice should be Model 3 because Tesla’s representatives revealed that they have no plans to introduce Track mode in Model Y.

However, if you don’t worry about Track mode, the following is the comparison of different features of both models.


The exterior of any car is the first impression to anyone and when you will look at the exterior of Model Y, you will also think of it as the taller brother of Model 3. Model Y looks taller but fancy and stylish.

Both models share a similar look and looking from the side and rare, you realize that it’s a crossover. Like Model X, the Model Y has an overall egg shape, taller doors, and a rear hatch.

The Tesla Model 3 has a Sedan profile with chrome trim on the door handles and front fender side camera. If we talk about darker themes, Model Y has standard way darker windows and a rear windshield than Model 3.

The Model 3 has a rear deck to provide privacy to the trunk area. According to dimensions, the Model Y is 6.5 inches taller, 2.2 inches larger, and 2.8 inches wider.


According to Tesla, Model 3 and Model Y share 70% of their parts and if we talk about interior design, both models share the same interior layout. Talking about some uniqueness, Model Y doesn’t have a speedo in front of the steering wheel where as the Model 3 does.

In both models, all the driving information is installed in the horizontally mounted 15-inch touchscreen. Below the screen, you will get four USB ports in both models, while the Model Y also has a wireless charging pad.

The wireless charging pad is not available in Model 3 even as an order option, but you can buy it as an accessory from the Tesla shop.

Model Y has USB-C and USB-A ports, while Model 3 only comes with USB-A ports. Model Y is the first Tesla electric vehicle that can switch to a USB-C port, and with the switch, the charging power enhances from 10 to 26 watts.

After the alternations in the Model 3 to SUV, it has gained more interior space and higher seating position, which is demanded by most SUV buyers. The second row of Model 3 includes folding seats which provide extra utility.

Both models have 12-way power-adjustable front heated seats. The Model 3 and Model Y have the same in the front but the difference occurs in the second row where Model Y has 1.7 inches more headroom and 5.3 inches of huge legroom as compared to the Model 3.


Cargo is one of the most important priorities for most buyers and Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y provide cargo space in various dimensions. The owner manuals of both Models describe that the Model 3 has 15 cubic feet of cargo space while Model Y has 68 cubic feet of total trunk space.

So, the Model Y can hold more stuff as compared to Model 3. Moreover, Model Y has higher height and taller doors that make it easy to load stuff as compared to Model 3.


The driving performance of both cars is extraordinary and similar. You may feel some difference in Model Y on curvy roads just because of its larger size. The difference also comes in the higher seating position of the SUV due to which the driver feels lean and swings more.

Due to this, you may think that Tesla wants to give Model Y a tune to drive as Model 3, which means like a sedan instead of an SUV. Both models closely share acceleration and powertrain features.


In terms of Electric Vehicles, Tesla is the most affordable option and the Model 3 is less expensive than Model Y.

Starting from Model 3, the price starts from $36990 ranges to $51490. Note that the base price is with zero upgrades and with standard white exterior color while the higher price includes top features such as black and white interior, red exterior color, 19″ sports wheels, and full-self driving capabilities.

The price of Model Y price starts from $39990 and ranges to $58990. The price moves upward from the basic price as more features you tend to add and the last higher-end price includes all features with a seven-seat interior. In short, the Model Y can cost you about $40000 to approximately $75000 before tax.

Which should I choose?

Both Tesla models have made the market in recent quarters and offer remarkable performance, design, and value. Unless you don’t want a taller vehicle and have a low budget you can move towards Model 3. As it will provide you with all the features to enjoy in an electric vehicle.

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